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Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Exploiting Synergies between Information Retrieval and Machine Translation (ESIRMT) and Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation (HyTra)
Proceedings of the EACL 2012 Joint Workshop of LINGVIS & UNCLH
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing (CLW 2012): Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of Document Creation and Document Engineering
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Approaches to Deception Detection
Proceedings of the Workshop on Innovative Hybrid Approaches to the Processing of Textual Data
Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Analysis in Social Media
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning in NLP
Proceedings of the Workshop on Applications of Tree Automata Techniques in Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Models of Language Acquisition and Loss
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities
JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop DEFT 2012: DÉfi Fouille de Textes (DEFT 2012 Workshop: Text Mining Challenge)
JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop DEGELS 2012: Défi GEste Langue des Signes (DEGELS 2012: Gestures and Sign Language Challenge)
JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop TALAf 2012: Traitement Automatique des Langues Africaines (TALAf 2012: African Language Processing)
JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop ILADI 2012: Interactions Langagières pour personnes Agées Dans les habitats Intelligents (ILADI 2012: Language Interaction for Elderly in Smart Homes)
INLG 2012 Proceedings of the Seventh International Natural Language Generation Conference
Proceedings of the 13th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL 2012)
NAACL-HLT Workshop on Future directions and needs in the Spoken Dialog Community: Tools and Data (SDCTD 2012)
Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT Workshop on the Induction of Linguistic Structure
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Building Educational Applications Using NLP
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Language in Social Media
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for target reader populations
Proceedings of the Twelfth Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology
BioNLP: Proceedings of the 2012 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT 2012 Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature
Proceedings of Workshop on Evaluation Metrics and System Comparison for Automatic Summarization
Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT 2012 Workshop: Will We Ever Really Replace the N-gram Model? On the Future of Language Modeling for HLT
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Semantic Interpretation in an Actionable Context
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Automatic Knowledge Base Construction and Web-scale Knowledge Extraction (AKBC-WEKEX)
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Proceedings of the ACL-2012 Special Workshop on Rediscovering 50 Years of Discoveries
Proceedings of ACL 2012 Student Research Workshop
Proceedings of the ACL 2012 Joint Workshop on Statistical Parsing and Semantic Processing of Morphologically Rich Languages
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Speech and Multimodal Interaction in Assistive Environments
Proceedings of the Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop in Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis
Proceedings of the Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Linguistics
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Multilingual Modeling
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on the People's Web Meets NLP: Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources and their Applications to NLP
Workshop Proceedings of TextGraphs-7: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation
Proceedings of the Workshop on Detecting Structure in Scholarly Discourse
Proceedings of the 4th Named Entity Workshop (NEWS) 2012
Joint Conference on EMNLP and CoNLL - Shared Task
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Formalisms (TAG+11)
Proceedings of the Workshop on Advances in Discourse Analysis and its Computational Aspects
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Advances in Text Input Methods
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Eye-tracking and Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on South and Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon
Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Asian Language Resources
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology
Proceedings of the Workshop on Information Extraction and Entity Analytics on Social Media Data
Proceedings of the Workshop on Machine Translation and Parsing in Indian Languages
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Optimise the Division of Labour in Hybrid MT
Proceedings of the Workshop on Speech and Language Processing Tools in Education
Proceedings of the Workshop on Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation
Proceedings of the Workshop on Question Answering for Complex Domains
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Optimization Techniques for Human Language Technology
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Second CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing

Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Exploiting Synergies between Information Retrieval and Machine Translation (ESIRMT) and Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation (HyTra)

W12-01 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0100: Front Matter

W12-0101 [bib]: Bettina Harriehausen-Mühlbauer; Timm Heuss
Semantic Web based Machine Translation

W12-0102 [bib]: Fangzhong Su; Bogdan Babych
Measuring Comparability of Documents in Non-Parallel Corpora for Efficient Extraction of (Semi-)Parallel Translation Equivalents

W12-0103 [bib]: Cristina España-Bonet; Pere R. Comas
Full Machine Translation for Factoid Question Answering

W12-0104 [bib]: Tze Yuang Chong; Rafael Banchs; Eng Siong Chng
An Empirical Evaluation of Stop Word Removal in Statistical Machine Translation

W12-0105 [bib]: Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan; Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab; Yoshihiko Gotoh
Natural Language Descriptions of Visual Scenes Corpus Generation and Analysis

W12-0106 [bib]: Sandipan Dandapat; Sara Morrissey; Andy Way; Josef van Genabith
Combining EBMT, SMT, TM and IR Technologies for Quality and Scale

W12-0107 [bib]: Cristina Vertan
Two approaches for integrating translation and retrieval in real applications

W12-0108 [bib]: George Tambouratzis; Marina Vassiliou; Sokratis Sofianopoulos
PRESEMT: Pattern Recognition-based Statistically Enhanced MT

W12-0109 [bib]: John Tinsley; Alexandru Ceausu; Jian Zhang
PLUTO: Automated Solutions for Patent Translation

W12-0110 [bib]: Svetla Koeva
ATLAS - Human Language Technologies integrated within a Multilingual Web Content Management System

W12-0111 [bib]: Andreas Søeborg Kirkedal
Tree-based Hybrid Machine Translation

W12-0112 [bib]: Špela Vintar; Darja Fišer; Aljoša Vrščaj
Were the clocks striking or surprising? Using WSD to improve MT performance

W12-0113 [bib]: Santanu Pal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Bootstrapping Method for Chunk Alignment in Phrase Based SMT

W12-0114 [bib]: Bogdan Babych; Kurt Eberle; Johanna Geiß; Mireia Ginestí-Rosell; Anthony Hartley; Reinhard Rapp; Serge Sharoff; Martin Thomas
Design of a hybrid high quality machine translation system

W12-0115 [bib]: Christian Federmann
Can Machine Learning Algorithms Improve Phrase Selection in Hybrid Machine Translation?

W12-0116 [bib]: Rui Wang; Petya Osenova; Kiril Simov
Linguistically-Augmented Bulgarian-to-English Statistical Machine Translation Model

W12-0117 [bib]: Thomas Meyer; Andrei Popescu-Belis
Using Sense-labeled Discourse Connectives for Statistical Machine Translation

Proceedings of the EACL 2012 Joint Workshop of LINGVIS & UNCLH

W12-02 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0200: Front Matter

W12-0201 [bib]: Miriam Butt; Jelena Prokić; Thomas Mayer; Michael Cysouw

W12-0202 [bib]: Christian Rohrdantz; Andreas Niekler; Annette Hautli; Miriam Butt; Daniel A. Keim
Lexical Semantics and Distribution of Suffixes - A Visual Analysis

W12-0203 [bib] [attachment]: Kris Heylen; Dirk Speelman; Dirk Geeraerts
Looking at word meaning. An interactive visualization of Semantic Vector Spaces for Dutch synsets

W12-0204 [bib]: Ahti Lohk; Kadri Vare; Leo Võhandu
First steps in checking and comparing Princeton WordNet and Estonian Wordnet

W12-0205 [bib]: Richard Littauer; Rory Turnbull; Alexis Palmer
Visualising Typological Relationships: Plotting WALS with Heat Maps

W12-0206 [bib]: Helen Yannakoudakis; Ted Briscoe; Theodora Alexopoulou
Automating Second Language Acquisition Research: Integrating Information Visualisation and Machine Learning

W12-0207 [bib]: Verena Lyding; Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski; Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb; Henrik Dittmann; Chris Culy
Visualising Linguistic Evolution in Academic Discourse

W12-0208 [bib]: Grzegorz Kondrak
Similarity Patterns in Words (Invited talk)

W12-0209 [bib]: Thomas Mayer; Michael Cysouw
Language comparison through sparse multilingual word alignment

W12-0210 [bib]: Yves Scherrer
Recovering dialect geography from an unaligned comparable corpus

W12-0211 [bib]: Jelena Prokić; Çağrı Çöltekin; John Nerbonne
Detecting Shibboleths

W12-0212 [bib]: Gerhard Jäger
Estimating and visualizing language similarities using weighted alignment and force-directed graph layout

W12-0213 [bib] [attachment]: Aymeric Daval-Markussen; Peter Bakker
Explorations in creole research with phylogenetic tools

W12-0214 [bib]: Patrick McConvell; Laurent Dousset
Tracking the dynamics of kinship and social category terms with AustKin II

W12-0215 [bib]: Hannes Wettig; Kirill Reshetnikov; Roman Yangarber
Using context and phonetic features in models of etymological sound change

W12-0216 [bib] [attachment]: Johann-Mattis List
LexStat: Automatic Detection of Cognates in Multilingual Wordlists

