Project Template


Describe your project in no more than 100 words here; provide reasons for why the project is initiated and briefly explain what problem is being solved. Find a suitable picture (better if it’s in square form) for your project and replace the icon on the left with it. Feel free to adjust the size of the icon such that it looks coherent with the words, but don’t make it too large (width/height > half of this editing window) or too small (too much space between ‘Abstract’ section and ‘Publication’ section).


  • example:┬áJonathan Y. H. Poon, Kazunari Sugiyama, Yee Fan Tan, and Min-Yen Kan: “Instructor-Centric Source Code Plagiarism Detection and Plagiarism Corpus,” The 17th Annual ACM SIGCSE Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2012), pp.122-127, Haifa, Israel, July 3-5, 2012. [pdf]
  • notes: author’s full names (not initials for given names); italic conference names; provide link if a e-copy is available online


Provide links to the downloadable repo (if it’s in Github) or a specific website (if it’s a web service)


Meeting Minutes

  • example: 2 Jun 2017
  • notes: look back for the relative emails; append the time of group meetings here if you have made a presentation during the meeting

Remarks: (delete this part after you have finished with your page)

  • For ‘Publications’, ‘Members’, and ‘Meeting Minutes’, put every entry after a bulleted point (even for those with only one item).