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Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2013) – Long Papers
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2013) – Short Papers
Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Annotation of Modal Meanings in Natural Language (WAMM)
Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Computational Semantics in Clinical Text (CSCT 2013)
Proceedings of the 9th Joint ISO - ACL SIGSEM Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation
Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop Towards a Formal Distributional Semantics
Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Computational Models of Spatial Language Interpretation and Generation (CoSLI-3)
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Metaphor in NLP
Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Multiword Expressions
Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Analysis in Social Media
Workshop on Events: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation
Proceedings of the Workshop on Vision and Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature
Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Improving Textual Accessibility
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis
Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 2013 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the BioNLP Shared Task 2013 Workshop
Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation
Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Proceedings of the 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop and Interoperability with Discourse
Proceedings of the 4th Biennial International Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora
Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL)
Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for Target Reader Populations
Proceedings of the 13th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 13)
Proceedings of the MultiLing 2013 Workshop on Multilingual Multi-document Summarization
Proceedings of the Workshop on Continuous Vector Space Models and their Compositionality
Proceedings of the Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Teaching NLP and CL
Proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning: Shared Task
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (DepLing 2013)
Proceedings of the Joint Symposium on Semantic Processing. Textual Inference and Structures in Corpora
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2013 Conference
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology
Proceedings of the IJCNLP 2013 Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media (SocialNLP)
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Asian Language Resources
Proceedings of the Seventh SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing
Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Processing and Crisis Information 2013
The First Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Medical and Healthcare Fields
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on South and Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 9th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically-Rich Languages
Proceedings of TextGraphs-8 Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Workshop on NLP for Medicine and Biology associated with RANLP 2013
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on NLP&LOD and SWAIE: Semantic Web, Linked Open Data and Information Extraction
Proceedings of the Workshop on Adaptation of Language Resources and Tools for Closely Related Languages and Language Variants
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon (GL2013)
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics (LDL-2013): Representing and linking lexicons, terminologies and other language data
Proceedings of the 19th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2013)

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2013) – Long Papers

W13-01 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0101 [bib]: Omri Abend; Ari Rappoport
UCCA: A Semantics-based Grammatical Annotation Scheme

W13-0102 [bib]: Nikolaos Aletras; Mark Stevenson
Evaluating Topic Coherence Using Distributional Semantics

W13-0103 [bib]: James Allen; Will de Beaumont; Lucian Galescu; Jansen Orfan; Mary Swift; Choh Man Teng
Automatically Deriving Event Ontologies for a CommonSense Knowledge Base

W13-0104 [bib]: Gemma Boleda; Marco Baroni; The Nghia Pham; Louise McNally
Intensionality was only alleged: On adjective-noun composition in distributional semantics

W13-0105 [bib]: Baptiste Chardon; Farah Benamara; Yannick Mathieu; Vladimir Popescu; Nicholas Asher
Sentiment Composition Using a Parabolic Model

W13-0106 [bib]: Francisco Costa; António Branco
Temporal Relation Classification Based on Temporal Reasoning

W13-0107 [bib]: Leon Derczynski; Robert Gaizauskas
Empirical Validation of Reichenbach’s Tense Framework

W13-0108 [bib]: Daniel Duma; Ewan Klein
Generating Natural Language from Linked Data: Unsupervised template extraction

W13-0109 [bib]: Katrin Erk
Towards a semantics for distributional representations

W13-0110 [bib]: Arash Eshghi; Matthew Purver; Julian Hough
Probabilistic induction for an incremental semantic grammar

W13-0111 [bib]: Philip Gorinski; Josef Ruppenhofer; Caroline Sporleder
Towards Weakly Supervised Resolution of Null Instantiations

W13-0112 [bib]: E. Grefenstette; G. Dinu; Y. Zhang; M. Sadrzadeh; M. Baroni
Multi-Step Regression Learning for Compositional Distributional Semantics

W13-0113 [bib]: Blake Howald; Ravikumar Kondadadi; Frank Schilder
Domain Adaptable Semantic Clustering in Statistical NLG

W13-0114 [bib]: Egoitz Laparra; German Rigau
Sources of Evidence for Implicit Argument Resolution

W13-0115 [bib]: Andrew McKinlay; Katja Markert
Recognising Sets and Their Elements: Tree Kernels for Entity Instantiation Identification

W13-0116 [bib]: Olga Nikitina; Sebastian Padó
A corpus study of clause combination

W13-0117 [bib]: Octavian Popescu
Learning Corpus Patterns Using Finite State Automata

W13-0118 [bib]: Bryan Rink; Sanda Harabagiu
The Impact of Selectional Preference Agreement on Semantic Relational Similarity

W13-0119 [bib]: Kirk Roberts; Michael A. Skinner; Sanda M. Harabagiu
Recognizing Spatial Containment Relations between Event Mentions

W13-0120 [bib]: Sylvia Springorum; Jason Utt; Sabine Schulte im Walde
Regular Meaning Shifts in German Particle Verbs: A Case Study

W13-0121 [bib]: Assaf Toledo; Stavroula Alexandropoulou; Sophia Katrenko; Heidi Klockmann; Pepijn Kokke; Yoad Winter
Semantic Annotation of Textual Entailment

W13-0122 [bib]: Noortje J. Venhuizen; Johan Bos; Harm Brouwer
Parsimonious Semantic Representations with Projection Pointers

W13-0123 [bib]: Yannick Versley
Subgraph-based Classification of Explicit and Implicit Discourse Relations

W13-0124 [bib]: Bonnie Webber
What excludes an Alternative in Coherence Relations?

W13-0125 [bib]: Britta D. Zeller; Sebastian Padó
A Search Task Dataset for German Textual Entailment

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2013) – Short Papers

W13-02 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0201 [bib]: Tore Bruland
Pre-Processing MRSes

W13-0202 [bib]: Harry Bunt
The semantic annotation of quantification

W13-0203 [bib]: Kilian Evang; Johan Bos
Scope Disambiguation as a Tagging Task

W13-0204 [bib]: Aurelie Herbelot
What is in a text, what isn’t, and what this has to do with lexical semantics

W13-0205 [bib]: Elias Iosif; Alexandros Potamianos; Maria Giannoudaki; Kalliopi Zervanou
Semantic Similarity Computation for Abstract and Concrete Nouns Using Network-based Distributional Semantic Models

W13-0206 [bib]: Derek Kelleher; Carl Vogel
Finite State Temporality and Context-Free Languages

W13-0207 [bib]: Yuliya Lierler; Vladimir Lifschitz
Logic Programs vs. First-Order Formulas in Textual Inference

W13-0208 [bib] [attachment]: Johann-Mattis List; Anselm Terhalle; Matthias Urban
Using Network Approaches to Enhance the Analysis of Cross-Linguistic Polysemies

W13-0209 [bib]: Paweł Łupkowski; Jonathan Ginzburg
A corpus-based taxonomy of question responses

W13-0210 [bib]: Jeff Mitchell
Learning Semantic Representations in a Bigram Language Model

W13-0211 [bib]: Tatjana Moor; Michael Roth; Anette Frank
Predicate-specific Annotations for Implicit Role Binding: Corpus Annotation, Data Analysis and Evaluation Experiments

W13-0212 [bib]: Artemis Parvizi; Caroline Jay; Christopher Mellish; Jeff Z. Pan; Yuan Ren; Robert Stevens; Kees van Deemter
A Pilot Experiment in Knowledge Authoring as Dialogue

W13-0213 [bib]: Yuliya Lierler; Peter Schüller
Towards a Tight Integration of Syntactic Parsing with Semantic Disambiguation by means of Declarative Programming

W13-0214 [bib]: Matthew Stone; Una Stojnic; Ernest Lepore
Situated Utterances and Discourse Relations

W13-0215 [bib]: Noortje J. Venhuizen; Valerio Basile; Kilian Evang; Johan Bos
Gamification for Word Sense Labeling

W13-0216 [bib]: Alessandra Zarcone; Alessandro Lenci; Sebastian Padó; Jason Utt
Fitting, Not Clashing! A Distributional Semantic Model of Logical Metonymy

Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Annotation of Modal Meanings in Natural Language (WAMM)

W13-03 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0301 [bib]: Luciana Beatriz Avila; Heliana Mello
Challenges in modality annotation in a Brazilian Portuguese Spontaneous Speech Corpus

W13-0302 [bib]: Delphine Battistelli; Marine Damiani
Analyzing modal and enunciative discursive heterogeneity: how to combine semantic resources and a syntactic parser analysis

W13-0303 [bib]: Marta Carretero; Juan Rafael Zamorano-Mansilla
An analysis of disagreement-provoking factors in the analysis of epistemic modality and evidentiality: the case of English adverbials

W13-0304 [bib]: Yanyan Cui; Ting Chi
Annotating Modal Expressions in the Chinese Treebank

W13-0305 [bib]: Claudia Roch
Influence of modality markers on the conditional interpretation of the German preposition ohne

W13-0306 [bib]: Aynat Rubinstein; Hillary Harner; Elizabeth Krawczyk; Daniel Simonson; Graham Katz; Paul Portner
Toward Fine-grained Annotation of Modality in Text

W13-0307 [bib]: Nianwen Xue; Yuchen Zhang; Yaqin Yang
Distant annotation of Chinese tense and modality

Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Computational Semantics in Clinical Text (CSCT 2013)

W13-04 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0401 [bib]: Salah Aït-Mokhtar; Caroline Hagège; Pajolma Rupi
A Framework to Generate Sets of Terms from Large Scale Medical Vocabularies for Natural Language Processing

W13-0402 [bib]: Christine Howes; Matthew Purver; Rose McCabe
Investigating Topic Modelling for Therapy Dialogue Analysis

W13-0403 [bib]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis
Figurative Language in Swedish Clinical Texts

W13-0404 [bib]: Siddhartha Jonnalagadda; Trevor Cohen; Stephen Wu; Hongfang Liu; Graciela Gonzalez
Evaluating the Use of Empirically Constructed Lexical Resources for Named Entity Recognition

W13-0405 [bib]: Rohit J. Kate
Towards Converting Clinical Phrases into SNOMED CT Expressions

W13-0406 [bib]: Sunghwan Sohn; Cheryl Clark; Scott Halgrim; Sean Murphy; Siddhartha Jonnalagadda; Kavishwar Wagholikar; Stephen Wu; Christopher Chute; Hongfang Liu
Analysis of Cross-Institutional Medication Information Annotations in Clinical Notes

W13-0407 [bib]: Camilo Thorne; Marco Montali; Diego Calvanese; Elena Cardillo; Claudio Eccher
The VERICLIG Project: Extraction of Computer Interpretable Guidelines via Syntactic and Semantic Annotation

Proceedings of the 9th Joint ISO - ACL SIGSEM Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation

W13-05 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0500: Front Matter

W13-0501 [bib]: Malvina Nissim; Paola Pietrandrea; Andrea Sanso; Caterina Mauri
Cross-linguistic annotation of modality: a data-driven hierarchical model

W13-0502 [bib]: Kiyong Lee
Multi-layered Annotation of Non-textual Data for Spatial Information

W13-0503 [bib]: James Pustejovsky; Zachary Yocum
Capturing Motion in ISO-SpaceBank

W13-0504 [bib]: Steve Cassidy
Interoperable Annotation in the Australian National Corpus

W13-0505 [bib]: Annie Zaenen; Lauri Karttunen
Veridicity annotation in the lexicon? A look at factive adjectives

W13-0506 [bib]: Ben Verhoeven; Gerhard B. van Huyssteen
More Than Only Noun-Noun Compounds: Towards an Annotation Scheme for the Semantic Modelling of Other Noun Compound Types

W13-0507 [bib]: Harry Bunt; Alex C. Fang; Xiaoyue Liu; Jing Cao; Volha Petukhova
Issues in the addition of ISO standard annotations to the Switchboard corpus

W13-0508 [bib]: Tokunaga Takenobu; Iida Ryu; Mitsuda Koh
Annotation for annotation - Toward eliciting implicit linguistic knowledge through annotation - (Project Note)

W13-0509 [bib]: James Pustejovsky
Inference Patterns with Intensional Adjectives

Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop Towards a Formal Distributional Semantics

W13-06 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0601 [bib]: Melanie J. Bell; Martin Schäfer
Semantic transparency: challenges for distributional semantics

W13-0602 [bib]: Ann Copestake
Can distributional approaches improve on Good Old-Fashioned Lexical Semantics?

W13-0603 [bib]: Nghia Pham; Raffaella Bernardi; Yao Zhong Zhang; Marco Baroni
Sentence paraphrase detection: When determiners and word order make the difference

W13-0604 [bib]: Jason Utt; Alessandro Lenci; Sebastian Padó; Alessandra Zarcone
The Curious Case of Metonymic Verbs: A Distributional Characterization

Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Computational Models of Spatial Language Interpretation and Generation (CoSLI-3)

W13-07 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0701 [bib]: Simon Dobnik; Robin Cooper
Spatial Descriptions in Type Theory with Records

W13-0702 [bib]: Jana Götze; Johan Boye
Deriving Salience Models from Human Route Directions

W13-0703 [bib]: Raveesh Meena; Gabriel Skantze; Joakim Gustafson
Human Evaluation of Conceptual Route Graphs for Interpreting Spoken Route Descriptions

W13-0704 [bib]: Joanna Isabelle Olszewska
Clock-Modeled Ternary Spatial Relations for Visual Scene Analysis

W13-0705 [bib]: James Pustejovsky
Where Things Happen: On the Semantics of Event Localization

Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation

W13-08 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0800: Front Matter

W13-0801 [bib]: Marine Carpuat
A Semantic Evaluation of Machine Translation Lexical Choice

W13-0802 [bib]: Thoudam Doren Singh
Taste of Two Different Flavours: Which Manipuri Script works better for English-Manipuri Language pair SMT Systems?

W13-0803 [bib]: Gideon Maillette de Buy Wenniger; Khalil Sima'an
Hierarchical Alignment Decomposition Labels for Hiero Grammar Rules

W13-0804 [bib]: Matthias Huck; David Vilar; Markus Freitag; Hermann Ney
A Performance Study of Cube Pruning for Large-Scale Hierarchical Machine Translation

W13-0805 [bib]: Teresa Herrmann; Jan Niehues; Alex Waibel
Combining Word Reordering Methods on different Linguistic Abstraction Levels for Statistical Machine Translation

W13-0806 [bib]: Markus Saers; Karteek Addanki; Dekai Wu
Combining Top-down and Bottom-up Search for Unsupervised Induction of Transduction Grammars

W13-0807 [bib]: Gideon Maillette de Buy Wenniger; Khalil Sima'an
A Formal Characterization of Parsing Word Alignments by Synchronous Grammars with Empirical Evidence to the ITG Hypothesis.

W13-0808 [bib]: Miriam Kaeshammer
Synchronous Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems for Machine Translation

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Metaphor in NLP

W13-09 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-0900: Front Matter

W13-0901 [bib]: Jonathan Dunn
What metaphor identification systems can tell us about metaphor-in-language

W13-0902 [bib]: Beata Beigman Klebanov; Michael Flor
Argumentation-Relevant Metaphors in Test-Taker Essays

W13-0903 [bib]: Anja Jamrozik; Eyal Sagi; Micah Goldwater; Dedre Gentner
Relational words have high metaphoric potential

W13-0904 [bib]: Michael Mohler; David Bracewell; Marc Tomlinson; David Hinote
Semantic Signatures for Example-Based Linguistic Metaphor Detection

W13-0905 [bib]: Yorick Wilks; Adam Dalton; James Allen; Lucian Galescu
Automatic Metaphor Detection using Large-Scale Lexical Resources and Conventional Metaphor Extraction

W13-0906 [bib]: Yulia Tsvetkov; Elena Mukomel; Anatole Gershman
Cross-Lingual Metaphor Detection Using Common Semantic Features

W13-0907 [bib]: Dirk Hovy; Shashank Shrivastava; Sujay Kumar Jauhar; Mrinmaya Sachan; Kartik Goyal; Huying Li; Whitney Sanders; Eduard Hovy
Identifying Metaphorical Word Use with Tree Kernels

W13-0908 [bib]: Ilana Heintz; Ryan Gabbard; Mahesh Srivastava; Dave Barner; Donald Black; Majorie Friedman; Ralph Weischedel
Automatic Extraction of Linguistic Metaphors with LDA Topic Modeling

W13-0909 [bib]: Tomek Strzalkowski; George Aaron Broadwell; Sarah Taylor; Laurie Feldman; Samira Shaikh; Ting Liu; Boris Yamrom; Kit Cho; Umit Boz; Ignacio Cases; Kyle Elliot
Robust Extraction of Metaphor from Novel Data

W13-0910 [bib]: Yulia Badryzlova; Natalia Shekhtman; Yekaterina Isaeva; Ruslan Kerimov
Annotating a Russian corpus of conceptual metaphor: a bottom-up approach

Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Multiword Expressions

W13-10 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1000: Front Matter

W13-1001 [bib]: Antonio Moreno-Ortiz; Chantal Perez-Hernandez; Maria Del-Olmo
Managing Multiword Expressions in a Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis System for Spanish

W13-1002 [bib]: Pollet Samvelian; Pegah Faghiri
Introducing PersPred, a Syntactic and Semantic Database for Persian Complex Predicates

W13-1003 [bib]: Lars Bungum; Björn Gambäck; André Lynum; Erwin Marsi
Improving Word Translation Disambiguation by Capturing Multiword Expressions with Dictionaries

W13-1004 [bib]: Martha Palmer
Complex Predicates are Multi-Word Expressions

W13-1005 [bib]: Stephen Roller; Sabine Schulte im Walde; Silke Scheible
The (Un)expected Effects of Applying Standard Cleansing Models to Human Ratings on Compositionality

W13-1006 [bib]: Lubomír Krčmář; Karel Ježek; Pavel Pecina
Determining Compositionality of Word Expressions Using Word Space Models

W13-1007 [bib]: Malvina Nissim
Modelling the Internal Variability of MWEs

W13-1008 [bib]: Paul Cook; Graeme Hirst
Automatically Assessing Whether a Text Is Cliched, with Applications to Literary Analysis

W13-1009 [bib]: Zdenka Uresova; Jan Hajic; Eva Fucikova; Jana Sindlerova
An Analysis of Annotation of Verb-Noun Idiomatic Combinations in a Parallel Dependency Corpus

W13-1010 [bib]: Vivekananda Gayen; Kamal Sarkar
Automatic Identification of Bengali Noun-Noun Compounds Using Random Forest

W13-1011 [bib]: Mikhail Kopotev; Lidia Pivovarova; Natalia Kochetkova; Roman Yangarber
Automatic Detection of Stable Grammatical Features in N-Grams

W13-1012 [bib]: Bell Manrique-Losada; Carlos M. Zapata-Jaramillo; Diego A. Burgos
Exploring MWEs for Knowledge Acquisition from Corporate Technical Documents

W13-1013 [bib]: Sandra Antunes; Amália Mendes
MWE in Portuguese: Proposal for a Typology for Annotation in Running Text

W13-1014 [bib]: Magali Sanches Duran; Carolina Evaristo Scarton; Sandra Maria Aluísio; Carlos Ramisch
Identifying Pronominal Verbs: Towards Automatic Disambiguation of the Clitic 'se' in Portuguese

W13-1015 [bib]: Malvina Nissim; Andrea Zaninello
A Repository of Variation Patterns for Multiword Expressions

W13-1016 [bib]: Eduard Bejček; Pavel Stranak; Pavel Pecina
Syntactic Identification of Occurrences of Multiword Expressions in Text using a Lexicon with Dependency Structures

W13-1017 [bib]: Antton Gurrutxaga; Iñaki Alegria
Combining Different Features of Idiomaticity for the Automatic Classification of Noun+Verb Expressions in Basque

W13-1018 [bib]: Ashwini Vaidya; Martha Palmer; Bhuvana Narasimhan
Semantic Roles for Nominal Predicates: Building a Lexical Resource

W13-1019 [bib]: Sara Berlanda
Constructional Intensifying Adjectives in Italian

W13-1020 [bib]: Jill Burstein
The Far Reach of Multiword Expressions in Educational Technology

