The Web Information Retrieval / Natural Language Processing Group (WING) explores the research area of applied language processing and information retrieval to the world wide web and related technologies. Areas of current interest are question answering, scholarly digital libraries, verb similarity, focused crawling, citation parsing and spidering, web page classification and division, text segmentation, and full text analysis. WING is headed by A/P Min-Yen KAN. We are based in the Computational Linguistics Laboratory of the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore. We often work with the Natural Language Processing Group and the Lab for Media Search. We are part of the Media Technologies research group umbrella.


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c/o A/P KAN Min-Yen 13 Computing Drive, AS6-05-12
Singapore 117417 Tel: +65 6516 1885
Fax: +65 6779 4580

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