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Student Submission Integrity Diagnosis (SSID)

This is the home page for the Student Submission Integrity Diagnosis (SSID) project, which helps to detect source code plagiarism.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. See LICENSE.txt in the distribution for details. For alternative licenses, please contact the authors.


The code is on GitHub (flaws and all)!


If you'd like to cite the use of this tool or its scientific contribution, please cite:

    Jonathan Y. H. Poon, Kazunari Sugiyama, Yee Fan Tan and Min-Yen Kan (2012) Instructor-Centric Source Code Plagiarism Detection and Plagiarism Corpus. In Proceedings of the 17th Annual ACM SIGCSE Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2012). Haifa, Israel. pp. 122-127.
    .pdf (preprint) ] [ doi:10.1145/2325296.2325328 ] [ Slides (.pdf) ] [ SSID system (@ GitHub) ]

Group Members

  • Jesse Prabawa Gozali - Ph.D. student, enhancements, maintainer, 2013
  • Eugene Huang - FYP student, enhancements, 2013
  • Min-Yen Kan - Co-PI
  • Jonathan Poon Yan Horn - FYP student, creator, 2011
  • Kazunari Sugiyama - advisor
  • Yee Fan Tan - advisor


Please refer to the Issues @ GitHub for SSID, to search for problems and also raise support tickets.

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