W13-1021 [bib]: Yutaro Shigeto; Ai Azuma; Sorami Hisamoto; Shuhei Kondo; Tomoya Kouse; Keisuke Sakaguchi; Akifumi Yoshimoto; Frances Yung; Yuji Matsumoto
Construction of English MWE Dictionary and its Application to POS Tagging

Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Analysis in Social Media

W13-11 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1100: Front Matter

W13-1101 [bib]: Mohammad Khan; Markus Dickinson; Sandra Kuebler
Does Size Matter? Text and Grammar Revision for Parsing Social Media Data

W13-1102 [bib]: Jacob Eisenstein
Phonological Factors in Social Media Writing

W13-1103 [bib]: Wei Xu; Ralph Grishman; Adam Meyers; Alan Ritter
A Preliminary Study of Tweet Summarization using Information Extraction

W13-1104 [bib]: Stephanie Lukin; Marilyn Walker
Really? Well. Apparently Bootstrapping Improves the Performance of Sarcasm and Nastiness Classifiers for Online Dialogue

W13-1105 [bib]: Ching-Sheng Lin; Samira Shaikh; Jennifer Stromer-Galley; Jennifer Crowley; Tomek Strzalkowski; Veena Ravishankar
Topical Positioning: A New Method for Predicting Opinion Changes in Conversation

W13-1106 [bib]: Akshat Bakliwal; Jennifer Foster; Jennifer van der Puil; Ron O'Brien; Lamia Tounsi; Mark Hughes
Sentiment Analysis of Political Tweets: Towards an Accurate Classifier

W13-1107 [bib]: Thamar Solorio; Ragib Hasan; Mainul Mizan
A Case Study of Sockpuppet Detection in Wikipedia

W13-1108 [bib]: Michael Wiegand; Dietrich Klakow
Towards the Detection of Reliable Food-Health Relationships

W13-1109 [bib]: Fabrizio Gotti; Philippe Langlais; Atefeh Farzindar
Translating Government Agencies’ Tweet Feeds: Specificities, Problems and (a few) Solutions

Workshop on Events: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation

W13-12 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1200: Front Matter

W13-1201 [bib]: Rodolfo Delmonte
Coping With Implicit Arguments And Events Coreference

W13-1202 [bib]: Antske Fokkens; Marieke van Erp; Piek Vossen; Sara Tonelli; Willem Robert van Hage; Luciano Serafini; Rachele Sprugnoli; Jesper Hoeksema
GAF: A Grounded Annotation Framework for Events

W13-1203 [bib]: Eduard Hovy; Teruko Mitamura; Felisa Verdejo; Jun Araki; Andrew Philpot
Events are Not Simple: Identity, Non-Identity, and Quasi-Identity

W13-1204 [bib]: Lidia Pivovarova; Silja Huttunen; Roman Yangarber
Event representation across genre

W13-1205 [bib]: Ryan Shaw
A Semantic Tool for Historical Events

W13-1206 [bib]: Lucy Vanderwende; Fei Xia; Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz
Annotating Change of State for Clinical Events

Proceedings of the Workshop on Vision and Natural Language Processing

W13-13 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1300: Front Matter

W13-1301 [bib]: Rebecca Mason; Eugene Charniak
Annotation of Online Shopping Images without Labeled Training Examples

W13-1302 [bib]: Niveda Krishnamoorthy; Girish Malkarnenkar; Raymond Mooney; Kate Saenko; Sergio Guadarrama
Generating Natural-Language Video Descriptions Using Text-Mined Knowledge

W13-1303 [bib]: Roni Mittelman; Min Sun; Benjamin Kuipers; Silvio Savarese
Learning Hierarchical Linguistic Descriptions of Visual Datasets

Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature

W13-14 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1400: Front Matter

W13-1401 [bib]: Adam Hammond; Julian Brooke; Graeme Hirst
A Tale of Two Cultures: Bringing Literary Analysis and Computational Linguistics Together

W13-1402 [bib]: Abdulrahman Almuhareb; Ibrahim Alkharashi; Lama AL Saud; Haya Altuwaijri
Recognition of Classical Arabic Poems

W13-1403 [bib]: Rob Voigt; Dan Jurafsky
Tradition and Modernity in 20th Century Chinese Poetry

W13-1404 [bib]: Ehsaneddin Asgari; Jean-Cedric Chappelier
Linguistic Resources and Topic Models for the Analysis of Persian Poems

W13-1405 [bib]: Peter Boot
The desirability of a corpus of online book responses

W13-1406 [bib]: Julian Brooke; Graeme Hirst; Adam Hammond
Clustering Voices in The Waste Land

W13-1407 [bib]: Chris Fournier
An initial study of topical poetry segmentation

W13-1408 [bib]: Greg Lessard; Michael Levison
Groundhog DAG: Representing Semantic Repetition in Literary Narratives

W13-1409 [bib]: Janneke Rauscher; Leonard Swiezinski; Martin Riedl; Chris Biemann
Exploring Cities in Crime: Significant Concordance and Co-occurrence in Quantitative Literary Analysis

W13-1410 [bib]: Kim Jautze; Corina Koolen; Andreas van Cranenburgh; Hayco de Jong
From high heels to weed attics: a syntactic investigation of chick lit and literature

Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Improving Textual Accessibility

W13-15 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1500: Front Matter

W13-1501 [bib]: Jill Burstein; John Sabatini; Jane Shore; Brad Moulder; Jennifer Lentini
A User Study: Technology to Increase Teachers' Linguistic Awareness to Improve Instructional Language Support for English Language Learners

W13-1502 [bib]: Eduard Barbu; Maria Teresa Martín-Valdivia; Luis Alfonso Ureña-López
Open Book: a tool for helping ASD users' semantic comprehension

W13-1503 [bib]: Maxine Eskenazi; Yibin Lin; Oscar Saz
Tools for non-native readers: the case for translation and simplification

W13-1504 [bib]: Michael Flor; Beata Beigman Klebanov; Kathleen M. Sheehan
Lexical Tightness and Text Complexity

W13-1505 [bib]: Susana Bautista; Raquel Hervás; Pablo Gervás; Richard Power; Sandra Williams
A System for the Simplification of Numerical Expressions at Different Levels of Understandability

W13-1506 [bib]: Kathleen M. Sheehan; Michael Flor; Diane Napolitano
A Two-Stage Approach for Generating Unbiased Estimates of Text Complexity

Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis

W13-16 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1600: Front Matter

W13-1601 [bib]: Rosalind Picard
Recent adventures with emotion-reading technology

W13-1602 [bib]: Ashequl Qadir; Ellen Riloff
Bootstrapped Learning of Emotion Hashtags #hashtags4you

W13-1603 [bib]: Valentina Sintsova; Claudiu Musat; Pearl Pu
Fine-Grained Emotion Recognition in Olympic Tweets Based on Human Computation

W13-1604 [bib]: Matías Dell' Amerlina Ríos; Agustin Gravano
Spanish DAL: A Spanish Dictionary of Affect in Language

W13-1605 [bib]: Christine Liebrecht; Florian Kunneman; Antal Van den Bosch
The perfect solution for detecting sarcasm in tweets #not

W13-1606 [bib]: Donato Hernández; Rafael Guzmán; Manuel Móntes y Gomez; Paolo Rosso
Using PU-Learning to Detect Deceptive Opinion Spam

W13-1607 [bib]: Hugo Jair Escalante; Esaú Villatoro-Tello; Antonio Juárez; Manuel Montes-y-Gómez; Luis Villaseñor
Sexual predator detection in chats with chained classifiers

W13-1608 [bib]: Ahmed Mourad; Kareem Darwish
Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Modern Standard Arabic and Arabic Microblogs

W13-1609 [bib]: Ivan Habernal; Tomáš Ptáček; Josef Steinberger
Sentiment Analysis in Czech Social Media Using Supervised Machine Learning

W13-1610 [bib]: Narendra Gupta
Tagging Opinion Phrases and their Targets in User Generated Textual Reviews

W13-1611 [bib]: Wladimir Sidorenko; Jonathan Sonntag; Nina Krüger; Stefan Stieglitz; Manfred Stede
From newspaper to microblogging: What does it take to find opinions?

W13-1612 [bib]: Eugenio Martínez-Cámara; M. Teresa Martín-Valdivia; M. Dolores Molina-González; L. Alfonso Ureña-López
Bilingual Experiments on an Opinion Comparable Corpus

W13-1613 [bib]: Yoan Gutiérrez; Andy González; Antonio Fernández; Andrés Montoyo; Rafael Muñoz
RA-SR: Using a ranking algorithm to automatically building resources for subjectivity analysis over annotated corpora

W13-1614 [bib]: Valerio Basile; malvina nissim
Sentiment analysis on Italian tweets

W13-1615 [bib]: Samir Rustamov; Elshan Mustafayev; Mark Clements
Sentence-Level Subjectivity Detection Using Neuro-Fuzzy Models

W13-1616 [bib]: Basant Agarwal; Namita Mittal
Sentiment Classification using Rough Set based Hybrid Feature Selection

W13-1617 [bib]: Alexandra Balahur
Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Texts

Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

W13-17 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1700: Front Matter

W13-1701 [bib]: Eric Morley; Brian Roark; Jan van Santen
The Utility of Manual and Automatic Linguistic Error Codes for Identifying Neurodevelopmental Disorders

W13-1702 [bib]: Levi King; Markus Dickinson
Shallow Semantic Analysis of Interactive Learner Sentences

W13-1703 [bib]: Daniel Dahlmeier; Hwee Tou Ng; Siew Mei Wu
Building a Large Annotated Corpus of Learner English: The NUS Corpus of Learner English

W13-1704 [bib]: Øistein E. Andersen; Helen Yannakoudakis; Fiona Barker; Tim Parish
Developing and testing a self-assessment and tutoring system

W13-1705 [bib]: Robert Östling; André Smolentzov; Björn Tyrefors Hinnerich; Erik Höglin
Automated Essay Scoring for Swedish

W13-1706 [bib]: Joel Tetreault; Daniel Blanchard; Aoife Cahill
A Report on the First Native Language Identification Shared Task

W13-1707 [bib]: Lei Chen
Applying Unsupervised Learning To Support Vector Space Model Based Speaking Assessment

W13-1708 [bib]: Sowmya Vajjala; Kaidi Loo
Role of Morpho-Syntactic Features in Estonian Proficiency Classification

W13-1709 [bib]: Klaus Zechner; Xinhao Wang
Automated Content Scoring of Spoken Responses in an Assessment for Teachers of English

W13-1710 [bib]: Amjad Abu-Jbara; Rahul Jha; Eric Morley; Dragomir Radev
Experimental Results on the Native Language Identification Shared Task

W13-1711 [bib]: Vidas Daudaravicius
VTEX System Description for the NLI 2013 Shared Task

W13-1712 [bib]: Cyril Goutte; Serge Léger; Marine Carpuat
Feature Space Selection and Combination for Native Language Identification

W13-1713 [bib]: John Henderson; Guido Zarrella; Craig Pfeifer; John D. Burger
Discriminating Non-Native English with 350 Words

W13-1714 [bib]: Scott Jarvis; Yves Bestgen; Steve Pepper
Maximizing Classification Accuracy in Native Language Identification

W13-1715 [bib]: Baoli LI
Recognizing English Learners’ Native Language from Their Writings

W13-1716 [bib]: Shervin Malmasi; Sze-Meng Jojo Wong; Mark Dras
NLI Shared Task 2013: MQ Submission

W13-1717 [bib]: Tomoya Mizumoto; Yuta Hayashibe; Keisuke Sakaguchi; Mamoru Komachi; Yuji Matsumoto
NAIST at the NLI 2013 Shared Task

W13-1718 [bib]: Garrett Nicolai; Bradley Hauer; Mohammad Salameh; Lei Yao; Grzegorz Kondrak
Cognate and Misspelling Features for Natural Language Identification

W13-1719 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Ben Swanson
Exploring Syntactic Representations for Native Language Identification

W13-1720 [bib]: Ching-Yi Wu; Po-Hsiang Lai; Yang Liu; Vincent Ng
Simple Yet Powerful Native Language Identification on TOEFL11

W13-1721 [bib]: Keelan Evanini; Shasha Xie; Klaus Zechner
Prompt-based Content Scoring for Automated Spoken Language Assessment

W13-1722 [bib]: Nitin Madnani; Jill Burstein; John Sabatini; Tenaha O'Reilly
Automated Scoring of a Summary-Writing Task Designed to Measure Reading Comprehension

W13-1723 [bib]: Marwa Ragheb; Markus Dickinson
Inter-annotator Agreement for Dependency Annotation of Learner Language

W13-1724 [bib]: Victoria Bobicev
Native Language Identification with PPM

W13-1725 [bib]: Julian Brooke; Graeme Hirst
Using Other Learner Corpora in the 2013 NLI Shared Task

W13-1726 [bib]: Serhiy Bykh; Sowmya Vajjala; Julia Krivanek; Detmar Meurers
Combining Shallow and Linguistically Motivated Features in Native Language Identification

W13-1727 [bib]: Andrea Cimino; Felice Dell'Orletta; Giulia Venturi; Simonetta Montemagni
Linguistic Profiling based on General–purpose Features and Native Language Identification

W13-1728 [bib]: Binyam Gebrekidan Gebre; Marcos Zampieri; Peter Wittenburg; Tom Heskes
Improving Native Language Identification with TF-IDF Weighting

W13-1729 [bib]: Binod Gyawali; Gabriela Ramirez; Thamar Solorio
Native Language Identification: a Simple n-gram Based Approach

W13-1730 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Barbora Hladka; Martin Holub; Vincent Kriz
Feature Engineering in the NLI Shared Task 2013: Charles University Submission Report

W13-1731 [bib]: Kristopher Kyle; Scott Crossley; Jianmin Dai; Danielle McNamara
Native Language Identification: A Key N-gram Category Approach

W13-1732 [bib]: Shibamouli Lahiri; Rada Mihalcea
Using N-gram and Word Network Features for Native Language Identification

W13-1733 [bib]: Thomas Lavergne; Gabriel Illouz; Aurélien Max; Ryo Nagata
LIMSI’s participation to the 2013 shared task on Native Language Identification

W13-1734 [bib]: André Lynum
Native Language Identification using large scale lexical features

W13-1735 [bib]: Marius Popescu; Radu Tudor Ionescu
The Story of the Characters, the DNA and the Native Language

W13-1736 [bib]: Yulia Tsvetkov; Naama Twitto; Nathan Schneider; Noam Ordan; Manaal Faruqui; Victor Chahuneau; Shuly Wintner; Chris Dyer
Identifying the L1 of non-native writers: the CMU-Haifa system

W13-1737 [bib]: Shasha Xie; Lei Chen
Evaluating Unsupervised Language Model Adaptation Methods for Speaking Assessment

W13-1738 [bib]: Myroslava Dzikovska; Elaine Farrow; Johanna Moore
Improving interpretation robustness in a tutorial dialogue system

W13-1739 [bib]: Aoife Cahill; Martin Chodorow; Susanne Wolff; Nitin Madnani
Detecting Missing Hyphens in Learner Text

W13-1740 [bib]: Lisa Michaud; Patricia Ann McCoy
Applying Machine Translation Metrics to Student-Written Translations

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing

W13-18 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1800: Front Matter

W13-1801 [bib]: Colin de la Higuera; Jose Oncina
Computing the Most Probable String with a Probabilistic Finite State Machine

W13-1802 [bib]: M. Inés Torres
Stochastic Bi-Languages to model Dialogs

W13-1803 [bib]: Manex Agirrezabal; Bertol Arrieta; Aitzol Astigarraga; Mans Hulden
ZeuScansion: a tool for scansion of English poetry

W13-1804 [bib]: Marc Dymetman
A Convexity-based Generalization of Viterbi for Non-Deterministic Weighted Automata

W13-1805 [bib]: Dominika Pawlik; Aleksander Zabłocki; Bartosz Zaborowski
Processing Structured Input with Skipping Nested Automata

W13-1806 [bib]: Christian Wurm; Younes Samih
Synchronous Regular Relations and Morphological Analysis

W13-1807 [bib]: Kay-Michael Würzner; Thomas Hanneforth
Parsing Morphologically Complex Words

W13-1808 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Dominika Pawlik; Aleksander Zabłocki; Bartosz Zaborowski
Optimizing Rule-Based Morphosyntactic Analysis of Richly Inflected Languages - a Polish Example

W13-1809 [bib]: Daiga Deksne
Finite State Morphology Tool for Latvian

W13-1810 [bib]: Bevan Keeley Jones; Sharon Goldwater; Mark Johnson
Modeling Graph Languages with Grammars Extracted via Tree Decompositions

W13-1811 [bib]: Tim Fernando
Finite State Methods and Description Logics

W13-1812 [bib]: Edoardo Salza
Using NooJ for semantic annotation of Italian language corpora in the domain of motion: a cognitive-grounded approach

W13-1813 [bib]: Bryan Jurish; Kay-Michael Würzner
Multi-threaded composition of finite-state-automata

W13-1814 [bib]: Anssi Yli-Jyrä
On Finite-State Tonology with Autosegmental Representations

W13-1815 [bib]: Olatz Perez-de-Vinaspre; Maite Oronoz; Manex Agirrezabal; Mikel Lersundi
A Finite-State Approach to Translate SNOMED CT Terms into Basque Using Medical Prefixes and Suffixes

W13-1816 [bib]: Katina Bontcheva
Syncretism and How to Deal with it in a Morphological Analyzer: a German Example

W13-1817 [bib]: Bakyt M Kairakbay; David L Zaurbekov
Finite State Approach to the Kazakh Nominal Paradigm

Proceedings of the 2013 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing

W13-19 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-1900: Front Matter

W13-1901 [bib]: Pawel Matykiewicz; Kevin Cohen; Katherine D. Holland; Tracy A. Glauser; Shannon M. Standridge; Karen M. Verspoor; John Pestian
Earlier Identification of Epilepsy Surgery Candidates Using Natural Language Processing

W13-1902 [bib]: Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz; Cosmin Bejan; Mark Wurfel
Identification of Patients with Acute Lung Injury from Free-Text Chest X-Ray Reports

W13-1903 [bib]: Timothy Miller; Steven Bethard; Dmitriy Dligach; Sameer Pradhan; Chen Lin; Guergana Savova
Discovering Temporal Narrative Containers in Clinical Text

W13-1904 [bib]: Claudia Bretschneider; Sonja Zillner; Matthias Hammon
Identifying Pathological Findings in German Radiology Reports Using a Syntacto-semantic Parsing Approach

W13-1905 [bib]: Aron Henriksson; Maria Skeppstedt; Maria Kvist; Martin Duneld; Mike Conway
Corpus-Driven Terminology Development: Populating Swedish SNOMED CT with Synonyms Extracted from Electronic Health Records

W13-1906 [bib]: Felice Dell’Orletta; Giulia Venturi; Simonetta Montemagni
Unsupervised Linguistically-Driven Reliable Dependency Parses Detection and Self-Training for Adaptation to the Biomedical Domain

W13-1907 [bib]: Halil Kilicoglu; Marcelo Fiszman; Dina Demner-Fushman
Interpreting Consumer Health Questions: The Role of Anaphora and Ellipsis

W13-1908 [bib]: Sofie Van Landeghem; Suwisa Kaewphan; Filip Ginter; Yves Van de Peer
Evaluating Large-scale Text Mining Applications Beyond the Traditional Numeric Performance Measures

W13-1909 [bib]: Irina Temnikova; Kevin Cohen
Recognizing Sublanguages in Scientific Journal Articles through Closure Properties

W13-1910 [bib]: Juliane Fluck; Alexander Klenner; Sumit Madan; Sam Ansari; Tamara Bobic; Julia Hoeng; Martin Hofmann-Apitius; Manuel Peitsch
BEL Networks Derived from Qualitative Translations of BioNLP Shared Task Annotations

W13-1911 [bib]: Gabriela Ramirez-de-la-Rosa; Thamar Solorio; Manuel Montes; Yang Liu; Lisa Bedore; Elizabeth Pena; Aquiles Iglesias
Exploring Word Class N-grams to Measure Language Development in Children

W13-1912 [bib]: Maria Skeppstedt
Adapting a Parser to Clinical Text by Simple Pre-processing Rules

W13-1913 [bib]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes; James Mork; Alan Aronson
Using the Argumentative Structure of Scientific Literature to Improve Information Access

W13-1914 [bib]: Khairun-nisa Hassanali; Yang Liu; Thamar Solorio
Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Child Narrative Analysis

W13-1915 [bib]: Raphael Cohen; Michael Elhadad
Effect of Out Of Vocabulary Terms on Inferring Eligibility Criteria for a Retrospective Study in Hebrew EHR

W13-1916 [bib]: Sutanu Chakraborti; Ashish Tendulkar
Parallels between Linguistics and Biology

Proceedings of the BioNLP Shared Task 2013 Workshop

W13-20 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2000: Front Matter

W13-2001 [bib]: Claire Nédellec; Robert Bossy; Jin-Dong Kim; Jung-Jae Kim; Tomoko Ohta; Sampo Pyysalo; Pierre Zweigenbaum
Overview of BioNLP Shared Task 2013

W13-2002 [bib]: Jin-Dong Kim; Yue Wang; Yamamoto Yasunori
The Genia Event Extraction Shared Task, 2013 Edition - Overview

W13-2003 [bib]: Jari Björne; Tapio Salakoski
TEES 2.1: Automated Annotation Scheme Learning in the BioNLP 2013 Shared Task

W13-2004 [bib]: Kai Hakala; Sofie Van Landeghem; Tapio Salakoski; Yves Van de Peer; Filip Ginter
EVEX in ST'13: Application of a large-scale text mining resource to event extraction and network construction

W13-2005 [bib]: Andrew MacKinlay; David Martinez; Antonio Jimeno Yepes; Haibin Liu; W John Wilbur; Karin Verspoor
Extracting Biomedical Events and Modifications Using Subgraph Matching with Noisy Training Data

W13-2006 [bib]: Xiao Liu; Antoine Bordes; Yves Grandvalet
Biomedical Event Extraction by Multi-class Classification of Pairs of Text Entities

W13-2007 [bib]: Jung-Jae Kim; Xu Han; Vivian Lee; Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann
GRO Task: Populating the Gene Regulation Ontology with events and relations

W13-2008 [bib]: Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Sophia Ananiadou
Overview of the Cancer Genetics (CG) task of BioNLP Shared Task 2013

W13-2009 [bib]: Tomoko Ohta; Sampo Pyysalo; Rafal Rak; Andrew Rowley; Hong-Woo Chun; Sung-Jae Jung; Sung-Pil Choi; Sophia Ananiadou; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Overview of the Pathway Curation (PC) task of BioNLP Shared Task 2013

W13-2010 [bib]: Haibin Liu; Karin Verspoor; Donald C. Comeau; Andrew MacKinlay; W John Wilbur
Generalizing an Approximate Subgraph Matching-based System to Extract Events in Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

W13-2011 [bib]: SV Ramanan; P. Senthil Nathan
Performance and limitations of the linguistically motivated Cocoa/Peaberry system in a broad biological domain.

