2nd Ed Tech Challenge

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be holding our 2nd EdTech Challenge as part of WESST, and you’re invited to participate!

At the 2nd EdTech Challenge, you will join a team and compete to design a research project for the NUS Data Lake, an exciting new resource for education researchers that includes comprehensive, anonymized data on student behaviors and outcomes. The kickoff session will be on 16:00PM on July 19 at CHI Executive Classroom (I3 Level 3). Your team will then have two days to come up with a novel method for using the data to enhance student outcomes at NUS.


Space is limited!  To reserve your seat:

Register for the workshop

2nd Ed Tech Challenge Schedule:

19 Jul 2017 – Kickoff

16:00, CHI Executive Classroom, I3 Level 3:
– Presentation of the 1st ALSET Ed Tech Challenge:
– Competition Rules
– Overview of ALSET for teams
– Data schema from ALSET data lake
– Previous winners, and past ideas from previous iteration
– Photo op
– Speed dating for bringing into teams

by 17:30:
– Team compositions finalised (1-4 members per team).

20 Jul 2017 – Free and Easy – Team Pitch Development

Venue (different from previous date): SoC SR 1 Foyer.
All-day: freeform development of your Ed Tech solution.

– 12:00 Lunch for participants, collocated with the Research track of WESST.
– 16:00 Afternoon Tea (Lecture Theatre 19).
– 16:30 Preliminary Judging at Seminar Room 2
Teams to do quick 1-3 minute presentations to the judges.  Possible that a few teams are dropped from the final rounds.  Team may reconsolidate, as needed.

21 Jul 2017 – Team Pitch Development and Final Presentations
– Venue: SoC SR 1 Foyer. Same as previous date.

All-day: freeform development of your Ed Tech solution.
– 12:00 Lunch for all participants at the SoC Main Foyer area (same as
– 15:20-16:00 Teams’ final presentations (Lecture Theatre 19).
– 16:00-16:30 Afternoon Tea (Lecture Theatre 19).
– 16:30-17:30 Judges deliberations.
– 17:30-18:00 2nd Ed Tech Challenge Awards and Closing Ceremony for WESST

Ed Tech Problem Statement

We invite proposals for research that can help to enhance NUS students’ learning outcomes and experiences, by analyzing data and designing adaptive educational technology interventions. To harness the unique opportunities to use educational data to help Singaporean students learn more, ALSET is creating a “data lake” about NUS students’ activities and outcomes (grades in courses taken, interactions in IVLE (the NUS learning management system) with logins, assignments).

Illustrative examples (but other proposals definitely welcome!):

  • Predicting when students need extra support, are in danger of not succeeding in course.
  • Enhancing online quizzes.
  • Delivering metacognitive training.

Extensive data and adaptive interventions provide novel opportunities to enhance learning at NUS. ALSET invites proposals for collaborative research to analyze large scale educational data and conduct original research that can impact and improve student learning.