#mytweet via Instagram: Exploring User Behaviour across Multiple Social Networks
Research Area: Information Retrieval Year: 2015
Type of Publication: In Proceedings  
  • Bang Hui Lim
  • Dongyuan Lu
  • Tao Chen
  • Min-Yen Kan
We study how users of multiple online social networks (OSNs) employ and share information by studying a common user pool that use six OSNs – Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube. We analyze the temporal and topical signature of users’ sharing behaviour, showing how they exhibit distinct behavioral patterns on different networks. We also examine cross-sharing (i.e., the act of user broadcasting their activity to multiple OSNs near-simultaneously), a previously unstudied behaviour and demonstrate how certain OSNs play the roles of originating source and destination sinks.
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