W13-2012 [bib]: Makoto Miwa; Sophia Ananiadou
NaCTeM EventMine for BioNLP 2013 CG and PC tasks

W13-2013 [bib]: Pontus Stenetorp; Wiktoria Golik; Thierry Hamon; Donald C. Comeau; Rezarta Islamaj Dogan; Haibin Liu; W John Wilbur
BioNLP Shared Task 2013: Supporting Resources

W13-2014 [bib]: Quoc-Chinh Bui; David Campos; Erik van Mulligen; Jan Kors
A fast rule-based approach for biomedical event extraction

W13-2015 [bib]: Lishuang Li; Yiwen Wang; Degen Huang
Improving Feature-Based Biomedical Event Extraction System by Integrating Argument Information

W13-2016 [bib]: Gerold Schneider; Simon Clematide; Tilia Ellendorff; Don Tuggener; Fabio Rinaldi; Gintarė Grigonytė
UZH in BioNLP 2013

W13-2017 [bib]: Xuan Quang Pham; Minh Quang Le; Bao Quoc Ho
A Hybrid approach for biomedical event extraction

W13-2018 [bib]: Roland Roller; Mark Stevenson
Identification of Genia Events using Multiple Classifiers

W13-2019 [bib]: Mai-Vu Tran; Nigel Collier; Hoang-Quynh Le; Van-Thuy Phi; Thanh-Binh Pham
Exploring a Probabilistic Earley Parser for Event Composition in Biomedical Texts

W13-2020 [bib]: Thomas Provoost; Marie-Francine Moens
Detecting Relations in the Gene Regulation Network

W13-2021 [bib]: Sondes Bannour; Laurent Audibert; Henry Soldano
Ontology-based semantic annotation: an automatic hybrid rule-based method

W13-2022 [bib]: Cyril Grouin
Building A Contrasting Taxa Extractor for Relation Identification from Assertions: BIOlogical Taxonomy & Ontology Phrase Extraction System

W13-2023 [bib]: Robert Bossy; Philippe Bessières; Claire Nédellec
BioNLP Shared Task 2013 – An overview of the Genic Regulation Network Task

W13-2024 [bib]: Robert Bossy; Wiktoria Golik; Zorana Ratkovic; Philippe Bessières; Claire Nédellec
BioNLP shared Task 2013 – An Overview of the Bacteria Biotope Task

W13-2025 [bib]: İlknur Karadeniz; Arzucan Özgür
Bacteria Biotope Detection, Ontology-based Normalization, and Relation Extraction using Syntactic Rules

W13-2026 [bib]: Slavko Zitnik; Marinka Žitnik; Blaž Zupan; Marko Bajec
Extracting Gene Regulation Networks Using Linear-Chain Conditional Random Fields and Rules

W13-2027 [bib]: Vincent Claveau
IRISA participation to BioNLP-ST13: lazy-learning and information retrieval for information extraction tasks

Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation

W13-21 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2100: Front Matter

W13-2101 [bib]: Valerio Basile; Johan Bos
Aligning Formal Meaning Representations with Surface Strings for Wide-Coverage Text Generation

W13-2102 [bib]: Philipp Cimiano; Janna Lüker; David Nagel; Christina Unger
Exploiting Ontology Lexica for Generating Natural Language Texts from RDF Data

W13-2103 [bib]: Eva Banik; Eric Kow; Vinay Chaudhri
User-Controlled, Robust Natural Language Generation from an Evolving Knowledge Base

W13-2104 [bib]: David Howcroft; Crystal Nakatsu; Michael White
Enhancing the Expression of Contrast in the SPaRKy Restaurant Corpus

W13-2105 [bib]: Claire Gardent; Shashi Narayan
Generating Elliptic Coordination

W13-2106 [bib]: Gerasimos Lampouras; Ion Androutsopoulos
Using Integer Linear Programming for Content Selection, Lexicalization, and Aggregation to Produce Compact Texts from OWL Ontologies

W13-2107 [bib]: Dustin Smith; Henry Lieberman
Generating and Interpreting Referring Expressions as Belief State Planning and Plan Recognition

W13-2108 [bib]: Jette Viethen; Margaret Mitchell; Emiel Krahmer
Graphs and Spatial Relations in the Generation of Referring Expressions

W13-2109 [bib]: Albert Gatt; Patrizia Paggio
What and Where: An Empirical Investigation of Pointing Gestures and Descriptions in Multimodal Referring Actions

W13-2110 [bib]: Guy Lapalme
Natural Language Generation and Summarization at RALI

W13-2111 [bib]: Eva Banik; Claire Gardent; Eric Kow
The KBGen Challenge

W13-2112 [bib]: Nadjet Bouayad-Agha; Gerard Casamayor; Leo Wanner; Chris Mellish
Overview of the First Content Selection Challenge from Open Semantic Web Data

W13-2113 [bib]: Pablo Gervás
Narrative Composition: Achieving the Perceived Linearity of Narrative

W13-2114 [bib]: David Lindberg; Fred Popowich; John Nesbit; Phil Winne
Generating Natural Language Questions to Support Learning On-Line

W13-2115 [bib]: Dimitra Gkatzia; Helen Hastie; Srinivasan Janarthanam; Oliver Lemon
Generating Student Feedback from Time-Series Data Using Reinforcement Learning

W13-2116 [bib]: Kokil Jaidka; Christopher Khoo; Jin-Cheon Na
Deconstructing Human Literature Reviews – A Framework for Multi-Document Summarization

W13-2117 [bib]: Yashar Mehdad; Giuseppe Carenini; Frank Tompa; Raymond T. NG
Abstractive Meeting Summarization with Entailment and Fusion

W13-2118 [bib]: Ryu Iida; Takenobu Tokunaga
Automatic Voice Selection in Japanese based on Various Linguistic Information

W13-2119 [bib]: Anne Schneider; Alasdair Mort; Chris Mellish; Ehud Reiter; Phil Wilson; Pierre-Luc Vaudry
MIME - NLG in Pre-Hospital Care

W13-2120 [bib]: Dale Barr; Kees van Deemter; Raquel Fernandez
Generation of Quantified Referring Expressions: Evidence from Experimental Data

W13-2121 [bib]: Manex Agirrezabal; Bertol Arrieta; Aitzol Astigarraga; Mans Hulden
POS-Tag Based Poetry Generation with WordNet

W13-2122 [bib]: Björn Schlünder; Ralf Klabunde
Greetings Generation in Video Role Playing Games

W13-2123 [bib]: Pablo Duboue
On the Feasibility of Automatically Describing n-dimensional Objects

W13-2124 [bib]: Frank Schilder; Blake Howald; Ravi Kondadadi
GenNext: A Consolidated Domain Adaptable NLG System

W13-2125 [bib]: Pierre-Luc Vaudry; Guy Lapalme
Adapting SimpleNLG for Bilingual English-French Realisation

W13-2126 [bib]: Seniz Demir; Ilknur Durgar El-Kahlout; Erdem Unal
A Case Study Towards Turkish Paraphrase Alignment

W13-2127 [bib]: Hadi Banaee; Mobyen Uddin Ahmed; Amy Loutfi
Towards NLG for Physiological Data Monitoring with Body Area Networks

W13-2128 [bib]: Anne Schneider; Alasdair Mort; Chris Mellish; Ehud Reiter; Phil Wilson; Pierre-Luc Vaudry
MIME- NLG Support for Complex and Unstable Pre-hospital Emergencies

W13-2129 [bib]: Pablo Duboue
Thoughtland: Natural Language Descriptions for Machine Learning n-dimensional Error Functions

W13-2130 [bib]: Sina Zarriess; Kyle Richardson
An Automatic Method for Building a Data-to-Text Generator

W13-2131 [bib]: Bikash Gyawali; Claire Gardent
LOR-KBGEN, A Hybrid Approach To Generating from the KBGen Knowledge-Base

W13-2132 [bib]: Keith Butler; Priscilla Moraes; Ian Tabolt; Kathy McCoy
Team UDEL KBGen 2013 Challenge

W13-2133 [bib]: Roman Kutlak; Chris Mellish; Kees van Deemter
Content Selection Challenge - University of Aberdeen Entry

W13-2134 [bib]: Hareen Venigalla; Barbara Di Eugenio
UIC-CSC: The Content Selection Challenge Entry from the University of Illinois at Chicago

Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

W13-22 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2200: Front Matter

W13-2201 [bib]: Ondřej Bojar; Christian Buck; Chris Callison-Burch; Christian Federmann; Barry Haddow; Philipp Koehn; Christof Monz; Matt Post; Radu Soricut; Lucia Specia
Findings of the 2013 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

W13-2202 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Matouš Macháček; Ondřej Bojar
Results of the WMT13 Metrics Shared Task

W13-2203 [bib]: Alexandra Birch; Barry Haddow; Ulrich Germann; Maria Nadejde; Christian Buck; Philipp Koehn
The Feasibility of HMEANT as a Human MT Evaluation Metric

W13-2204 [bib]: Alexander Allauzen; Nicolas Pécheux; Quoc Khanh Do; Marco Dinarelli; Thomas Lavergne; Aurélien Max; Hai-Son Le; François Yvon

W13-2205 [bib]: Waleed Ammar; Victor Chahuneau; Michael Denkowski; Greg Hanneman; Wang Ling; Austin Matthews; Kenton Murray; Nicola Segall; Alon Lavie; Chris Dyer
The CMU Machine Translation Systems at WMT 2013: Syntax, Synthetic Translation Options, and Pseudo-References

W13-2206 [bib]: Ergun Bicici
Feature Decay Algorithms for Fast Deployment of Accurate Statistical Machine Translation Systems

W13-2207 [bib]: Karel Bílek; Daniel Zeman
CUni Multilingual Matrix in the WMT 2013 Shared Task

W13-2208 [bib]: Ondřej Bojar; Rudolf Rosa; Aleš Tamchyna
Chimera – Three Heads for English-to-Czech Translation

W13-2209 [bib]: Alexey Borisov; Jacob Dlougach; Irina Galinskaya
Yandex School of Data Analysis Machine Translation Systems for WMT13

W13-2210 [bib]: Eunah Cho; Thanh-Le Ha; Mohammed Mediani; Jan Niehues; Teresa Herrmann; Isabel Slawik; Alex Waibel
The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Translation Systems for the WMT 2013

W13-2211 [bib]: Ilknur Durgar El-Kahlout; Coşkun Mermer
TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM German-English Machine Translation Systems for W13

W13-2212 [bib]: Nadir Durrani; Barry Haddow; Kenneth Heafield; Philipp Koehn
Edinburgh’s Machine Translation Systems for European Language Pairs

W13-2213 [bib]: Nadir Durrani; Alexander Fraser; Helmut Schmid; Hassan Sajjad; Richárd Farkas
Munich-Edinburgh-Stuttgart Submissions of OSM Systems at WMT13

W13-2214 [bib]: Vladimir Eidelman; Ke Wu; Ferhan Ture; Philip Resnik; Jimmy Lin
Towards Efficient Large-Scale Feature-Rich Statistical Machine Translation

W13-2215 [bib]: Lluís Formiga; Marta R. Costa-jussà; José B. Mariño; José A. R. Fonollosa; Alberto Barrón-Cedeño; Lluis Marquez
The TALP-UPC Phrase-Based Translation Systems for WMT13: System Combination with Morphology Generation, Domain Adaptation and Corpus Filtering

W13-2216 [bib]: Petra Galuščáková; Martin Popel; Ondřej Bojar
PhraseFix: Statistical Post-Editing of TectoMT

W13-2217 [bib]: Spence Green; Daniel Cer; Kevin Reschke; Rob Voigt; John Bauer; Sida Wang; Natalia Silveira; Julia Neidert; Christopher D. Manning
Feature-Rich Phrase-based Translation: Stanford University’s Submission to the WMT 2013 Translation Task

W13-2218 [bib]: Stéphane Huet; Elena Manishina; Fabrice Lefèvre
Factored Machine Translation Systems for Russian-English

W13-2219 [bib]: Evgeny Matusov; Gregor Leusch
Omnifluent English-to-French and Russian-to-English Systems for the 2013 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

W13-2220 [bib]: Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone; Giuseppe Attardi
Pre-Reordering for Machine Translation Using Transition-Based Walks on Dependency Parse Trees

W13-2221 [bib]: Maria Nadejde; Philip Williams; Philipp Koehn
Edinburgh’s Syntax-Based Machine Translation Systems

W13-2222 [bib]: Tsuyoshi Okita; Qun Liu; Josef van Genabith
Shallow Semantically-Informed PBSMT and HPBSMT

W13-2223 [bib]: Stephan Peitz; Saab Mansour; Matthias Huck; Markus Freitag; Hermann Ney; Eunah Cho; Teresa Herrmann; Mohammed Mediani; Jan Niehues; Alex Waibel; Alexander Allauzen; Quoc Khanh Do; Bianka Buschbeck; Tonio Wandmacher
Joint WMT 2013 Submission of the QUAERO Project

W13-2224 [bib]: Stephan Peitz; Saab Mansour; Jan-Thorsten Peter; Christoph Schmidt; Joern Wuebker; Matthias Huck; Markus Freitag; Hermann Ney
The RWTH Aachen Machine Translation System for WMT 2013

W13-2225 [bib]: Juan Pino; Aurelien Waite; Tong Xiao; Adrià de Gispert; Federico Flego; William Byrne
The University of Cambridge Russian-English System at WMT13

W13-2226 [bib]: Matt Post; Juri Ganitkevitch; Luke Orland; Jonathan Weese; Yuan Cao; Chris Callison-Burch
Joshua 5.0: Sparser, Better, Faster, Server

W13-2227 [bib]: Raphael Rubino; Antonio Toral; Santiago Cortés Vaíllo; Jun Xie; Xiaofeng Wu; Stephen Doherty; Qun Liu
The CNGL-DCU-Prompsit Translation Systems for WMT13

W13-2228 [bib]: Hassan Sajjad; Svetlana Smekalova; Nadir Durrani; Alexander Fraser; Helmut Schmid
QCRI-MES Submission at WMT13: Using Transliteration Mining to Improve Statistical Machine Translation

W13-2229 [bib]: Sara Stymne; Christian Hardmeier; Jörg Tiedemann; Joakim Nivre
Tunable Distortion Limits and Corpus Cleaning for SMT

W13-2230 [bib]: Marion Weller; Max Kisselew; Svetlana Smekalova; Alexander Fraser; Helmut Schmid; Nadir Durrani; Hassan Sajjad; Richárd Farkas
Munich-Edinburgh-Stuttgart Submissions at WMT13: Morphological and Syntactic Processing for SMT

W13-2231 [bib]: Marco Turchi; Matteo Negri; Marcello Federico
Coping with the Subjectivity of Human Judgements in MT Quality Estimation

W13-2232 [bib]: Kriste Krstovski; David A. Smith
Online Polylingual Topic Models for Fast Document Translation Detection

W13-2233 [bib]: Ann Irvine; Chris Callison-Burch
Combining Bilingual and Comparable Corpora for Low Resource Machine Translation

W13-2234 [bib]: Yulia Tsvetkov; Chris Dyer; Lori Levin; Archna Bhatia
Generating English Determiners in Phrase-Based Translation with Synthetic Translation Options

W13-2235 [bib]: William Lewis; Sauleh Eetemadi
Dramatically Reducing Training Data Size Through Vocabulary Saturation

W13-2236 [bib]: Patrick Simianer; Stefan Riezler
Multi-Task Learning for Improved Discriminative Training in SMT

W13-2237 [bib]: Prashant Mathur; Cettolo Mauro; Marcello Federico
Online Learning Approaches in Computer Assisted Translation

W13-2238 [bib]: Joern Wuebker; Hermann Ney
Length-Incremental Phrase Training for SMT

W13-2239 [bib]: Daniel Cer; Christopher D. Manning; Dan Jurafsky
Positive Diversity Tuning for Machine Translation System Combination

W13-2240 [bib]: Eleftherios Avramidis; Maja Popovic
Selecting Feature Sets for Comparative and Time-Oriented Quality Estimation of Machine Translation Output

W13-2241 [bib]: Daniel Beck; Kashif Shah; Trevor Cohn; Lucia Specia
SHEF-Lite: When Less is More for Translation Quality Estimation

W13-2242 [bib]: Ergun Bicici
Referential Translation Machines for Quality Estimation

W13-2243 [bib]: José Guilherme Camargo de Souza; Christian Buck; Marco Turchi; Matteo Negri
FBK-UEdin Participation to the WMT13 Quality Estimation Shared Task

W13-2244 [bib]: Lluís Formiga; Meritxell Gonzàlez; Alberto Barrón-Cedeño; José A. R. Fonollosa; Lluis Marquez
The TALP-UPC Approach to System Selection: Asiya Features and Pairwise Classification Using Random Forests

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Quality Estimation for Machine Translation Using the Joint Method of Evaluation Criteria and Statistical Modeling

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MT Quality Estimation: The CMU System for WMT’13

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LORIA System for the WMT13 Quality Estimation Shared Task

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LIG System for WMT13 QE Task: Investigating the Usefulness of Features in Word Confidence Estimation for MT

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DCU-Symantec at the WMT 2013 Quality Estimation Shared Task

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LIMSI Submission for the WMT’13 Quality Estimation Task: an Experiment with N-Gram Posteriors

W13-2251 [bib]: Mark Fishel
Ranking Translations using Error Analysis and Quality Estimation

W13-2252 [bib]: Najeh Hajlaoui
Are ACT’s Scores Increasing with Better Translation Quality?