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing (CLW 2012): Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of Document Creation and Document Engineering

W12-03 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0300: Front Matter

W12-0301 [bib]: Mariëlle Leijten; Lieve Macken; Veronique Hoste; Eric Van Horenbeeck; Luuk Van Waes
From Character to Word Level: Enabling the Linguistic Analyses of Inputlog Process Data

W12-0302 [bib]: Stefan Höfler; Kyoko Sugisaki
From Drafting Guideline to Error Detection: Automating Style Checking for Legislative Texts

W12-0303 [bib]: Joe Moxley
Aggregated Assessment and “Objectivity 2.0”

W12-0304 [bib]: Rogelio Nazar; Irene Renau
Google Books N-gram Corpus used as a Grammar Checker

W12-0305 [bib]: Camille Albert; Flore Barcellini; Corinne Grosse; Patrick Saint-Dizier
LELIE: A Tool Dedicated to Procedure and Requirement Authoring

W12-0306 [bib]: Marie-Josée Goulet; Annie Duplessis
Focus Group on Computer Tools Used for Professional Writing and Preliminary Evaluation of LinguisTech

Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Approaches to Deception Detection

W12-04 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0400: Front Matter

W12-0401 [bib]: Valerie Hauch; Iris Blandón-Gitlin; Jaume Masip; Siegfried Ludwig Sporer
Linguistic Cues to Deception Assessed by Computer Programs: A Meta-Analysis

W12-0402 [bib]: Anna Vartapetiance; Lee Gillam
“I Don’t Know Where He is Not”: Does Deception Research yet Offer a Basis for Deception Detectives?

W12-0403 [bib]: Ángela Almela; Rafael Valencia-García; Pascual Cantos
Seeing through Deception: A Computational Approach to Deceit Detection in Written Communication

W12-0404 [bib]: Stephanie Gokhman; Jeff Hancock; Poornima Prabhu; Myle Ott; Claire Cardie
In Search of a Gold Standard in Studies of Deception

W12-0405 [bib]: Eileen Fitzpatrick; Joan Bachenko
Building a Data Collection for Deception Research

W12-0406 [bib]: Tommaso Fornaciari; Massimo Poesio
On the Use of Homogenous Sets of Subjects in Deceptive Language Analysis

W12-0407 [bib]: Daniel Baxter
Invited Talk: Current and Future Needs for Deception Detection in a Government Screening Environment

W12-0408 [bib]: Aaron Elkins; Douglas Derrick; Monica Gariup
The Voice and Eye Gaze Behavior of an Imposter: Automated Interviewing and Detection for Rapid Screening at the Border

W12-0409 [bib]: Marc Swerts
Let’s Lie Together: Co-Presence Effects on Children’s Deceptive Skills

W12-0410 [bib]: Deqing Li; Eugene Santos
Argument Formation in the Reasoning Process: Toward a Generic Model of Deception Detection

W12-0411 [bib]: Liviu P. Dinu; Vlad Niculae; Maria-Octavia Sulea
Pastiche Detection Based on Stopword Rankings. Exposing Impersonators of a Romanian Writer

W12-0412 [bib]: Siegfried Ludwig Sporer
Making the Subjective Objective? Computer-Assisted Quantification of Qualitative Content Cues to Deception

W12-0413 [bib]: Dasha Bogdanova; Paolo Rosso; Thamar Solorio
Modelling Fixated Discourse in Chats with Cyberpedophiles

W12-0414 [bib]: Patrick Juola
Detecting Stylistic Deception

W12-0415 [bib]: Victoria L. Rubin; Tatiana Vashchilko
Identification of Truth and Deception in Text: Application of Vector Space Model to Rhetorical Structure Theory

Proceedings of the Workshop on Innovative Hybrid Approaches to the Processing of Textual Data

W12-05 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0500: Front Matter

W12-0501 [bib]: Goran Glavaš; Jan Šnajder; Bojana Dalbelo Bašić
Experiments on Hybrid Corpus-Based Sentiment Lexicon Acquisition

W12-0502 [bib]: Alexander Panchenko; Olga Morozova
A Study of Hybrid Similarity Measures for Semantic Relation Extraction

W12-0503 [bib]: Nathan Green; Zdeněk Žabokrtský
Hybrid Combination of Constituency and Dependency Trees into an Ensemble Dependency Parser

W12-0504 [bib]: Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan; Yoshihiko Gotoh
Describing Video Contents in Natural Language

W12-0505 [bib]: Cong Duy Vu Hoang; Ai Ti Aw
An Unsupervised and Data-Driven Approach for Spell Checking in Vietnamese OCR-scanned Texts

W12-0506 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea
Multilingual Natural Language Processing

W12-0507 [bib]: Michel Généreux; William Martinez
Contrasting Objective and Subjective Portuguese Texts from Heterogeneous Sources

W12-0508 [bib]: Rosa Stern; Benoît Sagot; Frédéric Béchet
A Joint Named Entity Recognition and Entity Linking System

W12-0509 [bib]: Alex C. Fang; Harry Bunt; Jing Cao; Xiaoyue Liu
Collaborative Annotation of Dialogue Acts: Application of a New ISO Standard to the Switchboard Corpus

W12-0510 [bib]: Damien Nouvel; Jean-Yves Antoine; Nathalie Friburger; Arnaud Soulet
Coupling Knowledge-Based and Data-Driven Systems for Named Entity Recognition

W12-0511 [bib]: Michael Bloodgood; Peng Ye; Paul Rodrigues; David Zajic; David Doermann
A Random Forest System Combination Approach for Error Detection in Digital Dictionaries

W12-0512 [bib]: Arnaud Grappy; Brigitte Grau; Sophie Rosset
Methods Combination and ML-based Re-ranking of Multiple Hypothesis for Question-Answering Systems

W12-0513 [bib]: Alistair Willis; Hui Yang; Anne De Roeck
A Generalised Hybrid Architecture for NLP

W12-0514 [bib]: Reshef Shilon; Hanna Fadida; Shuly Wintner
Incorporating Linguistic Knowledge in Statistical Machine Translation: Translating Prepositions

W12-0515 [bib]: Filippo Galgani; Paul Compton; Achim Hoffmann
Combining Different Summarization Techniques for Legal Text

Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Analysis in Social Media

W12-06 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0600: Front Matter

W12-0601 [bib]: William M. Darling; Michael J. Paul; Fei Song
Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Tagging in Noisy and Esoteric Domains With a Syntactic-Semantic Bayesian HMM

W12-0602 [bib]: Fabio Celli; Luca Rossi
The Role of Emotional Stability in Twitter Conversations

W12-0603 [bib]: Renxian Zhang; Dehong Gao; Wenjie Li
Towards Scalable Speech Act Recognition in Twitter: Tackling Insufficient Training Data

W12-0604 [bib]: Stephanie Husby; Denilson Barbosa
Topic Classification of Blog Posts Using Distant Supervision

W12-0605 [bib]: Jinan El-Hachem; Volker Haarslev
A User and NLP-Assisted Strategic Workflow for a Social Semantic OWL 2-Based Knowledge Platform

W12-0606 [bib]: Carlos Rodriguez-Penagos; Jens Grivolla; Joan Codina-Filba
A Hybrid Framework for Scalable Opinion Mining in Social Media: Detecting Polarities and Attitude Targets

W12-0607 [bib]: Erik Tjong Kim Sang; Johan Bos
Predicting the 2011 Dutch Senate Election Results with Twitter

W12-0608 [bib]: Anna Stavrianou; Caroline Brun
Opinion and Suggestion Analysis for Expert Recommendations

Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning in NLP

W12-07 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0700: Front Matter

W12-0701 [bib]: Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli; Heshaam Faili
Fast Unsupervised Dependency Parsing with Arc-Standard Transitions

W12-0702 [bib]: Pablo Gamallo; Marcos Garcia; Santiago Fernández-Lanza
Dependency-Based Open Information Extraction

W12-0703 [bib]: Martin Riedl; Chris Biemann
Sweeping through the Topic Space: Bad luck? Roll again!

