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Common Utilities

The common utilities package provides common utility classes that supports other Java packages.

As other open source Java packages of mine use this common utilities package, this package is make open source as well in the same spirit. However, as the purpose of this package is to provide internal support to other packages, it is likely that future changes to this package may not preserve backwards compatability. Such changes include adding or removing classes and methods, or moving classes around different packages. In other words, the API is not expected to be stable.

Oracle Java 1.6 is required to use this package.


The common utilities package is open source. All releases are licensed under the GNU General Public License, either Version 3 or (at your option) any later version.


This package is currently unstable.


Release: 2010 September 23

This release adds two classes, SubsetIterator and SubsetSet, for enumerating the power set of a set.

Release: 2010 February 14

This is the initial release of the common utilities package.