W13-2253 [bib]: Aaron Li-Feng Han; Derek F. Wong; Lidia S. Chao; Yi Lu; Liangye He; Yiming Wang; Jiaji Zhou
A Description of Tunable Machine Translation Evaluation Systems in WMT13 Metrics Task

W13-2254 [bib]: Chi-kiu Lo; Dekai Wu
MEANT at WMT 2013: A Tunable, Accurate yet Inexpensive Semantic Frame Based MT Evaluation Metric

W13-2255 [bib]: Erwan Moreau; Raphael Rubino
An Approach Using Style Classification Features for Quality Estimation

W13-2256 [bib]: Xiaofeng Wu; Hui Yu; Qun Liu
DCU Participation in WMT2013 Metrics Task

W13-2257 [bib]: Arianna Bisazza; Marcello Federico
Efficient Solutions for Word Reordering in German-English Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

W13-2258 [bib]: Matthias Huck; Joern Wuebker; Felix Rietig; Hermann Ney
A Phrase Orientation Model for Hierarchical Machine Translation

W13-2259 [bib]: Yvette Graham
A Dependency-Constrained Hierarchical Model with Moses

W13-2260 [bib]: Wilker Aziz; Marc Dymetman; Sriram Venkatapathy
Investigations in Exact Inference for Hierarchical Translation

W13-2261 [bib]: Omar Zaidan; Vishal Chowdhary
Evaluating (and Improving) Sentence Alignment under Noisy Conditions

W13-2262 [bib]: Elif Eyigöz; Daniel Gildea; Kemal Oflazer
Multi-Rate HMMs for Word Alignment

W13-2263 [bib]: Shuhei Kondo; Kevin Duh; Yuji Matsumoto
Hidden Markov Tree Model for Word Alignment

W13-2264 [bib]: Jan Niehues; Alex Waibel
An MT Error-Driven Discriminative Word Lexicon using Sentence Structure Features

Proceedings of the 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop and Interoperability with Discourse

W13-23 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2300: Front Matter

W13-2301 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Ramy Eskander; Nizar Habash; Ann Bies; Seth Kulick; Mohamed Maamouri
Automatic Correction and Extension of Morphological Annotations

W13-2302 [bib]: Marcel Bollmann
POS Tagging for Historical Texts with Sparse Training Data

W13-2303 [bib]: Quy Nguyen; Ngan Nguyen; Yusuke Miyao
Utilizing State-of-the-art Parsers to Diagnose Problems in Treebank Annotation for a Less Resourced Language

W13-2304 [bib]: Arne Skjærholt
Influence of preprocessing on dependency syntax annotation: speed and agreement

W13-2305 [bib]: Yvette Graham; Timothy Baldwin; Alistair Moffat; Justin Zobel
Continuous Measurement Scales in Human Evaluation of Machine Translation

W13-2306 [bib]: Rohan Ramanath; Monojit Choudhury; Kalika Bali
Entailment: An Effective Metric for Comparing and Evaluating Hierarchical and Non-hierarchical Annotation Schemes

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A Framework for (Under)specifying Dependency Syntax without Overloading Annotators

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Converting Italian Treebanks: Towards an Italian Stanford Dependency Treebank

W13-2309 [bib]: Hen-Hsen Huang; Chi-Hsin Yu; Tai-Wei Chang; Cong-Kai Lin; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Analyses of the Association between Discourse Relation and Sentiment Polarity with a Chinese Human-Annotated Corpus

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Towards a Better Understanding of Discourse: Integrating Multiple Discourse Annotation Perspectives Using UIMA

W13-2311 [bib]: Rafal Rak; Sophia Ananiadou
Making UIMA Truly Interoperable with SPARQL

W13-2312 [bib]: Arne Neumann; Nancy Ide; Manfred Stede
Importing MASC into the ANNIS linguistic database: A case study of mapping GrAF

W13-2313 [bib]: Anna Nedoluzhko
Generic noun phrases and annotation of coreference and bridging relations in the Prague Dependency Treebank

W13-2314 [bib]: Varada Kolhatkar; Heike Zinsmeister; Graeme Hirst
Annotating Anaphoric Shell Nouns with their Antecedents

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Applicative Structures and Immediate Discourse in the Turkish Discourse Bank

W13-2316 [bib]: Gülşen Eryiğit; Fatih Samet Çetin; Meltem Yanık; Tanel Temel; İlyas Çiçekli
TURKSENT: A Sentiment Annotation Tool for Social Media

W13-2317 [bib]: Stephen Tratz; Douglas Briesch; Jamal Laoudi; Clare Voss
Tweet Conversation Annotation Tool with a Focus on an Arabic Dialect, Moroccan Darija

W13-2318 [bib]: Yuka Tateisi; Yo Shidahara; Yusuke Miyao; Akiko Aizawa
Relation Annotation for Understanding Research Papers

W13-2319 [bib]: Francis Bond; Shan Wang; Eshley Huini Gao; Hazel Shuwen Mok; Jeanette Yiwen Tan
Developing Parallel Sense-tagged Corpora with Wordnets

W13-2320 [bib]: Itisree Jena; Riyaz Ahmad Bhat; Sambhav Jain; Dipti Misra Sharma
Animacy Annotation in the Hindi Treebank

W13-2321 [bib]: Sophie Rosset; Cyril Grouin; Thomas Lavergne; Mohamed Ben Jannet; Jérémy Leixa; Olivier Galibert; Pierre Zweigenbaum
Automatic Named Entity Pre-annotation for Out-of-domain Human Annotation

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Abstract Meaning Representation for Sembanking

W13-2323 [bib]: Rebecca J. Passonneau; Bob Carpenter
The Benefits of a Model of Annotation

W13-2324 [bib]: Andreas Peldszus; Manfred Stede
Ranking the annotators: An agreement study on argumentation structure

W13-2325 [bib]: Martin Tschirsich; Gerold Hintz
Leveraging Crowdsourcing for Paraphrase Recognition

W13-2326 [bib]: Ryu Iida; Koh Mitsuda; Takenobu Tokunaga
Investigation of annotator’s behaviour using eye-tracking data

W13-2327 [bib]: Marine Damiani; Delphine Battistelli
Enunciative and modal variations in newswire texts in French: From guideline to automatic annotation

W13-2328 [bib]: Amália Mendes; Iris Hendrickx; Agostinho Salgueiro; Luciana Ávila
Annotating the Interaction between Focus and Modality: the case of exclusive particles

Proceedings of the 4th Biennial International Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing

W13-24 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2400: Front Matter

W13-2401 [bib]: Kiril Simov
Invited Talk: Ontologies and Linked Open Data for Acquisition and Exploitation of Language Resources

W13-2402 [bib]: Jurgita Kapočiut\.e-Dzikien\.e; Algis Krupavičius; Tomas Krilavičius
A Comparison of Approaches for Sentiment Classification on Lithuanian Internet Comments

W13-2403 [bib]: Ilia Chetviorkin; Natalia Loukachevitch
Evaluating Sentiment Analysis Systems in Russian

W13-2404 [bib]: Goran Glavaš; Damir Korenčić; Jan Šnajder
Aspect-Oriented Opinion Mining from User Reviews in Croatian

W13-2405 [bib]: Mladen Karan; Lovro Žmak; Jan Šnajder
Frequently Asked Questions Retrieval for Croatian Based on Semantic Textual Similarity

W13-2406 [bib]: Dan Skatov; Sergey Liverko; Vladimir Okatiev; Dmitry Strebkov
Parsing Russian: a hybrid approach

W13-2407 [bib]: Marko Bekavac; Jan Šnajder
GPKEX: Genetically Programmed Keyphrase Extraction from Croatian Texts

W13-2408 [bib]: Željko Agić; Nikola Ljubešić; Danijela Merkler
Lemmatization and Morphosyntactic Tagging of Croatian and Serbian

W13-2409 [bib]: Yves Scherrer; Tomaž Erjavec
Modernizing historical Slovene words with character-based SMT

W13-2410 [bib]: Andrey Kutuzov
Improving English-Russian sentence alignment through POS tagging and Damerau-Levenshtein distance

W13-2411 [bib]: Nikola Ljubešić; Darja Fišer
Identifying false friends between closely related languages

W13-2412 [bib]: Alexander Tkachenko; Timo Petmanson; Sven Laur
Named Entity Recognition in Estonian

W13-2413 [bib]: Jakub Piskorski; Maud Ehrmann
On Named Entity Recognition in Targeted Twitter Streams in Polish.

W13-2414 [bib]: Michał Marcińczuk; Jan Kocoń
Recognition of Named Entities Boundaries in Polish Texts

W13-2415 [bib]: Lidia Pivovarova; Mian Du; Roman Yangarber
Adapting the PULS event extraction framework to analyze Russian text

W13-2416 [bib]: Hristo Tanev; Josef Steinberger
Semi-automatic Acquisition of Lexical Resources and Grammars for Event Extraction in Bulgarian and Czech

W13-2417 [bib]: Ivelina Stoyanova; Svetla Koeva; Svetlozara Leseva
Wordnet-Based Cross-Language Identification of Semantic Relations

Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora

W13-25 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2500: Front Matter

W13-2501 [bib]: Marianna Apidianaki; Nikola Ljubešić; Darja Fišer
Cross-lingual WSD for Translation Extraction from Comparable Corpora

W13-2502 [bib]: Hong-seok Kwon; Hyeong-won Seo; Jae-hoon Kim
Bilingual Lexicon Extraction via Pivot Language and Word Alignment Tool

W13-2503 [bib]: Dhouha Bouamor; Nasredine Semmar; Pierre Zweigenbaum
Using WordNet and Semantic Similarity for Bilingual Terminology Mining from Comparable Corpora

W13-2504 [bib]: Amir HAZEM; Emmanuel MORIN
A Comparison of Smoothing Techniques for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora

W13-2505 [bib]: Chenhui Chu; Toshiaki Nakazawa; Sadao Kurohashi
Chinese–Japanese Parallel Sentence Extraction from Quasi–Comparable Corpora

W13-2506 [bib]: Vassilis Papavassiliou; Prokopis Prokopidis; Gregor Thurmair
A modular open-source focused crawler for mining monolingual and bilingual corpora from the web

W13-2507 [bib]: Judit Acs; Katalin Pajkossy; Andras Kornai
Building basic vocabulary across 40 languages

W13-2508 [bib]: Elke Teich; Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb; Hannah Kermes; Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski
Scientific registers and disciplinary diversification: a comparable corpus approach

W13-2509 [bib]: Rajdeep Gupta; Santanu Pal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Improving MT System Using Extracted Parallel Fragments of Text from Comparable Corpora

W13-2510 [bib]: Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski
VARTRA: A Comparable Corpus for Analysis of Translation Variation

W13-2511 [bib]: Yegin Genc; Elizabeth Lennon; Winter Mason; Jeffrey Nickerson
Building Ontologies from Collaborative Knowledge Bases to Search and Interpret Multilingual Corpora

W13-2512 [bib]: Georgios Kontonatsios; Ioannis Korkontzelos; Sophia Ananiadou; Jun’ichi Tsujii
Using a Random Forest Classifier to recognise translations of biomedical terms across languages

W13-2513 [bib]: Motaz Saad; David Langlois; Kamel Smaili
Comparing Multilingual Comparable Articles Based On Opinions

W13-2514 [bib]: Magdalena Plamada; Martin Volk
Mining for Domain-specific Parallel Text from Wikipedia

W13-2515 [bib]: Wei Xu; Alan Ritter; Ralph Grishman
Gathering and Generating Paraphrases from Twitter with Application to Normalization

W13-2516 [bib]: Ekaterina Stambolieva
Learning Comparable Corpora from Latent Semantic Analysis Simplified Document Space

W13-2517 [bib]: Chengzhi Zhang; Xuchen Yao; Chunyu Kit
Finding More Bilingual Webpages with High Credibility via Link Analysis

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL)

W13-26 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2600: Front Matter

W13-2601 [bib]: Abdellah Fourtassi; Benjamin Börschinger; Mark Johnson; Emmanuel Dupoux
Why is English so easy to segment?

W13-2602 [bib]: Bozena Pajak; Klinton Bicknell; Roger Levy
A model of generalization in distributional learning of phonetic categories

W13-2603 [bib]: Michelle Fullwood; Tim O'Donnell
Learning non-concatenative morphology

W13-2604 [bib]: Alexander Clark; Gianluca Giorgolo; Shalom Lappin
Statistical Representation of Grammaticality Judgements: the Limits of N-Gram Models

W13-2605 [bib]: Marten van Schijndel; Luan Nguyen; William Schuler
An Analysis of Memory-based Processing Costs using Incremental Deep Syntactic Dependency Parsing

W13-2606 [bib]: Yevgen Matusevych; Afra Alishahi; Ad Backus
Computational simulations of second language construction learning

W13-2607 [bib]: Asad Sayeed; Vera Demberg
The semantic augmentation of a psycholinguistically-motivated syntactic formalism

W13-2608 [bib]: Gabriella Lapesa; Stefan Evert
Evaluating Neighbor Rank and Distance Measures as Predictors of Semantic Priming

W13-2609 [bib]: Felix Hill; Douwe Kiela; Anna Korhonen
Concreteness and Corpora: A Theoretical and Practical Study

W13-2610 [bib]: Fatemeh Torabi Asr; Vera Demberg
On the Information Conveyed by Discourse Markers

W13-2611 [bib]: Arash Eshghi; Julian Hough; Matthew Purver
Incremental Grammar Induction from Child-Directed Dialogue Utterances

Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities

W13-27 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2700: Front Matter

W13-2701 [bib]: Samuel Fernando; Paula Goodale; Paul Clough; Mark Stevenson; Mark Hall; Eneko Agirre
Generating Paths through Cultural Heritage Collections

W13-2702 [bib]: Sander Wubben; Emiel Krahmer; Antal van den Bosch
Using character overlap to improve language transformation

W13-2703 [bib]: Marijn Schraagen; Dionysius Huijsmans
Comparison between historical population archives and decentralized databases

W13-2704 [bib]: Chaya Liebeskind; Ido Dagan; Jonathan Schler
Semi-automatic Construction of Cross-period Thesaurus

W13-2705 [bib]: Simon Wibberley; David Weir; Jeremy Reffin
Language Technology for Agile Social Media Science

W13-2706 [bib]: Attila Novak; György Orosz; Nóra Wenszky
Morphological annotation of Old and Middle Hungarian corpora

W13-2707 [bib]: Eirini Florou; Stasinos Konstantopoulos; Antonis Koukourikos; Pythagoras Karampiperis
Argument extraction for supporting public policy formulation

W13-2708 [bib]: Andre Blessing; Jonathan Sonntag; Fritz Kliche; Ulrich Heid; Jonas Kuhn; Manfred Stede
Towards a Tool for Interactive Concept Building for Large Scale Analysis in the Humanities

W13-2709 [bib]: Dolf Trieschnigg; Dong Nguyen; Mariët Theune
Learning to Extract Folktale Keywords

W13-2710 [bib]: Emily M. Bender; Michael Wayne Goodman; Joshua Crowgey; Fei Xia
Towards Creating Precision Grammars from Interlinear Glossed Text: Inferring Large-Scale Typological Properties

W13-2711 [bib]: Marilisa Amoia; José Manuel Martínez
Using Comparable Collections of Historical Texts for Building a Diachronic Dictionary for Spelling Normalization

W13-2712 [bib]: Thierry Declerck
Integration of the Thesaurus for the Social Sciences (TheSoz) in an Information Extraction System

W13-2713 [bib]: Ruth Jones; Ann Irvine
The (Un)faithful Machine Translator

W13-2714 [bib]: Alina Maria Ciobanu; Anca Dinu; Liviu Dinu; Vlad Niculae; Octavia-Maria Şulea
Temporal classification for historical Romanian texts

W13-2715 [bib]: Dana Dannells; Aarne Ranta; Ramona Enache; Mariana Damova; Maria Mateva
Multilingual access to cultural heritage content on the Semantic Web

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation

W13-28 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2800: Front Matter

W13-2801 [bib]: Marta R. Costa-jussà; Rafael Banchs; Reinhard Rapp; Patrik Lambert; Kurt Eberle; Bogdan Babych
Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation: Overview and Developments

W13-2802 [bib]: Hermann Ney
Statistical MT Systems Revisited: How much Hybridity do they have?

W13-2803 [bib]: Antonio Toral
Hybrid Selection of Language Model Training Data Using Linguistic Information and Perplexity

W13-2804 [bib]: Annette Rios Gonzales; Anne Göhring
Machine Learning Disambiguation of Quechua Verb Morphology

W13-2805 [bib]: Nathan Green; Zdeněk Žabokrtský
Improvements to Syntax-based Machine Translation using Ensemble Dependency Parsers

W13-2806 [bib]: Dan Han; Pascual Martinez-Gomez; Yusuke Miyao; Katsuhito Sudoh; Masaaki Nagata
Using unlabeled dependency parsing for pre-reordering for Chinese-to-Japanese statistical machine translation

W13-2807 [bib]: Raj Nath Patel; Rohit Gupta; Prakash B. Pimpale; Sasikumar M
Reordering rules for English-Hindi SMT

W13-2808 [bib]: László Laki; Attila Novak; Borbála Siklósi
English to Hungarian Morpheme-based Statistical Machine Translation System with Reordering Rules

W13-2809 [bib]: William Lewis; Chris Quirk
Controlled Ascent: Imbuing Statistical MT with Linguistic Knowledge

W13-2810 [bib]: Markus Saers; Karteek Addanki; Dekai Wu
Unsupervised Transduction Grammar Induction via Minimum Description Length

W13-2811 [bib]: Ines Turki Khemakhem; Salma Jamoussi; Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
Integrating morpho-syntactic features in English-Arabic statistical machine translation

W13-2812 [bib]: Shuo Li; Derek F. Wong; Lidia S. Chao
Experiments with POS-based restructuring and alignment-based reordering for statistical machine translation

W13-2813 [bib]: Rahma Boujelbane; Mariem Ellouze Khemekhem; Siwar BenAyed; Lamia Hadrich Belguith
Building bilingual lexicon to create Dialect Tunisian corpora and adapt language model

W13-2814 [bib]: Santanu Pal; Sudip Naskar; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
A Hybrid Word Alignment Model for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

W13-2815 [bib]: Alex Rudnick; Michael Gasser
Lexical Selection for Hybrid MT with Sequence Labeling

W13-2816 [bib]: Pierrette Bouillon; Johanna Gerlach; Ulrich Germann; Barry Haddow; Manny Rayner
Two Approaches to Correcting Homophone Confusions in a Hybrid Machine Translation System

W13-2817 [bib]: An-Chang Hsieh; Hen-Hsen Huang; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Uses of Monolingual In-Domain Corpora for Cross-Domain Adaptation with Hybrid MT Approaches

W13-2818 [bib]: George Tambouratzis; Sokratis Sofianopoulos; Marina Vassiliou
Language-independent hybrid MT with PRESEMT

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for Target Reader Populations

W13-29 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-2900: Front Matter

W13-2901 [bib]: Dan Feblowitz; David Kauchak
Sentence Simplification as Tree Transduction

W13-2902 [bib]: David Klaper; Sarah Ebling; Martin Volk
Building a German/Simple German Parallel Corpus for Automatic Text Simplification

W13-2903 [bib]: Irina Temnikova; Galina Maneva
The C-Score – Proposing a Reading Comprehension Metrics as a Common Evaluation Measure for Text Simplification

W13-2904 [bib]: Wade Shen; Jennifer Williams; Tamas Marius; Elizabeth Salesky
A Language-Independent Approach to Automatic Text Difficulty Assessment for Second-Language Learners

W13-2905 [bib]: Slavina and Lozanova; Ivelina Stoyanova; Svetlozara Leseva; Svetla Koeva; Boian Savtchev
Text Modification for Bulgarian Sign Language Users

W13-2906 [bib]: Tadayoshi Hara; Chen Chen; Yoshinobu Kano; Akiko Aizawa
Modeling Comma Placement in Chinese Text for Better Readability using Linguistic Features and Gaze Information

W13-2907 [bib]: Sowmya Vajjala; Detmar Meurers
On The Applicability of Readability Models to Web Texts