W12-0704 [bib]: Sara Stymne
Clustered Word Classes for Preordering in Statistical Machine Translation

W12-0705 [bib]: Tamara Bobic; Roman Klinger; Philippe Thomas; Martin Hofmann-Apitius
Improving Distantly Supervised Extraction of Drug-Drug and Protein-Protein Interactions

W12-0706 [bib]: Richard E Leibbrandt; David MW Powers
Robust Induction of Parts-of-Speech in Child-Directed Language by Co-Clustering of Words and Contexts

W12-0707 [bib]: Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone; Giuseppe Attardi
Dependency Parsing Domain Adaptation using Transductive SVM

Proceedings of the Workshop on Applications of Tree Automata Techniques in Natural Language Processing

W12-08 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0800: Front Matter

W12-0801 [bib]: Nina Seemann; Daniel Quernheim; Fabienne Braune; Andreas Maletti
Preservation of Recognizability for Weighted Linear Extended Top-Down Tree Transducers

W12-0802 [bib]: Matthias Büchse; Anja Fischer
Deciding the Twins Property for Weighted Tree Automata over Extremal Semifields

W12-0803 [bib]: Adam Purtee; Lenhart Schubert
TTT: A Tree Transduction Language for Syntactic and Semantic Processing

W12-0804 [bib]: Neil Ashton
Second Position Clitics and Monadic Second-Order Transduction

Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Models of Language Acquisition and Loss

W12-09 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-0900: Front Matter

W12-0901 [bib]: T. Mark Ellison; Luisa Miceli
Distinguishing Contact-Induced Change from Language Drift in Genetically Related Languages

W12-0902 [bib]: Rens Bod; Margaux Smets
Empiricist Solutions to Nativist Puzzles by means of Unsupervised TSG

W12-0903 [bib]: Mark Steedman
Probabilistic Models of Grammar Acquisition

W12-0904 [bib]: Aviad Albert; Brian MacWhinney; Bracha Nir; Shuly Wintner
A Morphologically Annotated Hebrew CHILDES Corpus

W12-0905 [bib]: Aline Villavicencio; Beracah Yankama; Rodrigo Wilkens; Marco Idiart; Robert Berwick
An annotated English child language database

W12-0906 [bib]: Rodrigo Wilkens
Searching the Annotated Portuguese Childes Corpora

W12-0907 [bib]: Muntsa Padró; Núria Bel
Webservices for Bayesian Learning

W12-0908 [bib]: Alessandro Lenci; Marco Baroni; Giovanna Marotta
Unseen features. Collecting semantic data from congenital blind subjects

W12-0909 [bib]: Basilio Calderone; Chiara Celata
PHACTS about activation-based word similarity effects

W12-0910 [bib]: Rodrigo Wilkens; Aline Villavicencio
I say have you say tem: profiling verbs in children data in English and Portuguese

W12-0911 [bib]: Aline Villavicencio; Marco Idiart; Carlos Ramisch; Vítor Araújo; Beracah Yankama; Robert Berwick
Get out but don’t fall down: verb-particle constructions in child language

W12-0912 [bib]: Vera Vasilévski
Phonologic Patterns of Brazilian Portuguese: a grapheme to phoneme converter based study

Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities

W12-10 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1000: Front Matter

W12-1001 [bib]: Tom Kenter; Tomaž Erjavec; Maja Žorga Dulmin; Darja Fiser
Lexicon Construction and Corpus Annotation of Historical Language with the CoBaLT Editor

W12-1002 [bib]: Mark Dingemanse; Jeremy Hammond; Herman Stehouwer; Aarthy Somasundaram; Sebastian Drude
A high speed transcription interface for annotating primary linguistic data

W12-1003 [bib]: Manex Agirrezabal; Iñaki Alegria; Bertol Arrieta; Mans Hulden
BAD: An Assistant tool for making verses in Basque

W12-1004 [bib]: Dana Dannélls; Lars Borin
Toward Language Independent Methodology for Generating Artwork Descriptions – Exploring FrameNet Information

W12-1005 [bib]: Michael Piotrowski; Cathrin Senn
Harvesting Indices to Grow a Controlled Vocabulary: Towards Improved Access to Historical Legal Texts

W12-1006 [bib]: Thierry Declerck; Nikolina Koleva; Hans-Ulrich Krieger
Ontology-Based Incremental Annotation of Characters in Folktales

W12-1007 [bib]: Daniela Oelke; Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Mats Malm
Advanced Visual Analytics Methods for Literature Analysis

W12-1008 [bib]: Aurélie Herbelot; Eva von Redecker; Johanna Müller
Distributional techniques for philosophical enquiry

W12-1009 [bib]: Caroline Brun; Vassilina Nikoulina; Nikolaos Lagos
Linguistically-Adapted Structural Query Annotation for Digital Libraries in the Social Sciences

W12-1010 [bib]: Eva Pettersson; Beáta Megyesi; Joakim Nivre
Parsing the Past - Identification of Verb Constructions in Historical Text

W12-1011 [bib]: John Lee
A Classical Chinese Corpus with Nested Part-of-Speech Tags

W12-1012 [bib]: Nikolaos Aletras; Mark Stevenson
Computing Similarity between Cultural Heritage Items using Multimodal Features

W12-1013 [bib]: Mark Michael Hall; Oier Lopez de Lacalle; Aitor Soroa Etxabe; Paul Clough; Eneko Agirre
Enabling the Discovery of Digital Cultural Heritage Objects through Wikipedia

W12-1014 [bib]: Samuel Fernando; Mark Stevenson
Adapting Wikification to Cultural Heritage

W12-1015 [bib]: Vicente Bosch; Alejandro Héctor Toselli; Enrique Vidal
Natural Language Inspired Approach for Handwritten Text Line Detection in Legacy Documents

W12-1016 [bib]: Alex Zhicharevich; Nachum Dershowitz
Language Classification and Segmentation of Noisy Documents in Hebrew Scripts

JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop DEFT 2012: DÉfi Fouille de Textes (DEFT 2012 Workshop: Text Mining Challenge)

W12-11 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1100: Front Matter

W12-1101 [bib]: Patrick Paroubek; Pierre Zweigenbaum; Dominic Forest; Cyril Grouin
Indexation libre et contrôlée d'articles scientifiques. Présentation et résultats du défi fouille de textes DEFT2012 (Controlled and free indexing of scientific papers. Presentation and results of the DEFT2012 text-mining challenge) [in French]

W12-1102 [bib]: Sara Tonelli; Elena Cabrio; Emanuele Pianta
Key-concept extraction from French articles with KX

W12-1103 [bib]: Thierry Hamon
Acquisition terminologique pour identifier les mots-clés d'articles scientifiques (Terminological acquisition for identifying keywords of scientific articles) [in French]

W12-1104 [bib]: Amine Amri; Maroua Mbarek; Chedi Bechikh; Chiraz Latiri; Hatem Haddad
Indexation à base des syntagmes nominaux (Nominal-chunk based indexing) [in French]

W12-1105 [bib]: Gaëlle Doualan; Mathieu Boucher; Romain Brixtel; Gaël Lejeune; Gaël Dias
Détection de mots-clés par approches au grain caractère et au grain mot (Keywords extraction by repeated string analysis) [in French]

W12-1106 [bib]: Vincent Claveau; Christian Raymond
Participation de l'IRISA à DeFT2012 : recherche d'information et apprentissage pour la génération de mots-clés (IRISA participation to DeFT2012: information retrieval and machine-learning for keyword generation) [in French]

W12-1107 [bib]: Florian Boudin; Amir Hazem; Nicolas Hernandez; Prajol Shrestha
Participation du LINA à DEFT2012 (LINA at DEFT2012) [in French]

W12-1108 [bib]: Murat Ahat; Coralie Petermann; Yann Vigile Hoareau; Soufian Ben Amor; Marc Bui
Algorithme automatique non supervisé pour le Deft 2012 (Automatic unsupervised algorithm for Deft 2012) [in French]

W12-1109 [bib]: Adil El Ghali; Daniel Hromada; Kaoutar El Ghali
Enrichir et raisonner sur des espaces sémantiques pour l'attribution de mots-clés (Enriching and reasoning on semantic spaces for keyword extraction) [in French]

JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop DEGELS 2012: Défi GEste Langue des Signes (DEGELS 2012: Gestures and Sign Language Challenge)

W12-12 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1200: Front Matter

W12-1201 [bib]: Annelies Braffort; Leïla Boutora
Défi d'annotation DEGELS2012 : la segmentation (DEGELS2012 annotation challenge: Segmentation) [in French]

W12-1202 [bib]: Gaëlle Ferré
Critères de segmentation de la gestualité co-verbale (Segmentation criteria for the annotation of co-speech gestures) [in French]

W12-1203 [bib]: Dominique Boutet; Karine Martel; Marion Blondel
Par où couper pour aller à la plage ? (Where do you switch to get the band ?) [in French]

W12-1204 [bib]: Marion Tellier; Brahim Azaoui; Jorane Saubesty
Segmentation et annotation du geste : Méthodologie pour travailler en équipe (Gesture segmentation and coding: a methodology for team working) [in French]

W12-1205 [bib]: Agnès Millet; Isabelle Estève
Segmenter et annoter le discours d'un locuteur de LSF : permanence formelle et variablité fonctionnelle des unités (Segment and annotate a discourse of a French Sign Language speaker: formal continuity and fonctional variation of units) [in French]

