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Aksu, Taha; Liu, Zhengyuan; Kan, Min-Yen; Chen, Nancy F.

Velocidapter: Task-oriented Dialogue Comprehension Modeling Pairing Synthetic Text Generation with Domain Adaptation Conference

The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL 2021), 2021.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: Augmentation, Dialogue State Tracking, Domain Adaptation, Few-shot learning, Task-oriented Dialogues

Kashyap, Abhinav Ramesh; Hazarika, Devamanyu; Kan, Min-Yen; Zimmermann, Roger

Domain Divergences: a Survey and Empirical Analysis Conference

Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL 2021), 2021.

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