W13-2908 [bib]: Matthew Shardlow
The CW Corpus: A New Resource for Evaluating the Identification of Complex Words

W13-2909 [bib]: Hitoshi NISHIKAWA; Toshiro MAKINO; Yoshihiro MATSUO
A Pilot Study of Readability Prediction with Reading Time

Proceedings of the 13th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 13)

W13-30 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3000: Front Matter

W13-3001 [bib]: Tim Hunter; Chris Dyer
Distributions on Minimalist Grammar Derivations

W13-3002 [bib]: Meaghan Fowlie
Order and Optionality: Minimalist Grammars with Adjunction

W13-3003 [bib]: Martin Berglund; Henrik Björklund; Frank Drewes
On the Parameterized Complexity of Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems

W13-3004 [bib]: Tim Fernando
Segmenting Temporal Intervals for Tense and Aspect

W13-3005 [bib]: Stephen Clark; Bob Coecke; Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
The Frobenius Anatomy of Relative Pronouns

W13-3006 [bib]: Jeffrey Heinz; Regine Lai
Vowel Harmony and Subsequentiality

W13-3007 [bib]: Jeffrey Heinz; Jim Rogers
Learning Subregular Classes of Languages with Factored Deterministic Automata

W13-3008 [bib]: Andras Kornai; Attila Zséder; Gábor Recski
Structure Learning in Weighted Languages

W13-3009 [bib]: Eric Corlett; Gerald Penn
Why Letter Substitution Puzzles are Not Hard to Solve: A Case Study in Entropy and Probabilistic Search-Complexity

W13-3010 [bib]: Spyros Martzoukos; Christophe Costa Florêncio; Christof Monz
Investigating Connectivity and Consistency Criteria for Phrase Pair Extraction in Statistical Machine Translation

W13-3011 [bib]: Mark Johnson
Grammars and Topic Models

Proceedings of the MultiLing 2013 Workshop on Multilingual Multi-document Summarization

W13-31 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3100: Front Matter

W13-3101 [bib]: Lei Li; Corina Forascu; Mahmoud El-Haj; George Giannakopoulos
Multi-document multilingual summarization corpus preparation, Part 1: Arabic, English, Greek, Chinese, Romanian

W13-3102 [bib]: Michael Elhadad; Sabino Miranda-Jiménez; Josef Steinberger; George Giannakopoulos
Multi-document multilingual summarization corpus preparation, Part 2: Czech, Hebrew and Spanish

W13-3103 [bib]: George Giannakopoulos
Multi-document multilingual summarization and evaluation tracks in ACL 2013 MultiLing Workshop

W13-3104 [bib]: Jeff Kubina; John Conroy; Judith Schlesinger
ACL 2013 MultiLing Pilot Overview

W13-3105 [bib]: Lei Li; Wei Heng; Jia Yu; Yu Liu; Shuhong Wan
CIST System Report for ACL MultiLing 2013 – Track 1: Multilingual Multi-document Summarization

W13-3106 [bib]: Marina Litvak; Natalia Vanetik
Multilingual Multi-Document Summarization with POLY2

W13-3107 [bib]: Josef Steinberger
The UWB Summariser at Multiling-2013

W13-3108 [bib]: John Conroy; Sashka T. Davis; Jeff Kubina; Yi-Kai Liu; Dianne P. O’Leary; Judith D Schlesinger
Multilingual Summarization: Dimensionality Reduction and a Step Towards Optimal Term Coverage

W13-3109 [bib]: Mahmoud El-Haj; Paul Rayson
Using a Keyness Metric for Single and Multi Document Summarisation

W13-3110 [bib]: Daniel Anechitei; Eugen Ignat
Multilingual summarization system based on analyzing the discourse structure at MultiLing 2013

W13-3111 [bib]: Marina Litvak; Mark Last
Multilingual Single-Document Summarization with MUSE

Proceedings of the Workshop on Continuous Vector Space Models and their Compositionality

W13-32 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3200: Front Matter

W13-3201 [bib]: Jayant Krishnamurthy; Tom Mitchell
Vector Space Semantic Parsing: A Framework for Compositional Vector Space Models

W13-3202 [bib]: Phong Le; Willem Zuidema; Remko Scha
Learning from errors: Using vector-based compositional semantics for parse reranking

W13-3203 [bib]: Kartik Goyal; Sujay Kumar Jauhar; Huiying Li; Mrinmaya Sachan; Shashank Srivastava; Eduard Hovy
A Structured Distributional Semantic Model : Integrating Structure with Semantics

W13-3204 [bib]: Henning Sperr; Jan Niehues; Alex Waibel
Letter N-Gram-based Input Encoding for Continuous Space Language Models

W13-3205 [bib]: Fabio Massimo Zanzotto; Lorenzo Dell’Arciprete
Transducing Sentences to Syntactic Feature Vectors: an Alternative Way to "Parse"?

W13-3206 [bib]: Georgiana Dinu; Nghia The Pham; Marco Baroni
General estimation and evaluation of compositional distributional semantic models

W13-3207 [bib]: Marton Makrai; David Mark Nemeskey; Andras Kornai
Applicative structure in vector space models

W13-3208 [bib]: Lubomír Krčmář; Karel Ježek; Pavel Pecina
Determining Compositionality of Expresssions Using Various Word Space Models and Methods

W13-3209 [bib]: Karl Moritz Hermann; Edward Grefenstette; Phil Blunsom
“Not not bad” is not “bad”: A distributional account of negation

W13-3210 [bib]: Hans Moen; Erwin Marsi; Björn Gambäck
Towards Dynamic Word Sense Discrimination with Random Indexing

W13-3211 [bib]: Jacob Andreas; Zoubin Ghahramani
A Generative Model of Vector Space Semantics

W13-3212 [bib]: Stephane Clinchant; Florent Perronnin
Aggregating Continuous Word Embeddings for Information Retrieval

W13-3213 [bib]: Christopher Malon; Bing Bai
Answer Extraction by Recursive Parse Tree Descent

W13-3214 [bib]: Nal Kalchbrenner; Phil Blunsom
Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks for Discourse Compositionality

Proceedings of the Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation

W13-33 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3300: Front Matter

W13-3301 [bib]: Jennifer Williams; Rafael Banchs; Haizhou Li
Meaning Unit Segmentation in English and Chinese: a New Approach to Discourse Phenomena

W13-3302 [bib]: Liane Guillou
Analysing Lexical Consistency in Translation

W13-3303 [bib]: Thomas Meyer; Bonnie Webber
Implicitation of Discourse Connectives in (Machine) Translation

W13-3304 [bib]: Beata Beigman Klebanov; Michael Flor
Associative Texture Is Lost In Translation

W13-3305 [bib]: Thomas Meyer; Cristina Grisot; Andrei Popescu-Belis
Detecting Narrativity to Improve English to French Translation of Simple Past Verbs

W13-3306 [bib]: Thomas Meyer; Lucie Poláková
Machine Translation with Many Manually Labeled Discourse Connectives

W13-3307 [bib]: Michal Novak; Anna Nedoluzhko; Zdenek Zabokrtsky
Translation of "It" in a Deep Syntax Framework

W13-3308 [bib]: Sara Stymne; Christian Hardmeier; Jörg Tiedemann; Joakim Nivre
Feature Weight Optimization for Discourse-Level SMT

Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Teaching NLP and CL

W13-34 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3400: Front Matter

W13-3401 [bib]: Bozhidar Bozhanov; Ivan Derzhanski
Rosetta Stone Linguistic Problems

W13-3402 [bib]: Boris Iomdin; Alexander Piperski; Anton Somin
Linguistic Problems Based on Text Corpora

W13-3403 [bib]: Patrick Littell; Lori Levin; Jason Eisner; Dragomir Radev
Introducing Computational Concepts in a Linguistics Olympiad

W13-3404 [bib]: Ivan Derzhanski
Multilingual Editing of Linguistic Problems

W13-3405 [bib]: Dominique Estival; John Henderson; Mary Laughren; Diego Mollá; Cathy Bow; Rachel Nordlinger; Verna Rieschild; Andrea C. Schalley; Alexander W. Stanley; Colette Mrowa-Hopkins
Learning from OzCLO, the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad

W13-3406 [bib]: Patrik Roos; Hedvig Skirgard
The Swedish Model of Public Outreach of Linguistics to secondary school Students through Olympiads

W13-3407 [bib]: Matěj Korvas; Vojtěch Diatka
Correspondence Seminar: Bringing Linguistics to High Schools

W13-3408 [bib]: Apoorv Agarwal; Caitlin Trainor
Artificial IntelliDance: Teaching Machine Learning through a Choreography

W13-3409 [bib]: John Lee; Ying Cheuk Hui; Yin Hei Kong
Treebanking for Data-driven Research in the Classroom

W13-3410 [bib]: Anastasia Bonch-Osmolovskaya; Svetlana Toldova; Olga Lyashevskaya
Learning Computational Linguistics through NLP Evaluation Events: the experience of Russian evaluation initiative

W13-3411 [bib]: Francis Ferraro; Jason Eisner
A Virtual Manipulative for Learning Log-Linear Models

W13-3412 [bib]: Apoorv Agarwal
Teaching the Basics of NLP and ML in an Introductory Course to Information Science

W13-3413 [bib]: Alfio Gliozzo; Or Biran; Siddharth Patwardhan; Kathleen McKeown
Semantic Technologies in IBM Watson

Proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning

W13-35 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3500: Front Matter

W13-3501 [bib]: Min Xiao; Yuhong Guo
Online Active Learning for Cost Sensitive Domain Adaptation

W13-3502 [bib]: Michael Bloodgood; John Grothendieck
Analysis of Stopping Active Learning based on Stabilizing Predictions

W13-3503 [bib]: Om Damani
Improving Pointwise Mutual Information (PMI) by Incorporating Significant Co-occurrence

W13-3504 [bib]: Teemu Ruokolainen; Oskar Kohonen; Sami Virpioja; Mikko Kurimo
Supervised Morphological Segmentation in a Low-Resource Learning Setting using Conditional Random Fields

W13-3505 [bib]: Luheng He; Jennifer Gillenwater; Ben Taskar
Graph-Based Posterior Regularization for Semi-Supervised Structured Prediction

W13-3506 [bib]: Tomoya Iwakura
A Boosted Semi-Markov Perceptron

W13-3507 [bib]: Karl Stratos; Alexander Rush; Shay B. Cohen; Michael Collins
Spectral Learning of Refinement HMMs

W13-3508 [bib]: Kapil Thadani; Kathleen McKeown
Sentence Compression with Joint Structural Inference

W13-3509 [bib]: Aliaksei Severyn; Massimo Nicosia; Alessandro Moschitti
Learning Adaptable Patterns for Passage Reranking

W13-3510 [bib]: Alona Fyshe; Brian Murphy; Partha Talukdar; Tom Mitchell
Documents and Dependencies: an Exploration of Vector Space Models for Semantic Composition

W13-3511 [bib]: Edouard Grave; Guillaume Obozinski; Francis Bach
Hidden Markov tree models for semantic class induction

W13-3512 [bib]: Thang Luong; Richard Socher; Christopher Manning
Better Word Representations with Recursive Neural Networks for Morphology

W13-3513 [bib]: Dimitri Kartsaklis; Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh; Stephen Pulman
Separating Disambiguation from Composition in Distributional Semantics

W13-3514 [bib]: Kazi Saidul Hasan; Vincent Ng
Frame Semantics for Stance Classification

W13-3515 [bib]: Gabor Angeli; Christopher Manning
Philosophers are Mortal: Inferring the Truth of Unseen Facts

W13-3516 [bib]: Sameer Pradhan; Alessandro Moschitti; Nianwen Xue; Hwee Tou Ng; Anders Björkelund; Olga Uryupina; Yuchen Zhang; Zhi Zhong
Towards Robust Linguistic Analysis using OntoNotes

W13-3517 [bib]: Jiaping Zheng; Luke Vilnis; Sameer Singh; Jinho D. Choi; Andrew McCallum
Dynamic Knowledge-Base Alignment for Coreference Resolution

W13-3518 [bib]: Matthew Honnibal; Yoav Goldberg; Mark Johnson
A Non-Monotonic Arc-Eager Transition System for Dependency Parsing

W13-3519 [bib]: Pengyu Wang; Phil Blunsom
Collapsed Variational Bayesian Inference for PCFGs

W13-3520 [bib]: Rami Al-Rfou; Bryan Perozzi; Steven Skiena
Polyglot: Distributed Word Representations for Multilingual NLP

W13-3521 [bib]: Marcos Calvo; Fernando García; Lluís-F. Hurtado; Santiago Jiménez; Emilio Sanchis
Exploiting multiple hypotheses for Multilingual Spoken Language Understanding

W13-3522 [bib]: Wilker Aziz; Lucia Specia
Multilingual WSD-like Constraints for Paraphrase Extraction

W13-3523 [bib]: Xiaodong Liu; Kevin Duh; Yuji Matsumoto
Topic Models + Word Alignment = A Flexible Framework for Extracting Bilingual Dictionary from Comparable Corpus

W13-3524 [bib]: Jürgen Broß; Heiko Ehrig
Terminology Extraction Approaches for Product Aspect Detection in Customer Reviews

W13-3525 [bib]: Libby Barak; Afsaneh Fazly; Suzanne Stevenson
Acquisition of Desires before Beliefs: A Computional Investigation

Proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning: Shared Task

W13-36 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3600: Front Matter

W13-3601 [bib]: Hwee Tou Ng; Siew Mei Wu; Yuanbin Wu; Christian Hadiwinoto; Joel Tetreault
The CoNLL-2013 Shared Task on Grammatical Error Correction

W13-3602 [bib]: Alla Rozovskaya; Kai-Wei Chang; Mark Sammons; Dan Roth
The University of Illinois System in the CoNLL-2013 Shared Task

W13-3603 [bib]: Ting-hui Kao; Yu-wei Chang; Hsun-wen Chiu; Tzu-Hsi Yen; Joanne Boisson; Jian-cheng Wu; Jason S. Chang
CoNLL-2013 Shared Task: Grammatical Error Correction NTHU System Description

W13-3604 [bib]: Ippei Yoshimoto; Tomoya Kose; Kensuke Mitsuzawa; Keisuke Sakaguchi; Tomoya Mizumoto; Yuta Hayashibe; Mamoru Komachi; Yuji Matsumoto
NAIST at 2013 CoNLL Grammatical Error Correction Shared Task

W13-3605 [bib]: Junwen Xing; Longyue Wang; Derek F. Wong; Lidia S. Chao; Xiaodong Zeng
UM-Checker: A Hybrid System for English Grammatical Error Correction

W13-3606 [bib]: Jan Buys; Brink van der Merwe
A Tree Transducer Model for Grammatical Error Correction

W13-3607 [bib]: Zheng Yuan; Mariano Felice
Constrained Grammatical Error Correction using Statistical Machine Translation

W13-3608 [bib]: Gabor Berend; Veronika Vincze; Sina Zarrieß; Richárd Farkas
LFG-based Features for Noun Number and Article Grammatical Errors

W13-3609 [bib]: Dan Flickinger; Jiye Yu
Toward More Precision in Correction of Grammatical Errors

W13-3610 [bib]: Zhongye Jia; Peilu Wang; Hai Zhao
Grammatical Error Correction as Multiclass Classification with Single Model

W13-3611 [bib]: Anoop Kunchukuttan; Ritesh Shah; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
IITB System for CoNLL 2013 Shared Task: A Hybrid Approach to Grammatical Error Correction

W13-3612 [bib]: Desmond Darma Putra; Lili Szabo
UdS at CoNLL 2013 Shared Task

W13-3613 [bib]: Grigori Sidorov; Anubhav Gupta; Martin Tozer; Dolors Catala; Angels Catena; Sandrine Fuentes
Rule-based System for Automatic Grammar Correction Using Syntactic N-grams for English Language Learning (L2)

W13-3614 [bib]: Antal van den Bosch; Peter Berck
Memory-based Grammatical Error Correction

W13-3615 [bib]: L. Amber Wilcox-O’Hearn
A Noisy Channel Model Framework for Grammatical Correction

W13-3616 [bib]: Yang Xiang; Bo Yuan; Yaoyun Zhang; Xiaolong Wang; Wen Zheng; Chongqiang Wei
A Hybrid Model For Grammatical Error Correction

W13-3617 [bib]: Bong-Jun Yi; Ho-Chang Lee; Hae-Chang Rim
KUNLP Grammatical Error Correction System For CoNLL-2013 Shared Task

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (DepLing 2013)

W13-37 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3700: Front Matter

W13-3701 [bib]: Richard Hudson
Invited talk: Dependency Structure and Cognition

W13-3702 [bib]: Aravind K. Joshi
Invited talk: Dependency Representations, Grammars, Folded Structures, among Other Things!

W13-3703 [bib]: Miguel Ballesteros; Simon Mille; Alicia Burga
Exploring Morphosyntactic Annotation over a Spanish Corpus for Dependency Parsing

W13-3704 [bib]: Özlem Çetinoglu; Jonas Kuhn
Towards Joint Morphological Analysis and Dependency Parsing of Turkish

W13-3705 [bib]: Himani Chaudhry; Himanshu Sharma; Dipti Misra Sharma
Divergences in English-Hindi Parallel Dependency Treebanks

W13-3706 [bib]: Xinying Chen
Dependency Network Syntax: From Dependency Treebanks to a Classification of Chinese Function Words

W13-3707 [bib]: Jihye Chun
Verb Cluster, Non-Projectivity, and Syntax-Topology Interface in Korean

W13-3708 [bib]: Silvie Cinková; Martin Holub; Ema Krejčová; Lenka Smejkalová
Rule-Based Extraction of English Verb Collocates from a Dependency-Parsed Corpus

W13-3709 [bib]: Eugeniu Costetchi
A Method to Generate Simplified Systemic Functional Parses from Dependency Parses

W13-3710 [bib]: Eva M. Duran Eppler
Dependency Distance and Bilingual Language Use: Evidence from German/English and Chinese/English Data

W13-3711 [bib]: Kim Gerdes
Collaborative Dependency Annotation

W13-3712 [bib]: Petr Homola; Matt Coler
Pragmatic Structures in Aymara

W13-3713 [bib]: Samar Husain; Rajesh Bhatt; Shravan Vasishth
Towards a Psycholinguistically Motivated Dependency Grammar for Hindi

W13-3714 [bib]: András Imrényi
The Syntax of Hungarian Auxiliaries: A Dependency Grammar Account

W13-3715 [bib]: Pavlína Jínová; Lucie Poláková; Jiří Mírovský
Subordinators with Elaborative Meanings in Czech and English

W13-3716 [bib]: Sylvain Kahane
Predicative Adjunction in a Modular Dependency Grammar

W13-3717 [bib]: Václava Kettnerová; Markéta Lopatková
The Representation of Czech Light Verb Constructions in a Valency Lexicon

W13-3718 [bib]: Amba Kulkarni
A Deterministic Dependency Parser with Dynamic Programming for Sanskrit

W13-3719 [bib]: Maxime Lefrançois; Fabien Gandon
Reasoning with Dependency Structures and Lexicographic Definitions Using Unit Graphs

W13-3720 [bib]: Francesco Mambrini; Marco Passarotti
Non-Projectivity in the Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank

W13-3721 [bib]: Marie-Catherine de Marneffe; Miriam Connor; Natalia Silveira; Samuel R. Bowman; Timothy Dozat; Christopher D. Manning
More Constructions, More Genres: Extending Stanford Dependencies

W13-3722 [bib]: Dan Maxwell
Why So Many Nodes?