W12-1206 [bib]: François Lefebvre-Albaret; Jérémie Segouat
Influence de la segmentation temporelle sur la caractérisation de signes (Influence of the temporal segmentation on the sign characterization) [in French]

W12-1207 [bib]: Brigitte Bigi
SPPAS : un outil << user-friendly >> pour l'alignement texte/son (SPPAS : a tool to perform text/speech alignement) [in French]

W12-1208 [bib]: Matilde Gonzales Preciado
Un système de segmentation automatique de gestes appliqué à la Langue des Signes (An automatic gesture segmentation system applied to Sign Language) [in French]

JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop TALAf 2012: Traitement Automatique des Langues Africaines (TALAf 2012: African Language Processing)

W12-13 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1300: Front Matter

W12-1301 [bib]: Annie Rialland; Martial Embanga Aborobongui; Martine Adda-Decker; Lori Lamel
Mbochi : corpus oral, traitement automatique et exploration phonologique (Mboshi: oral corpus, automatic processing & phonological mining) [in French]

W12-1302 [bib]: Chérif Ari Abdoulkarim; Arimi Boukar; Kevin Anthony Jarrett; Maï Moussa Maï; Manoua Djibir; Taweye Aïchéta Chégou Kore
Élaboration d'un dictionnaire bilingue kanouri-français (Construction of the Kanuri-French bilingual dictionary) [in French]

W12-1303 [bib]: Chantal Enguehard; Soumana Kane; Mathieu Mangeot; Issouf Modi; Mamadou Lamine Sanogo
Vers l'informatisation de quelques langues d'Afrique de l'Ouest (Towards the computerization of some west-african languages) [in French]

W12-1304 [bib]: Bernard Gautheron; Antonia Simon-Colazo
La transcription phonétique au bout des doigts, claviers et polices ergonomiques pour la transcription en API (Phonetic transcription at fingertips, ergonomics keyboards and fonts) [in French]

W12-1305 [bib]: Hadrien Gelas; Solomon Teferra Abate; Laurent Besacier; François Pellegrino
Analyse des performances de modèles de langage sub-lexicale pour des langues peu-dotées à morphologie riche (Performance analysis of sub-word language modeling for under-resourced languages with rich morphology: case study on Swahili and Amharic) [in French]

W12-1306 [bib]: Abdou Mijinguini; Harouna Naroua
Règles de formation des noms en hausa (Formation rules of names in Hausa) [in French]

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Vers un analyseur syntaxique du wolof (Towards a syntactic analyzer of Wolof) [in French]

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Formalisation de l'amazighe standard avec NooJ (Formalization of the standard Amazigh with NooJ) [in French]

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Décrire la morphologie des verbes en ikota au moyen d'une métagrammaire (Describing the Morphology of Verbs in Ikota using a Metagrammar) [in French]

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Extraction de lexiques bilingues à partir de Wikipédia (Bilingual lexicon extraction from Wikipedia) [in French]

JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, Workshop ILADI 2012: Interactions Langagières pour personnes Agées Dans les habitats Intelligents (ILADI 2012: Language Interaction for Elderly in Smart Homes)

W12-14 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1400: Front Matter

W12-1401 [bib]: Alain Franco
Conférence invitée: Nouveaux paradigmes et technologies pour la santé et l'autonomie (Invited Conference: New Paradigms and Technologies for Health and Autonomy) [in French]

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Les technologies de la parole et du TALN pour l'assistance à domicile des personnes âgées : un rapide tour d'horizon (Quick tour of NLP and speech technologies for ambient assisted living) [in French]

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Interactions sonores et vocales dans l'habitat (Acoustic Interaction At Home) [in French]

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Reconnaissance d'ordres domotiques en conditions bruitées pour l'assistance à domicile (Recognition of Voice Commands by Multisource ASR and Noise Cancellation in a Smart Home Environment) [in French]

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Voix HD : un nouvel enjeu pour le traitement de la parole chez les personnes âgées (HD Voice : a new issue for voice processing in elderly) [in French]

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Contribution à l'étude de la variabilité de la voix des personnes âgées en reconnaissance automatique de la parole (Contribution to the study of elderly people's voice variability in automatic speech recognition) [in French]

INLG 2012 Proceedings of the Seventh International Natural Language Generation Conference

W12-15 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1500: Front Matter

W12-1501 [bib]: Kathleen McCoy
Natural Language Generation and Assistive Technologies

W12-1502 [bib]: James Lester
Expressive NLG for Next-Generation Learning Environments: Language, Affect, and Narrative

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Learning Preferences for Referring Expression Generation: Effects of Domain, Language and Algorithm

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Referring in Installments: A Corpus Study of Spoken Object References in an Interactive Virtual Environment

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MinkApp: Generating Spatio-temporal Summaries for Nature Conservation Volunteers

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Towards a Surface Realization-Oriented Corpus Annotation

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Generation for Grammar Engineering

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Perceptions of Alignment and Personality in Generated Dialogue

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Optimising Incremental Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems: Reducing the Need for Fillers

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Linguist's Assistant: A Multi-Lingual Natural Language Generator based on Linguistic Universals, Typologies, and Primitives

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"Hidden semantics": what can we learn from the names in an ontology?

W12-1512 [bib]: Dana Dannélls
On generating coherent multilingual descriptions of museum objects from Semantic Web ontologies

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Extractive email thread summarization: Can we do better than He Said She Said?

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Rich Morphology Generation Using Statistical Machine Translation

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Reformulating student contributions in tutorial dialogue

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Working with Clinicians to Improve a Patient-Information NLG System

W12-1517 [bib]: Alessandro Mazzei
Sign Language Generation with Expert Systems and CCG

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Planning Accessible Explanations for Entailments in OWL Ontologies

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Interactive Natural Language Query Construction for Report Generation

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Blogging birds: Generating narratives about reintroduced species to promote public engagement

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Natural Language Generation for a Smart Biology Textbook

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Generating Natural Language Summaries for Multimedia

W12-1523 [bib]: Margaret Mitchell; Xufeng Han; Jeff Hayes
Midge: Generating Descriptions of Images

W12-1524 [bib]: Generation Challenge
Preface to Papers for GenChal

W12-1525 [bib]: Anja Belz; Bernd Bohnet; Simon Mille; Leo Wanner; Michael White
The Surface Realisation Task: Recent Developments and Future Plans

W12-1526 [bib]: Eva Banik; Claire Gardent; Donia Scott; Nikhil Dinesh; Fennie Liang
KBGen – Text Generation from Knowledge Bases as a New Shared Task

W12-1527 [bib]: Nadjet Bouayad-Agha; Gerard Casamayor; Leo Wanner; Chris Mellish
Content Selection From Semantic Web Data

W12-1528 [bib]: Michael White
Shared Task Proposal: Syntactic Paraphrase Ranking

Proceedings of the 13th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

W12-16 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1600: Front Matter

W12-1601 [bib]: Tatsuya Kawahara
Multi-modal Sensing and Analysis of Poster Conversations: Toward Smart Posterboard

W12-1602 [bib]: Lina M. Rojas Barahona; Alejandra Lorenzo; Claire Gardent
An End-to-End Evaluation of Two Situated Dialog Systems

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"Love ya, jerkface": Using Sparse Log-Linear Models to Build Positive and Impolite Relationships with Teens

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Enhancing Referential Success by Tracking Hearer Gaze

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Unsupervised Topic Modeling Approaches to Decision Summarization in Spoken Meetings

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An Unsupervised Approach to User Simulation: Toward Self-Improving Dialog Systems

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Hierarchical Conversation Structure Prediction in Multi-Party Chat

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Rapid Development Process of Spoken Dialogue Systems using Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources

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The Effect of Cognitive Load on a Statistical Dialogue System

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Predicting Adherence to Treatment for Schizophrenia from Dialogue Transcripts

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Reinforcement Learning of Question-Answering Dialogue Policies for Virtual Museum Guides

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From Strangers to Partners: Examining Convergence within a Longitudinal Study of Task-Oriented Dialogue

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The Structure and Generality of Spoken Route Instructions

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Improving Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition Through Feature Set Optimization

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A Temporal Simulator for Developing Turn-Taking Methods for Spoken Dialogue Systems

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Dialogue Act Recognition using Reweighted Speaker Adaptation

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Estimating Adaptation of Dialogue Partners with Different Verbal Intelligence

W12-1618 [bib]: David DeVault; David Traum
A Demonstration of Incremental Speech Understanding and Confidence Estimation in a Virtual Human Dialogue System

