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GSNAP: Google Scholar - Network Analysis Package

This is the home page of the GSNAP project which is a utility for scholarly network analysis. The software has two parts: crawler wrapper of Google Scholar and ClairLib AAN citation network analyzer. You can download the code below, or input a query online to get a flavor of the system (More demo will be added for the AAN analysis part).


You can download the open-source code for GSNAP here (coming soon).

Web-based Demonstration

N.B.: We keep logs of what's parsed in these demos, to improve the accuracy and productivity of GSNAP.

You can also run GSNAP directly in your browser. The form below submits your input query to our system and returns GS parsed results.

Note: returned results are limited to 10 per query. Install a local copy to obtain full results, run multiple queries, and retrieve full citedBy/version information from GS :)

Demo #1: Querying Google Scholar

Internal key (if applicable):

Enter a query:

Query GS using the following options:

Export formats Full Simple (Forecite) AAN

Demo #2: Download PDF files

Internal key (if applicable):

Enter a partial title:

Number of titles approximately match:

Sample GS output

We query GS for authors in the following networks:

NUS - School of Computing:   Show GS results

Pan Asia:   Show GS results

Group Members

Disclaimer: The use of this package is at your own risk, as such use of Google's services breaks the terms of service conditions supplied by Google Scholar.
Demo template by Minh-Thang Luong <luongmin@comp.nus.edu.sg>, adapted from ParsCit website
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