W13-3723 [bib]: Nicolas Mazziotta
Grammatical Markers and Grammatical Relations in the Simple Clause in Old French

W13-3724 [bib]: Simon Mille; Alicia Burga; Leo Wanner
AnCora-UPF: A Multi-Level Annotation of Spanish

W13-3725 [bib]: Debanka Nandi; Maaz Nomani; Himanshu Sharma; Himani Chaudhary; Sambhav Jain; Dipti Misra Sharma
Towards Building Parallel Dependency Treebanks: Intra-Chunk Expansion and Alignment for English Dependency Treebank

W13-3726 [bib]: Anna Nedoluzhko; Jiří Mírovský
Annotators' Certainty and Disagreements in Coreference and Bridging Annotation in Prague Dependency Treebank

W13-3727 [bib]: Anna Nedoluzhko; Jiří Mírovský
How Dependency Trees and Tectogrammatics Help Annotating Coreference and Bridging Relations in Prague Dependency Treebank

W13-3728 [bib]: Jenna Nyblom; Samuel Kohonen; Katri Haverinen; Tapio Salakoski; Filip Ginter
Predicting Conjunct Propagation and Other Extended Stanford Dependencies

W13-3729 [bib]: Timothy Osborne
A Look at Tesnière's Éléments through the Lens of Modern Syntactic Theory

W13-3730 [bib]: Timothy Osborne
The Distribution of Floating Quantifiers: A Dependency Grammar Analysis

W13-3731 [bib]: Manuela Sanguinetti; Cristina Bosco; Leonardo Lesmo
Dependency and Constituency in Translation Shift Analysis

W13-3732 [bib]: Milan Souček; Timo Järvinen; Adam LaMontagne
Managing a Multilingual Treebank Project

W13-3733 [bib]: Anders Søgaard
An Empirical Study of Differences between Conversion Schemes and Annotation Guidelines

Proceedings of the Joint Symposium on Semantic Processing. Textual Inference and Structures in Corpora

W13-38: Entire volume

W13-3800: Front Matter

W13-3801: Eneko Agirre
Text Understanding using Knowledge-Bases and Random Walks

W13-3802: Johan Bos
The Groningen Meaning Bank

W13-3803: Philipp Cimiano
Ontology Lexicalization as a core task in a language-enhanced Semantic Web

W13-3804: Peter Clark
From Textual Entailment to Knowledgeable Machines

W13-3805: Ido Dagan; Bernardo Magnini
Entailment graphs for text exploration

W13-3806: Mona Diab
Semantic Textual Similarity: past present and future

W13-3807: Patrick Hanks
Corpus-driven Lexical Analysis: Norms and Exploitations in Word Use

W13-3808: Elisabetta Jezek
Sweetening Ontologies cont'd

W13-3809: Mirella Lapata
Unsupervised Relation Extraction with General Domain Knowledge

W13-3810: Günter Neumann; Sebastian Padó
Design and Realization of the EXCITEMENT Open Platform for Textual Entailment

W13-3811: Octavian Popescu
Regular Patterns - Probably Approximately Correct Language Model

W13-3812: Dan Roth
Computational Frameworks for Supporting Textual Inference

W13-3813: Sabine Schulte in Walde
Potential and limits of distributional approaches for semantic relatedness

W13-3814: Paolo Annesi; Danilo Croce; Roberto Basili
Towards Compositional Tree Kernels

W13-3815: Elena Cabrio; Serena Villata
Detecting Bipolar Semantic Relations among Natural Language Arguments with Textual Entailment: a Study.

W13-3816: Tommaso Caselli; Carlo Strapparava; Laure Vieu; Guido Vetere
Aligning Verb Senses in Two Italian Lexical Semantic Resources

W13-3817: Ekaterina Ovchinnikova; Andrew Gordon; Jerry Hobbs
Abduction for Discourse Interpretation: A Probabilistic Framework

W13-3818: Nai-Lung Tsao; David Wible
Word similarity using constructions as contextual features

W13-3819: Amal Alshahrani; Allan Ramsay
Inference for Natural Language

W13-3820 [revisions: v2]: Emanuele Bastianelli; Giuseppe Castellucci; Danilo Croce; Roberto Basili
Textual Inference and Meaning Representation in Human Robot Interaction

W13-3821: Jane Bradbury; Ismaïl El Maarouf
An empirical classification of verbs based on Semantic Types: the case of the 'poison' verbs.

W13-3822: Matthew Capetola
Quantifiers: Experimenting with Higher-Order Meaning in Distributional Semantic Space

W13-3823: Anca Dinu; Alina Ciobanu
Alternative measures of word relatedness in distributional semantics

W13-3824: Lorenzo Ferrone; Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
Linear Compositional Distributional Semantics and Structural Kernels

W13-3825: Florentina Hristea
On a Dependency-based Semantic Space for Unsupervised Noun Sense Disambiguation with an Underlying Naïve Bayes Model

W13-3826: Ismaïl El Maarouf; Vít Baisa
Automatic classification of semantic patterns from the Pattern Dictionary of English Verbs

W13-3827: Michael Marlen; David Gustafson
Extending the Semantics in Natural Language Understanding

W13-3828: Márton Miháltz; Bálint Sass
What Do We Drink? Automatically Extending Hungarian WordNet With Selectional Preference Relations

W13-3829: Vlad Niculae
Comparison pattern matching and creative simile recognition

W13-3830: Vlad Niculae; Octavian Popescu
Determining is-a relationships for Textual Entailment

Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

W13-39 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-3900: Front Matter

W13-3901 [bib]: Mark Hawley
SLPAT in practice: lessons from translational research

W13-3902 [bib]: Ryo Aihara; Tetsuya Takiguchi; Yasuo Ariki
Individuality-Preserving Voice Conversion for Articulation Disorders Using Locality-Constrained NMF

W13-3903 [bib]: Frédéric Aman; Michel Vacher; Solange Rossato; François Portet
Analyzing the Performance of Automatic Speech Recognition for Ageing Voice: Does it Correlate with Dependency Level?

W13-3904 [bib]: Chitralekha Bhat; Imran Ahmed; Vikram Saxena; Sunil Kumar Kopparapu
Visual Subtitles for Internet Videos

W13-3905 [bib]: Lize Broekx; Katrien Dreesen; Jort Florent Gemmeke; Hugo Van Hamme
Comparing and combining classifiers for self-taught vocal interfaces

W13-3906 [bib]: Heidi Christensen; Iñigo Casanueva; Stuart Cunningham; Phil Green; Thomas Hain
homeService: Voice-enabled assistive technology in the home using cloud-based automatic speech recognition

W13-3907 [bib]: Hanne Deprez; Emre Yilmaz; Stefan Lievens; Hugo Van Hamme
Automating speech reception threshold measurements using automatic speech recognition

W13-3908 [bib]: Jens Forster; Oscar Koller; Christian Oberdörfer; Yannick Gweth; Hermann Ney
Improving Continuous Sign Language Recognition: Speech Recognition Techniques and System Design

W13-3909 [bib]: Kathleen Fraser; Frank Rudzicz; Naida Graham; Elizabeth Rochon
Automatic speech recognition in the diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia

W13-3910 [bib]: Foad Hamidi; Melanie Baljko
Automatic Speech Recognition: A Shifted Role in Early Speech Intervention?

W13-3911 [bib]: William Li; Don Fredette; Alexander Burnham; Bob Lamoureux; Marva Serotkin; Seth Teller
Making Speech-Based Assistive Technology Work for a Real User

W13-3912 [bib]: William Li; Jim Glass; Nicholas Roy; Seth Teller
Probabilistic Dialogue Modeling for Speech-Enabled Assistive Technology

W13-3913 [bib]: Bart Ons; Netsanet Tessema; Janneke van de Loo; Jort Gemmeke; Guy De Pauw; Walter Daelemans; Hugo Van Hamme
A Self Learning Vocal Interface for Speech-impaired Users

W13-3914 [bib]: Milan Rusko; Marian Trnka; Sakhia Darjaa; Juraj Hamar
The dramatic piece reader for the blind and visually impaired

W13-3915 [bib]: Ken Sadohara; Hiroaki Kojima; Takuya Narita; Misato Nihei; Minoru Kamata; Shinichi Onaka; Yoshihiro Fujita; Takenobu Inoue
Sub-lexical Dialogue Act Classification in a Spoken Dialogue System Support for the Elderly with Cognitive Disabilities

W13-3916 [bib]: Michel Vacher; Benjamin Lecouteux; Dan Istrate; Thierry Joubert; François Portet; Mohamed Sehili; Pedro Chahuara
Experimental Evaluation of Speech Recognition Technologies for Voice-based Home Automation Control in a Smart Home

W13-3917 [bib]: Christophe Veaux; Junichi Yamagishi; Simon King
Towards Personalised Synthesised Voices for Individuals with Vocal Disabilities: Voice Banking and Reconstruction

W13-3918 [bib]: Lode Vuegen; Bert Van Den Broeck; Peter Karsmakers; Hugo Van Hamme; Bart Vanrumste
Automatic Monitoring of Activities of Daily Living based on Real-life Acoustic Sensor Data: a~preliminary study

W13-3919 [bib]: Jun Wang; Arvind Balasubramanian; Luis Mojica de La Vega; Jordan R. Green; Ashok Samal; Balakrishnan Prabhakaran
Word Recognition from Continuous Articulatory Movement Time-series Data using Symbolic Representations

W13-3920 [bib]: Toshiya Yoshioka; Tetsuya Takiguchi; Yasuo Ariki
Robust Feature Extraction to Utterance Fluctuation of Articulation Disorders Based on Random Projection

Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2013 Conference

W13-40 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4000: Front Matter

W13-4001 [bib]: Bonnie Webber
Discourse Relations, Discourse Structure, Discourse Semantics

W13-4002 [bib]: Antoine Venant; Nicholas Asher; Philippe Muller; Pascal Denis; Stergos Afantenos
Expressivity and comparison of models of discourse structure

W13-4003 [bib]: Alejandra Lorenzo; Lina Rojas-Barahona; Christophe Cerisara
Unsupervised structured semantic inference for spoken dialog reservation tasks

W13-4004 [bib]: Mehwish Riaz; Roxana Girju
Toward a Better Understanding of Causality between Verbal Events: Extraction and Analysis of the Causal Power of Verb-Verb Associations

W13-4005 [bib]: Brian McMahan; Matthew Stone
Training an integrated sentence planner on user dialogue

W13-4006 [bib]: Amita Misra; Marilyn Walker
Topic Independent Identification of Agreement and Disagreement in Social Media Dialogue

W13-4007 [bib]: Zhou Yu; David Gerritsen; Amy Ogan; Alan Black; Justine Cassell
Automatic Prediction of Friendship via Multi-model Dyadic Features

W13-4008 [bib]: Sarvesh Ranade; Rajeev Sangal; Radhika Mamidi
Stance Classification in Online Debates by Recognizing Users' Intentions

W13-4009 [bib]: Tsugumi Otsuka; Kazunori Komatani; Satoshi Sato; Mikio Nakano
Generating More Specific Questions for Acquiring Attributes of Unknown Concepts from Users

W13-4010 [bib]: Changsong Liu; Rui Fang; Lanbo She; Joyce Chai
Modeling Collaborative Referring for Situated Referential Grounding

W13-4011 [bib]: Laurent Prévot; Brigitte Bigi; Roxane Bertrand
A quantitative view of feedback lexical markers in conversational French

W13-4012 [bib]: Paula Cardoso; Maite Taboada; Thiago Pardo
On the contribution of discourse structure to topic segmentation

W13-4013 [bib]: Layla El Asri; Romain Laroche
Will my Spoken Dialogue System be a Slow Learner ?

W13-4014 [bib]: Lucie Daubigney; Matthieu Geist; Olivier Pietquin
Model-free POMDP optimisation of tutoring systems with echo-state networks

W13-4015 [bib]: Nigel Ward; Karen Richart-Ruiz
Patterns of Importance Variation in Spoken Dialog

W13-4016 [bib]: Kallirroi Georgila
Reinforcement Learning of Two-Issue Negotiation Dialogue Policies

W13-4017 [bib]: Maryam Tavafi; Yashar Mehdad; Shafiq Joty; Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng
Dialogue Act Recognition in Synchronous and Asynchronous Conversations

W13-4018 [bib]: Stefan Ultes; Wolfgang Minker
Improving Interaction Quality Recognition Using Error Correction

W13-4019 [bib]: Stefan Radomski; Dirk Schnelle-Walka; Stephan Radeck-Arneth
A Prolog Datamodel for State Chart XML

W13-4020 [bib]: Eli Pincus; Svetlana Stoyanchev; Julia Hirschberg
Exploring Features For Localized Detection of Speech Recognition Errors

W13-4021 [bib]: Svetlana Stoyanchev; Alex Liu; Julia Hirschberg
Modelling Human Clarification Strategies

W13-4022 [bib]: Rohit Kumar; Matthew Roy; Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan; Sanjika Hewavitharana; Frederick Choi
Interactive Error Resolution Strategies for Speech-to-Speech Translation Systems

W13-4023 [bib]: Rafael E. Banchs; Ridong Jiang; Seokhwan Kim; Arthur Niswar; Kheng Hui Yeo
AIDA: Artificial Intelligent Dialogue Agent

W13-4024 [bib]: Candace Sidner; Timothy Bickmore; Charles Rich; Barbara Barry; Lazlo Ring; Morteza Behrooz; Mohammad Shayganfar
Demonstration of an Always-On Companion for Isolated Older Adults

W13-4025 [bib]: Srinivasan Janarthanam; Oliver Lemon; Xingkun Liu; Phil Bartie; William Mackaness; Tiphaine Dalmas
A Multithreaded Conversational Interface for Pedestrian Navigation and Question Answering

W13-4026 [bib]: Helen Hastie; Marie-Aude Aufaure; Panos Alexopoulos; Heriberto Cuayáhuitl; Nina Dethlefs; Milica Gasic; James Henderson; Oliver Lemon; Xingkun Liu; Peter Mika; Nesrine Ben Mustapha; Verena Rieser; Blaise Thomson; Pirros Tsiakoulis; Yves Vanrompay
Demonstration of the PARLANCE system: a data-driven incremental, spoken dialogue system for interactive search

W13-4027 [bib]: Pierrick Milhorat; Stephan Schlögl; Gérard Chollet; Jérôme Boudy
Multi-step Natural Language Understanding

W13-4028 [bib]: Stephan Schlögl; Saturnino Luz; Gavin Doherty
WebWOZ: A Platform for Designing and Conducting Web-based Wizard of Oz Experiments

W13-4029 [bib]: Gabriel Skantze; Anna Hjalmarsson; Catharine Oertel
Exploring the effects of gaze and pauses in situated human-robot interaction

W13-4030 [bib]: Casey Kennington; Spyros Kousidis; David Schlangen
Interpreting Situated Dialogue Utterances: an Update Model that Uses Speech, Gaze, and Gesture Information

W13-4031 [bib]: Lin Chen; Barbara Di Eugenio
Multimodality and Dialogue Act Classification in the RoboHelper Project

W13-4032 [bib]: David DeVault; Kallirroi Georgila; Ron Artstein; Fabrizio Morbini; David Traum; Stefan Scherer; Albert (Skip) Rizzo; Louis-Philippe Morency
Verbal indicators of psychological distress in interactive dialogue with a virtual human

W13-4033 [bib]: Jerome Bellegarda
Spoken Language Understanding for Natural Interaction

W13-4034 [bib]: Eun Ha; Christopher Mitchell; Kristy Boyer; James Lester
Learning Dialogue Management Models for Task-Oriented Dialogue with Parallel Dialogue and Task Streams

W13-4035 [bib]: Milica Gasic; Catherine Breslin; Matthew Henderson; Dongho Kim; Martin Szummer; Blaise Thomson; Pirros Tsiakoulis; Steve Young
POMDP-based dialogue manager adaptation to extended domains

W13-4036 [bib]: Simon Keizer; Mary Ellen Foster; Oliver Lemon; Andre Gaschler; Manuel Giuliani
Training and evaluation of an MDP model for social multi-user human-robot interaction

W13-4037 [bib]: Hansjörg Hofmann; Ute Ehrlich; André Berton; Angela Mahr; Rafael Math; Christian Müller
Evaluation of Speech Dialog Strategies for Internet Applications in the Car

W13-4038 [bib]: Aasish Pappu; Alexander Rudnicky
Predicting Tasks in Goal-Oriented Spoken Dialog Systems using Semantic Knowledge Bases

W13-4039 [bib]: Sudeep Gandhe; David Traum
Surface Text based Dialogue Models for Virtual Humans

W13-4040 [bib]: Oliver Niebuhr; Karin Görs; Evelin Graupe
Speech Reduction, Intensity, and F0 Shape are Cues to Turn-Taking

W13-4041 [bib]: Thies Pfeiffer; Florian Hofmann; Florian Hahn; Hannes Rieser; Insa Röpke
Gesture Semantics Reconstruction Based on Motion Capturing and Complex Event Processing: a Circular Shape Example

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Open-ended, Extensible System Utterances Are Preferred, Even If They Require Filled Pauses

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A Four-Participant Group Facilitation Framework for Conversational Robots

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Tacit Social Contracts for Wheelchairs

W13-4045 [bib]: Emer Gilmartin; Francesca Bonin; Carl Vogel; Nick Campbell
Laugher and Topic Transition in Multiparty Conversation

W13-4046 [bib]: Liliana Mamani Sanchez; Carl Vogel
IMHO: An Exploratory Study of Hedging in Web Forums

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Impact of ASR N-Best Information on Bayesian Dialogue Act Recognition

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Investigating speaker gaze and pointing behaviour in human-computer interaction with the collection

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In-Context Evaluation of Unsupervised Dialogue Act Models for Tutorial Dialogue

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Spoken Dialog Systems for Automated Survey Interviewing

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Open-domain Utterance Generation for Conversational Dialogue Systems using Web-scale Dependency Structures

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Evaluating State Representations for Reinforcement Learning of Turn-Taking Policies in Tutorial Dialogue

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A Semi-supervised Approach for Natural Language Call Routing

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Counseling Dialog System with 5W1H Extraction

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Integration and test environment for an in-vehicle dialogue system in the SIMSI project

W13-4056 [bib]: Claire Gardent; Alejandra Lorenzo; Laura Perez-Beltrachini; Lina Rojas-Barahona
Weakly and Strongly Constrained Dialogues for Language Learning

W13-4057 [bib]: Kristiina Jokinen; Graham Wilcock
Open-Domain Information Access with Talking Robots

W13-4058 [bib]: Shweta Bhargava; Srinivasan Janarthanam; Helen Hastie; Amol Deshmukh; Ruth Aylett; Lee Corrigan; Ginevra Castellano
Demonstration of the EmoteWizard of Oz Interface for Empathic Robotic Tutors

W13-4059 [bib]: Raveesh Meena; Gabriel Skantze; Joakim Gustafson
The Map Task Dialogue System: A Test-bed for Modelling Human-Like Dialogue

W13-4060 [bib]: Takashi Yamauchi; Mikio Nakano; Kotaro Funakoshi
A Robotic Agent in a Virtual Environment that Performs Situated Incremental Understanding of Navigational Utterances

W13-4061 [bib]: Eric Forbell; Nicolai Kalisch; Fabrizio Morbini; Kelly Christoffersen; Kenji Sagae; David Traum; Albert A. Rizzo
Roundtable: An Online Framework for Building Web-based Conversational Agents

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A Data-driven Model for Timing Feedback in a Map Task Dialogue System

W13-4063 [bib]: Ethan Selfridge; Iker Arizmendi; Peter Heeman; Jason Williams
Continuously Predicting and Processing Barge-in During a Live Spoken Dialogue Task

W13-4064 [bib]: Fabrizio Morbini; Kartik Audhkhasi; Kenji Sagae; Ron Artstein; Dogan Can; Panayiotis Georgiou; Shri Narayanan; Anton Leuski; David Traum
Which ASR should I choose for my dialogue system?