W12-1619 [bib]: Srinivasan Janarthanam; Oliver Lemon; Xingkun Liu; Phil Bartie; William Mackaness; Tiphaine Dalmas; Jana Goetze
Integrating Location, Visibility, and Question-Answering in a Spoken Dialogue System for Pedestrian City Exploration

W12-1620 [bib]: Fabrizio Morbini; Eric Forbell; David DeVault; Kenji Sagae; David Traum; Albert Rizzo
A Mixed-Initiative Conversational Dialogue System for Healthcare

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Towards Mediating Shared Perceptual Basis in Situated Dialogue

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Global Features for Shallow Discourse Parsing

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A Reranking Model for Discourse Segmentation using Subtree Features

W12-1624 [bib]: Yi Ma; Antoine Raux; Deepak Ramachandran; Rakesh Gupta
Landmark-Based Location Belief Tracking in a Spoken Dialog System

W12-1625 [bib]: Pierre Lison
Probabilistic Dialogue Models with Prior Domain Knowledge

W12-1626 [bib]: Sungjin Lee; Maxine Eskenazi
Exploiting Machine-Transcribed Dialog Corpus to Improve Multiple Dialog States Tracking Methods

W12-1627 [bib]: Diane Litman
Cohesion, Entrainment and Task Success in Educational Dialog

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A Bottom-Up Exploration of the Dimensions of Dialog State in Spoken Interaction

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Using Group History to Identify Character-Directed Utterances in Multi-Child Interactions

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Adapting to Multiple Affective States in Spoken Dialogue

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Dialog System Using Real-Time Crowdsourcing and Twitter Large-Scale Corpus

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Automatically Acquiring Fine-Grained Information Status Distinctions in German

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A Unified Probabilistic Approach to Referring Expressions

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Combining Verbal and Nonverbal Features to Overcome the “Information Gap” in Task-Oriented Dialogue

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Semantic Specificity in Spoken Dialogue Requests

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Contingency and Comparison Relation Labeling and Structure Prediction in Chinese Sentences

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A Study in How NLU Performance Can Affect the Choice of Dialogue System Architecture

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Integrating Incremental Speech Recognition and POMDP-Based Dialogue Systems

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A Regression-based Approach to Modeling Addressee Backchannels

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Improving Sentence Completion in Dialogues with Multi-Modal Features

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Combining Incremental Language Generation and Incremental Speech Synthesis for Adaptive Information Presentation

W12-1642 [bib]: Lu Wang; Claire Cardie
Focused Meeting Summarization via Unsupervised Relation Extraction

W12-1643 [bib]: Casey Kennington; David Schlangen
Markov Logic Networks for Situated Incremental Natural Language Understanding

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL 2012)

W12-17 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1700: Front Matter

W12-1701 [bib]: Libby Barak; Afsaneh Fazly; Suzanne Stevenson
Modeling the Acquisition of Mental State Verbs

W12-1702 [bib]: Colin Kelly; Barry Devereux; Anna Korhonen
Semi-supervised learning for automatic conceptual property extraction

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Why long words take longer to read: the role of uncertainty about word length

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Fractal Unfolding: A Metamorphic Approach to Learning to Parse Recursive Structure

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Connectionist-Inspired Incremental PCFG Parsing

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Sequential vs. Hierarchical Syntactic Models of Human Incremental Sentence Processing

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Modeling covert event retrieval in logical metonymy: probabilistic and distributional accounts

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A Computational Model of Memory, Attention, and Word Learning

NAACL-HLT Workshop on Future directions and needs in the Spoken Dialog Community: Tools and Data (SDCTD 2012)

W12-18 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1800: Front Matter

W12-1801 [bib]: Giuseppe Riccardi; Philipp Cimiano; Alexandros Potamianos; Christina Unger
Up from Limited Dialog Systems!

W12-1802 [bib]: Nigel G. Ward
Directions for Research on Spoken Dialog Systems, Broadly Defined

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Position Paper: Towards Standardized Metrics and Tools for Spoken and Multimodal Dialog System Evaluation

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Dialogue Systems Using Online Learning: Beyond Empirical Methods

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Statistical User Simulation for Spoken Dialogue Systems: What for, Which Data, Which Future?

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The Future of Spoken Dialogue Systems is in their Past: Long-Term Adaptive, Conversational Assistants

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Towards Situated Collaboration

W12-1808 [bib]: Helen Hastie; Oliver Lemon; Nina Dethlefs
Incremental Spoken Dialogue Systems: Tools and Data

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After Dialog Went Pervasive: Separating Dialog Behavior Modeling and Task Modeling

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Future Directions in Spoken Dialog Systems: A Community of Possibilities

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Bridging Gaps for Spoken Dialog System Frameworks in Instructional Settings

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A belief tracking challenge task for spoken dialog systems

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Framework for the Development of Spoken Dialogue System based on Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources

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The InproTK 2012 release

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A Simulation-based Framework for Spoken Language Understanding and Action Selection in Situated Interaction

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Mining Search Query Logs for Spoken Language Understanding

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HRItk: The Human-Robot Interaction ToolKit Rapid Development of Speech-Centric Interactive Systems in ROS

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One Year of Contender: What Have We Learned about Assessing and Tuning Industrial Spoken Dialog Systems?

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Towards Quality-Adaptive Spoken Dialogue Management

Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT Workshop on the Induction of Linguistic Structure

W12-19 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-1900: Front Matter

W12-1901 [bib]: Ashutosh Modi; Ivan Titov; Alexandre Klementiev
Unsupervised Induction of Frame-Semantic Representations

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Transferring Frames: Utilization of Linked Lexical Resources

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Capitalization Cues Improve Dependency Grammar Induction

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Toward Tree Substitution Grammars with Latent Annotations

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Exploiting Partial Annotations with EM Training

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Using Senses in HMM Word Alignment

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Unsupervised Part of Speech Inference with Particle Filters

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Nudging the Envelope of Direct Transfer Methods for Multilingual Named Entity Recognition

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The PASCAL Challenge on Grammar Induction

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Two baselines for unsupervised dependency parsing

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Unsupervised Dependency Parsing using Reducibility and Fertility features

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Induction of Linguistic Structure with Combinatory Categorial Grammars

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Turning the pipeline into a loop: Iterated unsupervised dependency parsing and PoS induction

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Hierarchical clustering of word class distributions

W12-1915 [bib]: Kewei Tu
Combining the Sparsity and Unambiguity Biases for Grammar Induction

Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Building Educational Applications Using NLP

W12-20 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2000: Front Matter

W12-2001 [bib]: Lee Becker; Martha Palmer; Sarel van Vuuren; Wayne Ward
Question Ranking and Selection in Tutorial Dialogues

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Identifying science concepts and student misconceptions in an interactive essay writing tutor

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Automatic Grading of Scientific Inquiry

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Exploring Grammatical Error Correction with Not-So-Crummy Machine Translation

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Measuring the Use of Factual Information in Test-Taker Essays

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Utilizing Cumulative Logit Model and Human Computation on Automated Speech Assessment

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PREFER: Using a Graph-Based Approach to Generate Paraphrases for Language Learning

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Using an Ontology for Improved Automated Content Scoring of Spontaneous Non-Native Speech

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Predicting Learner Levels for Online Exercises of Hebrew

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On using context for automatic correction of non-word misspellings in student essays

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Judging Grammaticality with Count-Induced Tree Substitution Grammars

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Scoring Spoken Responses Based on Content Accuracy

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Developing ARET: An NLP-based Educational Tool Set for Arabic Reading Enhancement

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Generating Diagnostic Multiple Choice Comprehension Cloze Questions

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Generating Grammar Exercises

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A Comparison of Greedy and Optimal Assessment of Natural Language Student Input Using Word-to-Word Similarity Metrics

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On Improving the Accuracy of Readability Classification using Insights from Second Language Acquisition

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An Interactive Analytic Tool for Peer-Review Exploration

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Vocabulary Profile as a Measure of Vocabulary Sophistication

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Short Answer Assessment: Establishing Links Between Research Strands

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NUS at the HOO 2012 Shared Task

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VTEX Determiner and Preposition Correction System for the HOO 2012 Shared Task

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Precision Isn't Everything: A Hybrid Approach to Grammatical Error Detection

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Korea University System in the HOO 2012 Shared Task

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A Naive Bayes classifier for automatic correction of preposition and determiner errors in ESL text

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KU Leuven at HOO-2012: A Hybrid Approach to Detection and Correction of Determiner and Preposition Errors in Non-native English Text

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The UI System in the HOO 2012 Shared Task on Error Correction

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NAIST at the HOO 2012 Shared Task

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Memory-based text correction for preposition and determiner errors

