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I am supervised by Dr. Kan Min-Yen, and I am associated with the Web Information Retrieval/Natural Language Processing Group (WING).

Research Interests

  1. Record matching and linkage.
  2. Web data mining.
  3. Information retrieval.
  4. Cost-sensitive selective acquisition of information.


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Research Experience

  1. Ph.D. candidate (2005-2011).
  2. ForeCite project (2008-2011). Implemented record matching component in ForeCite, and provided testing and feedback of the ForeCite system.
  3. Web people search system (2007). Participated in the Web People Search (WePS) task, in collaboration with researchers from the Penn State University. Our system achieved third position out of sixteen teams.
  4. Identification of light verb constructions (2004-2005). Undergraduate honours project, supervised by Dr. Kan Min-Yen.
  5. Question answering system (2003 and 2005). Undergraduate research assistant for participation in the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC), supervised by Prof. Chua Tat-Seng.

Professional Services

  1. Reviewer for PRICAI 2010, AIRS 2010, and IJCNLP 2013.
  2. Reviewer for IJAIT (2010), LRE (2015).