W13-4065 [bib]: Jason Williams; Antoine Raux; Deepak Ramachandran; Alan Black
The Dialog State Tracking Challenge

W13-4066 [bib]: Sungjin Lee; Maxine Eskenazi
Recipe For Building Robust Spoken Dialog State Trackers: Dialog State Tracking Challenge System Description

W13-4067 [bib]: Zhuoran Wang; Oliver Lemon
A Simple and Generic Belief Tracking Mechanism for the Dialog State Tracking Challenge: On the believability of observed information

W13-4068 [bib]: Jason Williams
Multi-domain learning and generalization in dialog state tracking

W13-4069 [bib]: Sungjin Lee
Structured Discriminative Model For Dialog State Tracking

W13-4070 [bib]: Lukas Zilka; David Marek; Matej Korvas; Filip Jurcicek
Comparison of Bayesian Discriminative and Generative Models for Dialogue State Tracking

W13-4071 [bib]: Hang Ren; Weiqun Xu; Yan Zhang; Yonghong Yan
Dialog State Tracking using Conditional Random Fields

W13-4072 [bib]: Daejoong Kim; Jaedeug Choi Choi; Kee-Eung Kim; Jungsu Lee; Jinho Sohn
Engineering Statistical Dialog State Trackers: A Case Study on DSTC

W13-4073 [bib]: Matthew Henderson; Blaise Thomson; Steve Young
Deep Neural Network Approach for the Dialog State Tracking Challenge

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology

W13-41 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4100: Front Matter

W13-4101 [bib]: Kateřina Veselovská; Jan Hajič, jr.
Why Words Alone Are Not Enough: Error Analysis of Lexicon-based Polarity Classifier for Czech

W13-4102 [bib]: Yasuhide Miura; Keigo Hattori; Tomoko Ohkuma; Hiroshi Masuichi
Topic Modeling with Sentiment Clues and Relaxed Labeling Schema

W13-4103 [bib]: Nataliya Panasenko; Andrej Trnka; Dana Petranová; Slavomír Magál
Bilingual analysis of LOVE and HATRED emotional markers (SPSS-based approach)

W13-4104 [bib]: Braja Gopal Patra; Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Automatic Music Mood Classification of Hindi Songs

Proceedings of the IJCNLP 2013 Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media (SocialNLP)

W13-42 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4200: Front Matter

W13-4201 [bib]: Wen-Tai Hsieh; Seng-cho T. Chou; Yu-Hsuan Cheng; Chen-Ming Wu
Predicting TV Audience Rating with Social Media

W13-4202 [bib]: Choochart Haruechaiyasak; Alisa Kongthon; Pornpimon Palingoon; Kanokorn Trakultaweekoon
S-Sense: A Sentiment Analysis Framework for Social Media Sensing

W13-4203 [bib]: Ting-Hao Huang
Social Metaphor Detection via Topical Analysis

W13-4204 [bib]: Ravi Arunachalam; Sandipan Sarkar
The New Eye of Government: Citizen Sentiment Analysis in Social Media

W13-4205 [bib]: Yi-Ching Zeng; Shih-Hung Wu
Modeling the Helpful Opinion Mining of Online Consumer Reviews as a Classification Problem

W13-4206 [bib]: Imran Latif; Syed Waqar Jaffry
Trust Evaluation Mechanisms for Wikipedia

Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Asian Language Resources

W13-43 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4300: Front Matter

W13-4301 [bib]: Quoc Hung Ngo; Werner Winiwarter; Bartholomäus Wloka
EVBCorpus - A Multi-Layer English-Vietnamese Bilingual Corpus for Studying Tasks in Comparative Linguistics

W13-4302 [bib]: Shan Wang; Francis Bond
Building the Chinese Open Wordnet (COW): Starting from Core Synsets

W13-4303 [bib]: Koh Mitsuda; Ryu Iida; Takenobu Tokunaga
Detecting Missing Annotation Disagreement using Eye Gaze Information

W13-4304 [bib]: Janna Lipenkova
Valence alternations and marking structures in a HPSG grammar for Mandarin Chinese

W13-4305 [bib]: Anup Kolya; Santanu Pal; Asif Ekbal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Event and Event Actor Alignment in Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation

W13-4306 [bib]: Namita Mittal; Basant Agarwal; Garvit Chouhan; Nitin Bania; Prateek Pareek
Sentiment Analysis of Hindi Reviews based on Negation and Discourse Relation

W13-4307 [bib]: Billy T.M. Wong; Sophia Y.M. Lee
Annotating Legitimate Disagreement in Corpus Construction

W13-4308 [bib]: Jisha P Jayan; Rajeev R R; Elizabeth Sherly
A Hybrid Statistical Approach for Named Entity Recognition for Malayalam Language

W13-4309 [bib]: Niladri Sekhar Dash; Mazhar Mehdi Hussain
Designing a Generic Scheme for Etymological Annotation: a New Type of Language Corpora Annotation

W13-4310 [bib]: Vaibhav Agarwal; Parteek Kumar
UNL-ization of Punjabi with IAN

Proceedings of the Seventh SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing

W13-44 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4400: Front Matter

W13-4401 [bib]: Keh-Jiann Chen
Keynote Speech: Lexical Semantics of Chinese Language

W13-4402 [bib]: Pierre Magistry; Benoît Sagot
Can MDL Improve Unsupervised Chinese Word Segmentation?

W13-4403 [bib]: Xiangli Wang; Yi Zhang; Yusuke Miyao; Takuya Matsuzaki; Junichi Tsujii
Deep Context-Free Grammar for Chinese with Broad-Coverage

W13-4404 [bib]: Shu-Ling Huang; Yu-Ming Hsieh; Su-Chu Lin; Keh-Jiann Chen
Lexical Representation and Classification of Eventive Verbs - Polarity and Interaction between Process and State

W13-4405 [bib]: Jui-Feng Yeh; Yuan-Cheng Chu
Response Generation Based on Hierarchical Semantic Structure with POMDP Re-ranking for Conversational Dialogue Systems

W13-4406 [bib]: Shih-Hung Wu; Chao-Lin Liu; Lung-Hao Lee
Chinese Spelling Check Evaluation at SIGHAN Bake-off 2013

W13-4407 [bib]: Jui-Feng Yeh; Sheng-Feng Li; Mei-Rong Wu; Wen-Yi Chen; Mao-Chuan Su
Chinese Word Spelling Correction Based on N-gram Ranked Inverted Index List

W13-4408 [bib]: Hsun-wen Chiu; Jian-cheng Wu; Jason S. Chang
Chinese Spelling Checker Based on Statistical Machine Translation

W13-4409 [bib]: Xiaodong Liu; Kevin Cheng; Yanyan Luo; Kevin Duh; Yuji Matsumoto
A Hybrid Chinese Spelling Correction Using Language Model and Statistical Machine Translation with Reranking

W13-4410 [bib]: Yu-Ming Hsieh; Ming-Hong Bai; Keh-JIann Chen
Introduction to CKIP Chinese Spelling Check System for SIGHAN Bakeoff 2013 Evaluation

W13-4411 [bib]: Chun-Hung Wang; Jason S. Chang; Jian-Cheng Wu
Automatic Chinese Confusion Words Extraction Using Conditional Random Fields and the Web

W13-4412 [bib]: Yih-Ru Wang; Yuan-Fu Liao; Yeh-Kuang Wu; Liang-Chun Chang
Conditional Random Field-based Parser and Language Model for Tradi-tional Chinese Spelling Checker

W13-4413 [bib]: Dongxu Han; Baobao Chang
A Maximum Entropy Approach to Chinese Spelling Check

W13-4414 [bib]: Kuan-Yu Chen; Hung-Shin Lee; Chung-Han Lee; Hsin-Min Wang; Hsin-Hsi Chen
A Study of Language Modeling for Chinese Spelling Check

W13-4415 [bib]: Yu He; Guohong Fu
Description of HLJU Chinese Spelling Checker for SIGHAN Bakeoff 2013

W13-4416 [bib]: Zhongye Jia; Peilu Wang; Hai Zhao
Graph Model for Chinese Spell Checking

W13-4417 [bib]: Ting-Hao Yang; Yu-Lun Hsieh; Yu-Hsuan Chen; Michael Tsang; Cheng-Wei Shih; Wen-lian Hsu
Sinica-IASL Chinese spelling check system at Sighan-7

W13-4418 [bib]: Tao-Hsing Chang; Hsueh-Chih Chen; Yuen-Hsien Tseng; Jian-Liang Zheng
Automatic Detection and Correction for Chinese Misspelled Words Using Phonological and Orthographic Similarities

W13-4419 [bib]: Chuan-Jie Lin; Wei-Cheng Chu
NTOU Chinese Spelling Check System in SIGHAN Bake-off 2013

W13-4420 [bib]: Liang-Chih Yu; Chao-Hong Liu; Chung-Hsien Wu
Candidate Scoring Using Web-Based Measure for Chinese Spelling Error Correction

Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Processing and Crisis Information 2013

W13-45 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4500: Front Matter

W13-4501 [bib]: Bella Robinson; Robert Power; Mark Cameron
An Evidence Based Earthquake Detector using Twitter

W13-4502 [bib]: Yotaro Watanabe; Kentaro Inui; Shingo Suzuki; Hiroko Koumoto; Mitsuhiro Higashida; Yuji Maeda; Katsumi Iwatsuki
Computer-assisted Structuring of Emergency Management Information: A Project Note

W13-4503 [bib]: Shin Aida; Yasutaka Shindo; Masao Utiyama
Rescue Activity for the Great East Japan Earthquake Based on a Website that Extracts Rescue Requests from the Net

W13-4504 [bib]: Graham Neubig; Shinsuke Mori; Masahiro Mizukami
A Framework and Tool for Collaborative Extraction of Reliable Information

W13-4505 [bib]: Naoaki Okazaki; Keita Nabeshima; Kento Watanabe; Junta Mizuno; Kentaro Inui
Extracting and Aggregating False Information from Microblogs

W13-4506 [bib]: Yusuke Hara
Returning-Home Analysis in Tokyo Metropolitan Area at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake using Twitter Data

W13-4507 [bib]: Ralph Vincent Regalado; Michael Benedict Haw; Matthew Alexis Martinez; Lowie Santiaguel; Patrick Lawrence Tamayo
BahaBa: A Route Generator System for Mobile Devices

The First Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Medical and Healthcare Fields

W13-46 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4600: Front Matter

W13-4601 [bib]: Yasuhide Miura; Tomoko Ohkuma; Hiroshi Masuichi; Emiko Yamada Shinohara; Eiji Aramaki; Kazuhiko Ohe
Incorporating Knowledge Resources to Enhance Medical Information Extraction

W13-4602 [bib]: Takashi Okumura; Eiji Aramaki; Yuka Tateisi
Clinical Vocabulary and Clinical Finding Concepts in Medical Literature

W13-4603 [bib]: Shohei Higashiyama; Kazuhiro Seki; Kuniaki Uehara
Developing ML-based Systems to Extract Medical Information from Japanese Medical History Summaries

W13-4604 [bib]: Graham Neubig; Sakriani Sakti; Tomoki Toda; Satoshi Nakamura; Yuji Matsumoto; Ryosuke Isotani; Yukichi Ikeda
Towards High-Reliability Speech Translation in the Medical Domain

W13-4605 [bib]: Shuj Kaneko; Nobuyuki Fujita; Hiroshi Ohtake
Finding Every Medical Terms by Life Science Dictionary for MedNLP

W13-4606 [bib]: Wailok Tam; Koiti Hasida; Yusuke Matsubara; Eiji Aramaki; Mai Miyabe; Motoyuki Takaai; Hirosi Uozaki
Proper and Efficient Treatment of Anaphora and Long-Distance Dependency in Context-Free Grammar: An Experiment with Medical Text

W13-4607 [bib]: Osamu Imaichi; Toshihiko Yanase; Yoshiki Niwa
A Comparison of Rule-Based and Machine Learning Methods for Medical Information Extraction

W13-4608 [bib]: Naoto Kume; Kazuya Okamoto; Tomohiro Kuroda; Hiroyuki Yoshihara
The Electronic Health Record as a Clinical Study Information Hub

Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on South and Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing

W13-47 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4700: Front Matter

W13-4701 [bib]: Sarah Samson Juan; Laurent Besacier
Fast Bootstrapping of Grapheme to Phoneme System for Under-resourced Languages - Application to the Iban Language

W13-4702 [bib]: Choochart Haruechaiyasak; Alisa Kongthon
LexToPlus: A Thai Lexeme Tokenization and Normalization Tool

W13-4703 [bib]: Mahsa Mohaghegh; Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh; Mehdi Mohammadi
A Three-Layer Architecture for Automatic Post Editing System Using Rule-Based Paradigm

W13-4704 [bib]: Suma Bhat
Statistical Stemming for Kannada

W13-4705 [bib]: Sandipan Sarkar; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
On Application of Conditional Random Field in Stemming of Bengali Natural Language Text

W13-4706 [bib]: M. G. Abbas Malik; Christian Boitet; Laurent Besacier; Pushpak Bhattcharyya
Urdu Hindi Machine Transliteration using SMT

W13-4707 [bib]: Saadat Iqbal; Muhammad Waqas Anwar; Usama Ijaz Bajwa; Zobia Rehman
Urdu Spell Checking: Reverse Edit Distance Approach

W13-4708 [bib]: Abdul Rauf Saeed; Syed Waqar Jaffry
Information Mining from Islamic Scriptures

W13-4709 [bib]: Nadeem Khan; Muhammad Waqas Anwar; Usama Ijaz Bajwa; Nadir Durrani
English to Urdu Hierarchical Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation

W13-4710 [bib]: Azizud Din
Cliticization and Endoclitics Generation of Pashto Language

W13-4711 [bib]: Sobha Lalitha Devi; Lakshmi S
Malayalam Clause Boundary Identifier: Annotation and Evaluation

Proceedings of the 9th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology

W13-4800: Front Matter

W13-4801: Alexandre Rossi Alvares; Norton Trevisan Roman
AgreeCalc: Uma Ferramenta para Análise da Concordância entre Múltiplos Anotadores (AgreeCalc: A Tool for the Analysis of Agreement Between Multiple Annotators) [in Portuguese]

W13-4802: Tiago Emanuel Infante Missão; Norton Trevisan Roman
MetaAnn: Um Gerador de Ferramentas para Anotação de Textos (MetaAnn: a Generator of Text Annotation Tools) [in Portuguese]

W13-4803: William D. Colen M. Silva; Marcelo Finger
Improving CoGrOO: the Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Checker

W13-4804: Vinícius M. A. de Souza; Valéria D. Feltrim
Uma Investigação sobre Algoritmos de Diferentes Abordagens de Aprendizado Supervisionado na Classificação de Papéis Retóricos em Resumos Científicos (Investigating Algorithms from Different Approaches of Supervised Learning for the Classification of Rhetorical Roles in Scientific Abstracts) [in Portuguese]

W13-4805: Thaís Domênica Minghelli; Anderson Bertoldi; Rove Chishman
O Subframe Sentença no Complexo Frame Processo de Conhecimento no Direito Processual Civil (The Sentencing Subframe in the Complex Knowledge Process Frame in the Civil Procedural Law) [in Portuguese]

W13-4806: Paula C. F. Cardoso; Maite Taboada; Thiago A. S. Pardo
Subtopic Annotation in a Corpus of News Texts: Steps Towards Automatic Subtopic Segmentation

W13-4807: Daniela O. F. do Amaral; Renata Vieira
O Reconhecimento de Entidades Nomeadas por meio de Conditional Random Fields para a Língua Portuguesa (Named Entity Recognition with Conditional Random Fields for the Portuguese Language) [in Portuguese]

W13-4808: Alison R. P. Freitas; Valéria D. Feltrim
Análise Automática de Coerência Usando o Modelo Grade de Entidades para o Português (Automatic Coherence Analysis Using the Entity-grid Model for Portuguese) [in Portuguese]

W13-4809: Lucelene Lopes; Renata Vieira
Aplicando Pontos de Corte para Listas de Termos Extraídos (Applying Cut-off Points to Lists of Extracted Terms) [in Portuguese]

W13-4810: Diego dos Santos Silva; Ivandré Paraboni
Geração de Expressões de Referência usando Relações Espaciais (Referring Expression Generation Using Spatial Relations) [in Portuguese]

W13-4811: Erick Rocha Fonseca; João Luís G. Rosa
Mac-Morpho Revisited: Towards Robust Part-of-Speech Tagging

W13-4812: Willian Rocha; Nelson Neto
Implementação de um Separador Silábico Gratuito Baseado em Regras Linguísticas para o Português Brasileiro (The Implementation of a Free Syllabification Algorithm Based on Linguistic Rules for Brazilian Portuguese) [in Portuguese]

W13-4813: Gustavo H. Paetzold; Lucia Specia
Text Simplification as Tree Transduction

W13-4814: Christopher Shulby; Gustavo Mendonça; Vanessa Marquiafável
Automatic Disambiguation of Homographic Heterophone Pairs Containing Open and Closed Mid Vowels

W13-4815: Fernando Antônio Asevedo Nóbrega; Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo
Desambiguação Lexical de Sentido com uso de Informação Multidocumento por meio de Redes de Co-ocorrência (Word Sense Disambiguation with the Use of Multi-document Information with Cooccurrence Nets) [in Portuguese]

W13-4816: Douglas F. P. da Silva Junior; Eder M. de Novais; Ivandré Paraboni
Realização Superficial baseada em Regras (Rule-based Surface Realisation) [in Portuguese]

W13-4817: Vitor Machado Oliveira; Norton Trevisan Roman
JWN-Br - Uma API Java para a WordNet.Br (JWN-Br - an Java API for Wordnet.Br) [in Portuguese]

W13-4818: Evandro B. Fonseca; Renata Vieira; Aline A. Vanin
Geração de features para resolução de correferência: Pessoa, Local e Organização (Feature Generation for Coreference Resolution: Person, Location and Organization) [in Portuguese]

W13-4819: Priscila Osório Côrtes; Heliana Mello
Modalidade no Português Brasileiro: as estruturas condicionais (Modality in Brazilian Portuguese: the Conditional Structures) [in Portuguese]

W13-4820: Magali Sanches Duran; Jhonata Pereira Martins; Sandra Maria Aluísio
Um repositório de verbos para a anotação de papéis semânticos disponível na web (A Verb Repository for Semantic Role Labeling Available in the Web) [in Portuguese]

W13-4821: Marlo Souza; Renata Vieira
Entity-centric Sentiment Analysis on Twitter data for the Potuguese Language

W13-4822: Ethel Schuster; Rick Lizotte; Sandra M. Aluísio; Carmen Dayrell
Approaches for Helping Brazilian Students Improve their Scientific Writings

W13-4823: Leonel F. de Alencar
BrGram: uma gramática computacional de um fragmento do português brasileiro no formalismo da LFG (BrGram: a Computational Grammar for a Fragment of Brazilian Portuguese in the LFG Formalism) [in Portuguese]

W13-4824: Diego Cardozo Sandrim; Felipe Freire; Ivandré Paraboni
Geração de instruções em mundos virtuais: primeiros passos (Generation of Instructions in Virtual Worlds: First Steps) [in Portuguese]

W13-4825: Lucas Welter Hilgert; Renata Vieira
Extração de Vocabulário Multilíngue para Tradução em Domínios Especializados (Multilingual Vocabulary Extraction for Machine Translation in Specialized Domains) [in Portuguese]

W13-4826: Francimary Macêdo Martins
Corpus-amostra Coelho Netto: compilação, anotação e ocorrências em textos literários dos séc. XIX e XX (Corpus-sample Coelho Netto: Compilation, Annotation and Occurrences in Literary Texts from XIX and XX Centuries) [in Portuguese]

W13-4827: Jorge Proença; Arlindo Veiga; Sara Candeias; Fernando Perdigão
Acoustic, Phonetic and Prosodic Features of Parkinson's disease Speech

W13-4828: Vinícius Pazzini; Tiago Schenkel; Mikael Poetsch; Ricardo Matsumura Araujo
Classificação de Prioridade de Tweets utilizando Máquinas de Vetor de Suporte (Tweet Priority Classification Using Support Vector Machines) [in Portuguese]

W13-4829: Pedro P. Balage Filho; Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo; Sandra M. Aluísio
An Evaluation of the Brazilian Portuguese LIWC Dictionary for Sentiment Analysis

W13-4830: Marília S. Mendes; Elizabeth Furtado; Miguel Franklin
Uma investigação no apoio da avaliação da usabilidade em Sistemas Sociais usando Processamento da Linguagem Natural (An Investigation on the Support of the Usability Evaluation in Social Systems Using Natural Language Processing) [in Portuguese]

W13-4831: Estillac Borges Filho; Pedro Batista; Aldebaro Klautau
Uma Ferramenta para Projeto de Sistemas de Diálogos para Call Center Baseados em Asterisk (A Tool for the Design of Dialog Systems for Asterisk-based Call Centers) [in Portuguese]

Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically-Rich Languages

W13-49 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-4900: Front Matter

W13-4901 [bib]: Teresa Lynn; Jennifer Foster; Mark Dras
Working with a small dataset - semi-supervised dependency parsing for Irish