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Helping Our Own: NTHU NLPLAB System Description

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HOO 2012 Shared Task: UKP Lab System Description

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Crowdsourced Comprehension: Predicting Prerequisite Structure in Wikipedia

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Sense-Specific Lexical Information for Reading Assistance

W12-2039 [bib]: Michael Hahn; Detmar Meurers
Evaluating the Meaning of Answers to Reading Comprehension Questions: A Semantics-Based Approach

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Language in Social Media

W12-21 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2100: Front Matter

W12-2101 [bib]: Smruthi Mukund; Rohini Srihari
Analyzing Urdu Social Media for Sentiments using Transfer Learning with Controlled Translations

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Detecting Distressed and Non-distressed Affect States in Short Forum Texts

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Detecting Hate Speech on the World Wide Web

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A Demographic Analysis of Online Sentiment during Hurricane Irene

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Detecting Influencers in Written Online Conversations

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Re-tweeting from a linguistic perspective

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Robust kaomoji detection in Twitter

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Language Identification for Creating Language-Specific Twitter Collections

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Processing Informal, Romanized Pakistani Text Messages

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for target reader populations

W12-22 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2200: Front Matter

W12-2201 [bib]: Tucker Maney; Linda Sibert; Dennis Perzanowski; Kalyan Gupta; Astrid Schmidt-Nielsen
Toward Determining the Comprehensibility of Machine Translations

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Towards Automatic Lexical Simplification in Spanish: An Empirical Study

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Offline Sentence Processing Measures for testing Readability with Users

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Graphical Schemes May Improve Readability but Not Understandability for People with Dyslexia

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Building Readability Lexicons with Unannotated Corpora

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Making Readability Indices Readable

W12-2207 [bib]: Thomas François; Eleni Miltsakaki
Do NLP and machine learning improve traditional readability formulas?

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Comparing human versus automatic feature extraction for fine-grained elementary readability assessment

Proceedings of the Twelfth Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology

W12-23 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2300: Front Matter

W12-2301 [bib]: Nizar Habash; Ramy Eskander; Abdelati Hawwari
A Morphological Analyzer for Egyptian Arabic

W12-2302 [bib]: Nikhil Kanuparthi; Abhilash Inumella; Dipti Misra Sharma
Hindi Derivational Morphological Analyzer

W12-2303 [bib]: Jianqiang Ma; Dale Gerdemann
Phrase-Based Approach for Adaptive Tokenization

W12-2304 [bib]: Ruey-Cheng Chen; Chiung-Min Tsai; Jieh Hsiang
A Regularized Compression Method to Unsupervised Word Segmentation

W12-2305 [bib]: Lynne Cahill
A rule-based approach to unknown word recognition in Arabic

W12-2306 [bib]: Jane Chandlee; Jeffrey Heinz
Bounded copying is subsequential: Implications for metathesis and reduplication

W12-2307 [bib]: Giorgio Magri
An approximation approach to the problem of the acquisition of phonotactics in Optimality Theory

W12-2308 [bib]: Joe Pater; Robert Staubs; Karen Jesney; Brian Smith
Learning probabilities over underlying representations

W12-2309 [bib]: Katya Pertsova
Linguistic categorization and complexity

BioNLP: Proceedings of the 2012 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing

W12-24 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2400: Front Matter

W12-2401 [bib]: Emily Prud'hommeaux; Brian Roark
Graph-based alignment of narratives for automated neurological assessment

W12-2402 [bib]: Dana Movshovitz-Attias; William W. Cohen
Bootstrapping Biomedical Ontologies for Scientific Text using NELL

W12-2403 [bib]: Marie Dupuch; Laëtitia Dupuch; Thierry Hamon; Natalia Grabar
Semantic distance and terminology structuring methods for the detection of semantically close terms

W12-2404 [bib]: Preethi Raghavan; Eric Fosler-Lussier; Albert Lai
Temporal Classification of Medical Events

W12-2405 [bib]: James Cogley; Nicola Stokes; Joe Carthy; John Dunnion
Analyzing Patient Records to Establish If and When a Patient Suffered from a Medical Condition

W12-2406 [bib]: Dana Movshovitz-Attias; William W. Cohen
Alignment-HMM-based Extraction of Abbreviations from Biomedical Text

W12-2407 [bib]: Danielle L. Mowery; Sumithra Velupillai; Wendy W. Chapman
Medical diagnosis lost in translation – Analysis of uncertainty and negation expressions in English and Swedish clinical texts

W12-2408 [bib]: Oscar Ferrandez; Brett South; Shuying Shen; Stephane Meystre
A Hybrid Stepwise Approach for De-identifying Person Names in Clinical Documents

W12-2409 [bib]: Timothy Miller; Dmitriy Dligach; Guergana Savova
Active Learning for Coreference Resolution

W12-2410 [bib]: Jari Björne; Sofie Van Landeghem; Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Filip Ginter; Yves Van de Peer; Sophia Ananiadou; Tapio Salakoski
PubMed-Scale Event Extraction for Post-Translational Modifications, Epigenetics and Protein Structural Relations

W12-2411 [bib]: Rezarta Islamaj Dogan; Zhiyong Lu
An improved corpus of disease mentions in PubMed citations

W12-2412 [bib]: Sampo Pyysalo; Pontus Stenetorp; Tomoko Ohta; Jin-Dong Kim; Sophia Ananiadou
New Resources and Perspectives for Biomedical Event Extraction

W12-2413 [bib]: Thierry Hamon; Christopher Engström; Mounira Manser; Zina Badji; Natalia Grabar; Sergei Silvestrov
Combining Compositionality and Pagerank for the Identification of Semantic Relations between Biomedical Words

W12-2414 [bib]: Emilia Apostolova; Noriko Tomuro; Pattanasak Mongkolwat; Dina Demner-Fushman
Domain Adaptation of Coreference Resolution for Radiology Reports

W12-2415 [bib]: Attapol Thamrongrattanarit; Michael Shafir; Michael Crivaro; Bensiin Borukhov; Marie Meteer
What can NLP tell us about BioNLP?

W12-2416 [bib]: Brett South; Shuying Shen; Jianwei Leng; Tyler Forbush; Scott DuVall; Wendy Chapman
A Prototype Tool Set to Support Machine-Assisted Annotation

W12-2417 [bib]: Marie Meteer; Borukhov Bensiin; Mike Crivaro; Michael Shafir; Attapol Thamrongrattanarit
MedLingMap: A growing resource mapping the Bio-Medical NLP field

W12-2418 [bib]: Shefali Sharma; Leslie Lange; Jose Luis Ambite; Yigal Arens; Chun-Nan Hsu
Exploring Label Dependency in Active Learning for Phenotype Mapping

W12-2419 [bib]: Ramnath Balasubramanyan; Kathryn Rivard; William W. Cohen; Jelena Jakovljevic; John L. Woolford
Evaluating Joint Modeling of Yeast Biology Literature and Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

W12-2420 [bib]: Catalina Oana Tudor; K Vijay-Shanker
RankPref: Ranking Sentences Describing Relations between Biomedical Entities with an Application

W12-2421 [bib]: Ying Yan; Jee-Hyub Kim; Samuel Croset; Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann
Finding small molecule and protein pairs in scientific literature using a bootstrapping method

W12-2422 [bib]: Binod Gyawali; Thamar Solorio; Yassine Benajiba
Grading the Quality of Medical Evidence

W12-2423 [bib]: Sun Kim; Won Kim; Don Comeau; W. John Wilbur
Classifying Gene Sentences in Biomedical Literature by Combining High-Precision Gene Identifiers

W12-2424 [bib]: Pawel Matykiewicz; John Pestian
Effect of small sample size on text categorization with support vector machines

W12-2425 [bib]: Jin-Dong Kim; Yue Wang
PubAnnotation - a persistent and sharable corpus and annotation repository

W12-2426 [bib]: Richard Boyce; Gregory Gardner; Henk Harkema
Using Natural Language Processing to Extract Drug-Drug Interaction Information from Package Inserts

W12-2427 [bib]: Nate Sutton; Laura Wojtulewicz; Neel Mehta; Graciela Gonzalez
Automatic Approaches for Gene-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Text: Corpus and Comparative Evaluation

W12-2428 [bib]: Yaqiang Wang; Yiguang Liu; Zhonghua Yu; Li Chen; Yongguang Jiang
A Preliminary Work on Symptom Name Recognition from Free-Text Clinical Records of Traditional Chinese Medicine using Conditional Random Fields and Reasonable Features

W12-2429 [bib]: Weiwei Cheng; Judita Preiss; Mark Stevenson
Scaling up WSD with Automatically Generated Examples

