We are a team of researchers from National University of Singapore (NUS) leading efforts to establish a consortium to share Massive Open Online Course data, especially those of its discussion forums, among Coursera partners.

The consortium aims:

Statement of Support from Coursera to MOOC Data Consortium

As a platform for delivering world-class education and advancing the frontiers of online pedagogy, Coursera encourages the use of its platform to facilitate novel research across a broad range of disciplines, while concurrently protecting the privacy of learners. We support the described research focusing on forum activity and the proposal that this research span courses from across our partner institutions. As both Coursera and each partner institution have an interest in safeguarding the rights of learners in the partner institution's courses, we require that you seek the approval of the partner institution to include the forum data from that partner institution's courses in your research. Once you have the approval of the partner institution, we would be happy to aid in the transfer of the agreed-upon data in a secure manner, if needed.

Call for participation

We have Coursera’s official support and recognition. We now need your support!

This is a broad call to Coursera’s partner institutes for interest and participation in the consortium. We invite partner institute's data coordinators or equivalent to reach us through email provided above or to individual team member contacts you find below.

Our poster @ Coursera Partners Conference 2015


Our research at NUS

Here is a brief video [~5mins] of our research directions at NUS presented by Prof. Kan.

Results using data from a cross-course corpus

This is our recent paper to be presented at EDM 2015. We show why cross-course corpus is needed for MOOC forum research. These results motivate us to call for a community effort to create generalizable and reproducible research in MOOCs.

NUS Data Managers and other Stakeholders