W13-4902 [bib]: Jurgita Kapociute-Dzikiene; Joakim Nivre; Algis Krupavicius
Lithuanian Dependency Parsing with Rich Morphological Features

W13-4903 [bib]: Željko Agić; Danijela Merkler; Daša Berović
Parsing Croatian and Serbian by Using Croatian Dependency Treebanks

W13-4904 [bib]: Stephen Tratz
A Cross-Task Flexible Transition Model for Arabic Tokenization, Affix Detection, Affix Labeling, POS Tagging, and Dependency Parsing

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The LIGM-Alpage architecture for the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task: Multiword Expression Analysis and Dependency Parsing

W13-4906 [bib]: Eric De La Clergerie
Exploring beam-based shift-reduce dependency parsing with DyALog: Results from the SPMRL 2013 shared task

W13-4907 [bib]: Miguel Ballesteros
Effective Morphological Feature Selection with MaltOptimizer at the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task

W13-4908 [bib]: Iakes Goenaga; Koldo Gojenola; Nerea Ezeiza
Exploiting the Contribution of Morphological Information to Parsing: the BASQUE TEAM system in the SPRML'2013 Shared Task

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The AI-KU System at the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task : Unsupervised Features for Dependency Parsing

W13-4910 [bib]: Yuval Marton; Nizar Habash; Owen Rambow; Sarah Alkhulani
SPMRL'13 Shared Task System: The CADIM Arabic Dependency Parser

W13-4911 [bib]: Puneeth Kukkadapu; Prashanth Mannem
A Statistical Approach to Prediction of Empty Categories in Hindi Dependency Treebank

W13-4912 [bib]: Mojtaba Khallash; Ali Hadian; Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli
An Empirical Study on the Effect of Morphological and Lexical Features in Persian Dependency Parsing

W13-4913 [bib]: Takaaki Tanaka; Masaaki NAGATA
Constructing a Practical Constituent Parser from a Japanese Treebank with Function Labels

W13-4914 [bib]: Deepak Kumar Malladi; Prashanth Mannem
Context Based Statistical Morphological Analyzer and its Effect on Hindi Dependency Parsing

W13-4915 [bib]: Umut Sulubacak; Gülsen EryiĞit
Representation of Morphosyntactic Units and Coordination Structures in the Turkish Dependency Treebank

W13-4916 [bib]: Anders Björkelund; Ozlem Cetinoglu; Richárd Farkas; Thomas Mueller; Wolfgang Seeker
(Re)ranking Meets Morphosyntax: State-of-the-art Results from the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task

W13-4917 [bib]: Djamé Seddah; Reut Tsarfaty; Sandra Kübler; Marie Candito; Jinho D. Choi; Richárd Farkas; Jennifer Foster; Iakes Goenaga; Koldo Gojenola Galletebeitia; Yoav Goldberg; Spence Green; Nizar Habash; Marco Kuhlmann; Wolfgang Maier; Joakim Nivre; Adam Przepiórkowski; Ryan Roth; Wolfgang Seeker; Yannick Versley; Veronika Vincze; Marcin Woliński; Alina Wróblewska; Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie
Overview of the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task: A Cross-Framework Evaluation of Parsing Morphologically Rich Languages

Proceedings of TextGraphs-8 Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing

W13-50 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-5000: Front Matter

W13-5001 [bib]: Goran Glavaš; Jan Šnajder
Event-Centered Information Retrieval Using Kernels on Event Graphs

W13-5002 [bib]: Chris Biemann; Bonaventura Coppola; Michael R. Glass; Alfio Gliozzo; Matthew Hatem; Martin Riedl
JoBimText Visualizer: A Graph-based Approach to Contextualizing Distributional Similarity

W13-5003 [bib]: Sumit Bhagwani; Shrutiranjan Satapathy; Harish Karnick
Merging Word Senses

W13-5004 [bib]: Ai He; Shefali Sharma; Chun-Nan Hsu
Reconstructing Big Semantic Similarity Networks

W13-5005 [bib]: Avneesh Saluja; Jiri Navratil
Graph-Based Unsupervised Learning of Word Similarities Using Heterogeneous Feature Types

W13-5006 [bib]: Martin Riedl; Chris Biemann
From Global to Local Similarities: A Graph-Based Contextualization Method using Distributional Thesauri

W13-5007 [bib]: Yo Ehara; Issei Sato; Hidekazu Oiwa; Hiroshi Nakagawa
Understanding seed selection in bootstrapping

W13-5008 [bib]: Lakshmi Ramachandran; Edward Gehringer
Graph-Structures Matching for Review Relevance Identification

W13-5009 [bib]: Gleb Sizov; Pinar Öztürk
Automatic Extraction of Reasoning Chains from Textual Reports

W13-5010 [bib]: Hakan Kardes; Deepak Konidena; Siddharth Agrawal; Micah Huff; Ang Sun
Graph-based Approaches for Organization Entity Resolution in MapReduce

W13-5011 [bib]: Ilkka Kivimäki; Alexander Panchenko; Adrien Dessy; Dries Verdegem; Pascal Francq; Hugues Bersini; Marco Saerens
A Graph-Based Approach to Skill Extraction from Text

Proceedings of the Workshop on NLP for Medicine and Biology associated with RANLP 2013

W13-51 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-5100: Front Matter

W13-5101 [bib]: Dmitriy Dligach; Timothy Miller; Guergana Savova
Active Learning for Phenotyping Tasks

W13-5102 [bib]: Genevieve Gorrell; Angus Roberts; Richard Jackson; Robert Stewart
Finding Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia in Patient Records

W13-5103 [bib]: Elyne Scheurwegs; Kim Luyckx; Filip Van der Schueren; Tim Van den Bulcke
De-Identification of Clinical Free Text in Dutch with Limited Training Data: A Case Study

W13-5104 [bib]: Marina Sokolova; Ilya Ioshikhes; Hamid Poursepanj; Alex MacKenzie
NLP can help parents to understand rare diseases

Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on NLP&LOD and SWAIE: Semantic Web, Linked Open Data and Information Extraction

W13-52 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-5200: Front Matter

W13-5201 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos
Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) – Building the cloud

W13-5202 [bib]: K. Bretonnel Cohen; Jin-Dong Kim
Evaluation of SPARQL query generation from natural language questions

W13-5203 [bib]: John Philip McCrae; Philipp Cimiano
Mining translations from the web of open linked data

W13-5204 [bib]: Ulrike Czeitschner; Thierry Declerck; Claudia Resch
Porting Elements of the Austrian Baroque Corpus onto the Linguistic Linked Open Data Format

W13-5205 [bib]: Kiril Simov
Towards a System for Dynamic Language Resources in LOD

W13-5206 [bib]: Borislav Popov
Applications of Semantic Publishing

W13-5207 [bib]: Hui Yang; Alistair Willis; David Morse; Anne De Roeck
Literature-driven Curation for Taxonomic Name Databases

W13-5208 [bib]: Denis de Araujo; Sandro Rigo; Carolina Muller; Rove Chishman
Exploring the inference role in automatic information extraction from texts

W13-5209 [bib]: Mian Du; Jussi Kangasharju; Ossi Karkulahti; Lidia Pivovarova; Roman Yangarber
Combined analysis of news and Twitter messages

W13-5210 [bib]: Thierry Declerck
Linguistically analyzed labels of knowledge objects: How can they support OBIE? Lessons learned from the Monnet and TrendMiner projects

Proceedings of the Workshop on Adaptation of Language Resources and Tools for Closely Related Languages and Language Variants

W13-53 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-5300: Front Matter

W13-5301 [bib]: Preslav Nakov
Combining, Adapting and Reusing Bi-texts between Related Languages: Application to Statistical Machine Translation (invited talk)

W13-5302 [bib]: Cristina Vertan; Walther von Hahn
Language diversity and implications for Language technology in the Multilingual Europe

W13-5303 [bib]: Barry Haddow; Adolfo Hernandez; Friedrich Neubarth; Harald Trost
Corpus development for machine translation between standard and dialectal varieties

W13-5304 [bib]: Ernesto López; Luis Chiruzzo; Dina Wonsever
Adaptation of a Rule-Based Translator to Río de la Plata Spanish

W13-5305 [bib]: Pavlina Fragkou
Text segmentation for Language Identification in Greek Forums

W13-5306 [bib]: Yves Scherrer; Benoît Sagot
Lexicon induction and part-of-speech tagging of non-resourced languages without any bilingual resources

W13-5307 [bib]: Andjelka Zecevic; Stasa Vujicic-Stankovic
The Mysterious Letter J

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon (GL2013)

W13-54: Entire volume

W13-5400: Front Matter

W13-5401: James Pustejovsky
Dynamic Event Structure and Habitat Theory

W13-5402: Chu-Ren Huang; Kathleen Ahrens; Francesca Quattri
Metaphor and Qualia: Embodiment or Eventuality

W13-5403: Chan-Chia Hsu; Shu-Kai Hsieh
To Coerce or Not to Coerce: A Corpus-based Exploration of Some Complement Coercion Verbs in Chinese

W13-5404: Lauren Romeo; Sara Mendes; Núria Bel
Towards the automatic classification of complex-type nominals

W13-5405: Zuoyan Song; Qingqing Zhao
Qualia Relations in Metaphorical Noun-Noun Compounds

W13-5406: Tommaso Caselli; Russo Irene
From Glosses to Qualia: Qualia Extraction from Senso Comune

W13-5407: Claire Bonial; Orin Hargraves; Martha Palmer
Expanding VerbNet with Sketch Engine

W13-5408: Hongzhi Xu; Chu-Ren Huang
Primitives of Events and the Semantic Representation

W13-5409: Fahad Khan; Francesca Frontini; Riccardo Del Gratta; Monica Monachini; Valeria Quochi
Generative Lexicon Theory and Linguistic Linked Open Data

W13-5410: Irene Russo; Francesca Frontini; Irene De Felice; Fahad Khan; Monica Monachini
Disambiguation of Basic Action Types through Nouns' Telic Qualia

W13-5411: Lauren Romeo; Héctor Martínez Alonso; Núria Bel
Class-based Word Sense Induction for dot-type nominals

W13-5412: Rachel Chasin; Anna Rumshisky
Mixing in Some Knowledge: Enriched Context Patterns for Bayesian Word Sense Induction

W13-5413: Olga Batiukova; James Pustejovsky
Informativeness Constraints and Compositionality

W13-5414: Sumiyo Nishiguchi
Extended Generative Lexicon

W13-5415: Yu-Yun Chang; Shu-Kai Hsieh
Features of Verb Complements in Co-composition: A case study of Chinese baking verb using Weibo corpus

W13-5416: August F.Y. Chao; Siaw-Fong Chung
A Lexico-Semantic Analysis of Chinese Locality Phrases - A Topic Clustering Approach

Author and Keyword Index

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics (LDL-2013): Representing and linking lexicons, terminologies and other language data

W13-55 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-5500: Front Matter

W13-5501 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos; Philipp Cimiano; Thierry Declerck; John P. McCrae
Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD). Introduction and Overview

W13-5502 [bib]: Paul Buitelaar; Mihael Arcan; Carlos Iglesias; Fernando Sanchez-Rada; Carlo Strapparava
Linguistic Linked Data for Sentiment Analysis

W13-5503 [bib]: Claire Bonial; Kevin Stowe; Martha Palmer
Renewing and Revising SemLink

W13-5504 [bib]: Manuel Fiorelli; Maria Teresa Pazienza; Armando Stellato
LIME: Towards a Metadata Module for Ontolex

W13-5505 [bib]: Steven Moran; Martin Brümmer
Lemon-aid: using Lemon to aid quantitative historical linguistic analysis

W13-5506 [bib]: Antonio Pareja-Lora; Maria Blume; Barbara Lust
Transforming the Data Transcription and Analysis Tool Metadata and Labels into a Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud Resource

W13-5507 [bib]: Peter Menke; John Philip McCrae; Philipp Cimiano
Releasing multimodal data as Linguistic Linked Open Data: An experience report

W13-5508 [bib]: Richard Littauer; Boris Villazon-Terrazas; Steven Moran
Linguistic Resources Enhanced with Geospatial Information

W13-5509 [bib]: Timm Heuss
Faust.rdf - Taking RDF literally

W13-5510 [bib]: Seiji Koide; Hideaki Takeda
RDFization of Japanese Electronic Dictionaries and LOD

W13-5511 [bib]: Yoshihiko Hayashi
Migrating Psycholinguistic Semantic Feature Norms into Linked Data in Linguistics

W13-5512 [bib]: Roberto Bartolini; Riccardo Del Gratta; Francesca Frontini
Towards the establishment of a linguistic linked data network for Italian

Proceedings of the 19th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2013)

W13-56 [bib]: Entire volume

W13-5600: Front Matter

W13-5601 [bib]: Ron Kaplan
Invited Keynote: The Conversational User Interface

W13-5602 [bib]: Caroline Sporleder
Invited Keynote: Detecting and Processing Figurative Language in Discourse

W13-5603 [bib]: Anders Søgaard
Invited Keynote: 6,909 Reasons to Mess Up Your Data

W13-5604 [bib]: Gudmund Høst
The Nordic e-Infrastucture Collaboration: Opportunities for Synergy Across Borders

W13-5605 [bib]: Stephan Oepen
Tidying up the Basement: A Tale of Large-Scale Parsing on National eInfrastructure

W13-5606 [bib]: Jörg Tiedemann
Experiences in Building the Let's MT! Portal on Amazon EC2

W13-5607 [bib]: Eckhard Bick
Using Constraint Grammar for Chunking

W13-5608 [bib]: Johan Falkenjack; Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock; Arne Jönsson
Features Indicating Readability in Swedish Text

W13-5609 [bib]: Katri Haverinen; Veronika Laippala; Samuel Kohonen; Anna Missilä; Jenna Nyblom; Stina Ojala; Timo Viljanen; Tapio Salakoski; Filip Ginter
Towards a Dependency-Based PropBank of General Finnish

W13-5610 [bib]: Ryan Johnson; Lene Antonsen; Trond Trosterud
Using Finite State Transducers for Making Efficient Reading Comprehension Dictionaries

W13-5611 [bib]: Jurgita Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė; Anders Nøklestad; Janne Bondi Johannessen; Algis Krupavičius
Exploring Features for Named Entity Recognition in Lithuanian Text Corpus

W13-5612 [bib]: Hrafn Loftsson
Tagging the Past: Experiments using the Saga Corpus

W13-5613 [bib]: Hrafn Loftsson; Robert Östling
Tagging a Morphologically Complex Language Using an Averaged Perceptron Tagger: The Case of Icelandic

W13-5614 [bib]: Magnus Merkel; Jody Foo; Lars Ahrenberg
IPhraxtor: A Linguistically Informed System for Extraction of Term Candidates

W13-5615 [bib]: Costanza Navarretta; Patrizia Paggio
Classifying Multimodal Turn Management in Danish Dyadic First Encounters

W13-5616 [bib]: Bolette Sandford Pedersen; Lars Borin; Markus Forsberg; Neeme Kahusk; Krister Lindén; Jyrki Niemi; Niklas Nisbeth; Lars Nygaard; Heili Orav; Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson; Mitchell Seaton; Kadri Vider; Kaarlo Voionmaa
Nordic and Baltic Wordnets Aligned and Compared through “WordTies”

W13-5617 [bib]: Eva Pettersson; Beáta Megyesi; Joakim Nivre
Normalisation of Historical Text Using Context-Sensitive Weighted Levenshtein Distance and Compound Splitting

W13-5618 [bib]: Teemu Ruokolainen; Miikka Silfverberg
Modeling OOV Words With Letter N-Grams in Statistical Taggers: Preliminary Work in Biomedical Entity Recognition

W13-5619 [bib]: Inguna Skadiņa; Andrejs Vasiļjevs; Lars Borin; Krister Lindén; Gyri Losnegaard; Sussi Olsen; Bolette Sandford Pedersen; Roberts Rozis; Koenraad de Smedt
Baltic and Nordic Parts of the European Linguistic Infrastructure

W13-5620 [bib]: Liesbeth Augustinus; Peter Dirix
The IPP Effect in Afrikaans: A Corpus Analysis

W13-5621 [bib]: Christopher Horn; Alisa Zhila; Alexander Gelbukh; Roman Kern; Elisabeth Lex
Using Factual Density to Measure Informativeness of Web Documents

W13-5622 [bib]: Tapio Luostarinen; Oskar Kohonen
Using Topic Models in Content-Based News Recommender Systems

W13-5623 [bib]: Bernd Opitz; Cäcilia Zirn
Bootstrapping an Unsupervised Approach for Classifying Agreement and Disagreement

W13-5624 [bib]: Pēteris Paikens; Laura Rituma; Lauma Pretkalniņa
Morphological Analysis with Limited Resources: Latvian Example

W13-5625 [bib]: Lauma Pretkalniņa; Laura Rituma
Statistical Syntactic Parsing for Latvian

W13-5626 [bib]: Filip Ginter; Jenna Nyblom; Veronika Laippala; Samuel Kohonen; Katri Haverinen; Simo Vihjanen; Tapio Salakoski
Building a Large Automatically Parsed Corpus of Finnish

W13-5627 [bib]: Lars Hellan; Tore Bruland
Constructing a Multilingual Database of Verb Valence

W13-5628 [bib]: Jussi Karlgren
New Measures to Investigate Term Typology by Distributional Data

W13-5629 [bib]: Andreas Søeborg Kirkedal
Analysis of Phonetic Transcription for Danish Automatic Speech Recognition

W13-5630 [bib]: Samuel Läubli; Mark Fishel; Martin Volk; Manuela Weibel
Combining Statistical Machine Translation and Translation Memories with Domain Adaptation

W13-5631 [bib]: Sjur N. Moshagen; Tommi Pirinen; Trond Trosterud
Building an Open-Source Development Infrastructure for Language Technology Projects

W13-5632 [bib]: Gailius Raškinis; Asta Kazlauskienė
From Speech Corpus to Intonation Corpus: Clustering Phrase Pitch Contours of Lithuanian

W13-5633 [bib]: Jonathon Read; Rebecca Dridan; Stephan Oepen
Simple and Accountable Segmentation of Marked-up Text

W13-5634 [bib]: Sara Stymne; Jörg Tiedemann; Christian Hardmeier; Joakim Nivre
Statistical Machine Translation with Readability Constraints

W13-5635 [bib]: Hideyuki Tanushi; Hercules Dalianis; Martin Duneld; Maria Kvist; Maria Skeppstedt; Sumithra Velupillai
Negation Scope Delimitation in Clinical Text Using Three Approaches: NegEx, PyConTextNLP and SynNeg

W13-5636 [bib]: Marcus Uneson
Tone Restoration in Transcribed Kammu: Decision-List Word Sense Disambiguation for an Unwritten Language

W13-5637 [bib]: Nynke van Der Vliet; Gosse Bouma; Gisela Redeker
The Automatic Identification of Discourse Units in Dutch Text

W13-5638 [bib]: Liesbeth Augustinus; Vincent Vandeghinste; Ineke Schuurman; Frank van Eynde
Example-Based Treebank Querying with GrETEL–Now Also for Spoken Dutch

W13-5639 [bib]: Malin Ahlberg; Lars Borin; Markus Forsberg; Martin Hammarstedt; Leif-Jöran Olsson; Olof Olsson; Johan Roxendal; Jonatan Uppström
Korp and Karp – A Bestiary of Language Resources: The Research Infrastructure of Språkbanken

W13-5640 [bib]: Lars Hellan; Tore Bruland; Elias Aamot; Mads H. Sandøy
A Grammar Sparrer for Norwegian

W13-5641 [bib]: Mans Hulden; Miikka Silfverberg; Jerid Francom
Finite State Applications with Javascript

W13-5642 [bib]: Emanuele Lapponi; Erik Velldal; Nikolay A. Vazov; Stephan Oepen
HPC-ready Language Analysis for Human Beings

W13-5643 [bib]: Paul Meurer; Helge Dyvik; Victoria Rosén; Koenraad de Smedt; Gunn Inger Lyse; Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard; Martha Thunes
The INESS Treebanking Infrastructure

W13-5644 [bib]: Per Erik Solberg
Building Gold-Standard Treebanks for Norwegian