W12-2430 [bib]: Yue Wang; Jin-Dong Kim
Boosting the protein name recognition performance by bootstrapping on selected text

Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT 2012 Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature

W12-25 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2500: Front Matter

W12-2501 [bib]: Choonkyu Lee; Smaranda Muresan; Karin Stromswold
Computational Analysis of Referring Expressions in Narratives of Picture Books

W12-2502 [bib]: Justine Kao; Dan Jurafsky
A Computational Analysis of Style, Affect, and Imagery in Contemporary Poetry

W12-2503 [bib]: Rob Voigt; Dan Jurafsky
Towards a Literary Machine Translation: The Role of Referential Cohesion

W12-2504 [bib]: Julian Brooke; Adam Hammond; Graeme Hirst
Unsupervised Stylistic Segmentation of Poetry with Change Curves and Extrinsic Features

W12-2505 [bib]: Qian Yu; Aurèlien Max; François Yvon
Aligning Bilingual Literary Works: a Pilot Study

W12-2506 [bib]: Bei Yu
Function Words for Chinese Authorship Attribution

W12-2507 [bib]: Anders Søgaard
Mining wisdom

W12-2508 [bib]: Andreas van Cranenburgh
Literary authorship attribution with phrase-structure fragments

W12-2509 [bib]: Ann Irvine; Laure Marcellesi; Afra Zomorodian
Digitizing 18th-Century French Literature: Comparing transcription methods for a critical edition text

W12-2510 [bib]: Michael Bendersky; David Smith
A Dictionary of Wisdom and Wit: Learning to Extract Quotable Phrases

W12-2511 [bib]: Wajdi Zaghouani; Abdelati Hawwari; Mona Diab
A Pilot PropBank Annotation for Quranic Arabic

W12-2512 [bib]: Sophie Kushkuley
Trend Analysis in Harper's Bazaar

W12-2513 [bib]: Apoorv Agarwal; Augusto Corvalan; Jacob Jensen; Owen Rambow
Social Network Analysis of Alice in Wonderland

W12-2514 [bib]: Antonio Roque
Towards a computational approach to literary text analysis

Proceedings of Workshop on Evaluation Metrics and System Comparison for Automatic Summarization

W12-26 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2600: Front Matter

W12-2601 [bib]: Karolina Owczarzak; John M. Conroy; Hoa Trang Dang; Ani Nenkova
An Assessment of the Accuracy of Automatic Evaluation in Summarization

W12-2602 [bib]: Gabriel Murray; Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng
Using the Omega Index for Evaluating Abstractive Community Detection

W12-2603 [bib]: Josef Steinberger; Marco Turchi
Machine Translation for Multilingual Summary Content Evaluation

W12-2604 [bib]: Anthony McCallum; Cosmin Munteanu; Gerald Penn; Xiaodan Zhu
Ecological Validity and the Evaluation of Speech Summarization Quality

W12-2605 [bib]: Enrique Amigó; Julio Gonzalo; Felisa Verdejo
The Heterogeneity Principle in Evaluation Measures for Automatic Summarization

W12-2606 [bib]: Shamima Mithun; Leila Kosseim; Prasad Perera
Discrepancy Between Automatic and Manual Evaluation of Summaries

Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT 2012 Workshop: Will We Ever Really Replace the N-gram Model? On the Future of Language Modeling for HLT

W12-27 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2700: Front Matter

W12-2701 [bib]: Hai-Son Le; Alexandre Allauzen; François Yvon
Measuring the Influence of Long Range Dependencies with Neural Network Language Models

W12-2702 [bib]: Holger Schwenk; Anthony Rousseau; Mohammed Attik
Large, Pruned or Continuous Space Language Models on a GPU for Statistical Machine Translation

W12-2703 [bib]: Ebru Arisoy; Tara N. Sainath; Brian Kingsbury; Bhuvana Ramabhadran
Deep Neural Network Language Models

W12-2704 [bib]: Geoffrey Zweig; Chris J.C. Burges
A Challenge Set for Advancing Language Modeling

W12-2705 [bib]: Andrè Mansikkaniemi; Mikko Kurimo
Unsupervised Vocabulary Adaptation for Morph-based Language Models

W12-2706 [bib]: Preethi Jyothi; Leif Johnson; Ciprian Chelba; Brian Strope
Large-scale discriminative language model reranking for voice-search

W12-2707 [bib]: Ariya Rastrow; Sanjeev Khudanpur; Mark Dredze
Revisiting the Case for Explicit Syntactic Information in Language Models

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Semantic Interpretation in an Actionable Context

W12-28 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2800: Front Matter

W12-2801 [bib]: Monica Babes-Vroman; James MacGlashan; Ruoyuan Gao; Kevin Winner; Richard Adjogah; Marie desJardins; Michael Littman; Smaranda Muresan
Learning to Interpret Natural Language Instructions

W12-2802 [bib]: Stefanie Tellex; Pratiksha Thaker; Josh Joseph; Nicholas Roy
Toward Learning Perceptually Grounded Word Meanings from Unaligned Parallel Data

Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

W12-29 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-2900: Front Matter

W12-2901 [bib]: Peter Ljunglöf; Sandra Derbring; Maria Olsson
A free and open-source tool that reads movie subtitles aloud

W12-2902 [bib]: Eva Szekely; Zeeshan Ahmed; Joao P. Cabral; Julie Carson-Berndsen
WinkTalk: a demonstration of a multimodal speech synthesis platform linking facial expressions to expressive synthetic voices

W12-2903 [bib]: Margaret Mitchell; Richard Sproat
Discourse-Based Modeling for AAC

W12-2904 [bib]: Ha Trinh; Annalu Waller; Keith Vertanen; Per Ola Kristensson; Vicki L. Hanson
Applying Prediction Techniques to Phoneme-based AAC Systems

W12-2905 [bib]: Karl Wiegand; Rupal Patel
Non-Syntactic Word Prediction for AAC

W12-2906 [bib]: Nancy Green; Curry Guinn; Ronnie Smith
Assisting Social Conversation between Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and their Conversational Partners

W12-2907 [bib]: Frank Rudzicz; Rozanne Wilson; Alex Mihailidis; Elizabeth Rochon; Carol Leonard
Communication strategies for a computerized caregiver for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease

W12-2908 [bib]: Kris Lohmann; Ole Eichhorn; Timo Baumann
Generating Situated Assisting Utterances to Facilitate Tactile-Map Understanding: A Prototype System

W12-2909 [bib]: Pengfei Lu; Matt Huenerfauth
Learning a Vector-Based Model of American Sign Language Inflecting Verbs from Motion-Capture Data

W12-2910 [bib]: Stefan Bott; Horacio Saggion; David Figueroa
A Hybrid System for Spanish Text Simplification

Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Automatic Knowledge Base Construction and Web-scale Knowledge Extraction (AKBC-WEKEX)

W12-30 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3000: Front Matter

W12-3001 [bib]: Mathias Niepert; Christian Meilicke; Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Towards Distributed MCMC Inference in Probabilistic Knowledge Bases

W12-3002 [bib]: Bhavana Dalvi; William Cohen; Jamie Callan
Collectively Representing Semi-Structured Data from the Web

W12-3003 [bib]: Horacio Saggion
Unsupervised Content Discovery from Concise Summaries

W12-3004 [bib]: Mirko Bronzi; Zhaochen Guo; Filipe Mesquita; Denilson Barbosa; Paolo Merialdo
Automatic Evaluation of Relation Extraction Systems on Large-scale

W12-3005 [bib]: Suzanne Tamang; Heng Ji
Relabeling Distantly Supervised Training Data for Temporal Knowledge Base Population

W12-3006 [bib]: Bin Li; Jiajun Chen; Yingjie Zhang
Web Based Collection and Comparison of Cognitive Properties in English and Chinese

W12-3007 [bib]: Rosa Stern; Benoît Sagot
Population of a Knowledge Base for News Metadata from Unstructured Text and Web Data

W12-3008 [bib]: Ndapandula Nakashole; Gerhard Weikum
Real-time Population of Knowledge Bases: Opportunities and Challenges

W12-3009 [bib]: Matt Gardner
Adding Distributional Semantics to Knowledge Base Entities through Web-scale Entity Linking

W12-3010 [bib]: Alan Akbik; Alexander Löser
KrakeN: N-ary Facts in Open Information Extraction

W12-3011 [bib]: Ralph Grishman
Structural Linguistics and Unsupervised Information Extraction

W12-3012 [bib]: Veselin Stoyanov; James Mayfield; Tan Xu; Douglas Oard; Dawn Lawrie; Tim Oates; Tim Finin
A Context-Aware Approach to Entity Linking

W12-3013 [bib]: James Mayfield; Tim Finin
Evaluating the Quality of a Knowledge Base Populated from Text

W12-3014 [bib]: Peter Clark; Phil Harrison; Niranjan Balasubramanian; Oren Etzioni
Constructing a Textual KB from a Biology TextBook

W12-3015 [bib]: Chloè Kiddon; Pedro Domingos
Knowledge Extraction and Joint Inference Using Tractable Markov Logic

W12-3016 [bib]: Thomas Lin; Mausam; Oren Etzioni
Entity Linking at Web Scale

W12-3017 [bib]: Michael Wick; Karl Schultz; Andrew McCallum
Human-Machine Cooperation: Supporting User Corrections to Automatically Constructed KBs

W12-3018 [bib]: Courtney Napoles; Matthew Gormley; Benjamin Van Durme
Annotated Gigaword

W12-3019 [bib]: Niranjan Balasubramanian; Stephen Soderland; Mausam; Oren Etzioni
Rel-grams: A Probabilistic Model of Relations in Text

W12-3020 [bib]: Daisy Zhe Wang; Yang Chen; Sean Goldberg; Christan Grant; Kun Li
Automatic Knowledge Base Construction using Probabilistic Extraction, Deductive Reasoning, and Human Feedback

W12-3021 [bib]: Sameer Singh; Michael Wick; Andrew McCallum
Monte Carlo MCMC: Efficient Inference by Sampling Factors

W12-3022 [bib]: Limin Yao; Sebastian Riedel; Andrew McCallum
Probabilistic Databases of Universal Schema

W12-3023 [bib]: Jonathan Gordon; Lenhart Schubert
Using Textual Patterns to Learn Expected Event Frequencies

Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

W12-31 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3100: Front Matter

W12-3101 [bib]: Adam Lopez
Putting Human Assessments of Machine Translation Systems in Order

W12-3102 [bib]: Chris Callison-Burch; Philipp Koehn; Christof Monz; Matt Post; Radu Soricut; Lucia Specia
Findings of the 2012 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

W12-3103 [bib]: Julio Castillo; Paula Estrella
Semantic Textual Similarity for MT evaluation

W12-3104 [bib]: Boxing Chen; Roland Kuhn; George Foster
Improving AMBER, an MT Evaluation Metric

W12-3105 [bib]: Mark Fishel; Rico Sennrich; Maja Popović; Ondřej Bojar
TerrorCat: a Translation Error Categorization-based MT Quality Metric

W12-3106 [bib]: Maja Popovic
Class error rates for evaluation of machine translation output

W12-3107 [bib]: Mengqiu Wang; Christopher Manning
SPEDE: Probabilistic Edit Distance Metrics for MT Evaluation

W12-3108 [bib]: Eleftherios Avramidis
Quality estimation for Machine Translation output using linguistic analysis and decoding features

W12-3109 [bib]: Christian Buck
Black Box Features for the WMT 2012 Quality Estimation Shared Task

W12-3110 [bib]: Mariano Felice; Lucia Specia
Linguistic Features for Quality Estimation

W12-3111 [bib]: Jesús González-Rubio; Alberto Sanchìs; Francisco Casacuberta
PRHLT Submission to the WMT12 Quality Estimation Task

W12-3112 [bib]: Christian Hardmeier; Joakim Nivre; Jörg Tiedemann
Tree Kernels for Machine Translation Quality Estimation

W12-3113 [bib]: David Langlois; Sylvain Raybaud; Kamel Smaïli
LORIA System for the WMT12 Quality Estimation Shared Task

W12-3114 [bib]: Erwan Moreau; Carl Vogel
Quality Estimation: an experimental study using unsupervised similarity measures

W12-3115 [bib]: Daniele Pighin; Meritxell González; Lluìs Màrquez
The UPC Submission to the WMT 2012 Shared Task on Quality Estimation

W12-3116 [bib]: Maja Popovic
Morpheme- and POS-based IBM1 and language model scores for translation quality estimation

W12-3117 [bib]: Raphael Rubino; Jennifer Foster; Joachim Wagner; Johann Roturier; Rasul Samad Zadeh Kaljahi; Fred Hollowood
DCU-Symantec Submission for the WMT 2012 Quality Estimation Task

W12-3118 [bib]: Radu Soricut; Nguyen Bach; Ziyuan Wang
The SDL Language Weaver Systems in the WMT12 Quality Estimation Shared Task

W12-3119 [bib]: Chunyang Wu; Hai Zhao
Regression with Phrase Indicators for Estimating MT Quality

W12-3120 [bib]: Yong Zhuang; Guillaume Wisniewski; François Yvon
Non-Linear Models for Confidence Estimation

W12-3121 [bib]: Radu Soricut; Sushant Narsale
Combining Quality Prediction and System Selection for Improved Automatic Translation Output

W12-3122 [bib]: Yashar Mehdad; Matteo Negri; Marcello Federico
Match without a Referee: Evaluating MT Adequacy without Reference Translations

W12-3123 [bib]: Maarit Koponen
Comparing human perceptions of post-editing effort with post-editing operations

W12-3124 [bib]: Antti-Veikko Rosti; Xiaodong He; Damianos Karakos; Gregor Leusch; Yuan Cao; Markus Freitag; Spyros Matsoukas; Hermann Ney; Jason Smith; Bing Zhang
Review of Hypothesis Alignment Algorithms for MT System Combination via Confusion Network Decoding

W12-3125 [bib]: Colin Cherry; Robert C. Moore; Chris Quirk
On Hierarchical Re-ordering and Permutation Parsing for Phrase-based Decoding

W12-3126 [bib]: Dennis Nolan Mehay; Christopher Hardie Brew
CCG Syntactic Reordering Models for Phrase-based Machine Translation

W12-3127 [bib]: Jonathan Weese; Chris Callison-Burch; Adam Lopez
Using Categorial Grammar to Label Translation Rules

W12-3128 [bib]: Junhui Li; Zhaopeng Tu; Guodong Zhou; Josef van Genabith
Using Syntactic Head Information in Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation

W12-3129 [bib]: Chi-kiu Lo; Anand Karthik Tumuluru; Dekai Wu
Fully Automatic Semantic MT Evaluation

W12-3130 [bib]: Ondřej Bojar; Bushra Jawaid; Amir Kamran
Probes in a Taxonomy of Factored Phrase-Based Models

W12-3131 [bib]: Michael Denkowski; Greg Hanneman; Alon Lavie
The CMU-Avenue French-English Translation System

W12-3132 [bib]: Ondřej Dušek; Zdeněk Žabokrtský; Martin Popel; Martin Majliš; Michal Novák; David Mareček
Formemes in English-Czech Deep Syntactic MT

W12-3133 [bib]: Lluis Formiga; Carlos A. Henrìquez Q.; Adolfo Hernández; Josè B. Mariño; Enric Monte; Josè A. R. Fonollosa
The TALP-UPC phrase-based translation systems for WMT12: Morphology simplification and domain adaptation

W12-3134 [bib]: Juri Ganitkevitch; Yuan Cao; Jonathan Weese; Matt Post; Chris Callison-Burch
Joshua 4.0: Packing, PRO, and Paraphrases

W12-3135 [bib]: Ulrich Germann
Syntax-aware Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation: System Description

W12-3136 [bib]: Francisco Guzman; Preslav Nakov; Ahmed Thabet; Stephan Vogel
QCRI at WMT12: Experiments in Spanish-English and German-English Machine Translation of News Text

W12-3137 [bib]: Matthias Huck; Stephan Peitz; Markus Freitag; Malte Nuhn; Hermann Ney
The RWTH Aachen Machine Translation System for WMT 2012

W12-3138 [bib]: Sabine Hunsicker; Chen Yu; Christian Federmann
Machine Learning for Hybrid Machine Translation

W12-3139 [bib]: Philipp Koehn; Barry Haddow
Towards Effective Use of Training Data in Statistical Machine Translation

W12-3140 [bib]: Freitag Markus; Peitz Stephan; Huck Matthias; Ney Hermann; Niehues Jan; Herrmann Teresa; Waibel Alex; Hai-son Le; Lavergne Thomas; Allauzen Alexandre; Buschbeck Bianka; Crego Joseph Maria; Senellart Jean
Joint WMT 2012 Submission of the QUAERO Project

W12-3141 [bib]: Hai-Son Le; Thomas Lavergne; Alexandre Allauzen; Marianna Apidianaki; Li Gong; Aurèlien Max; Artem Sokolov; Guillaume Wisniewski; François Yvon

W12-3142 [bib]: Verónica López-Ludeña; Rubèn San-Segundo; Juan M. Montero
UPM system for WMT 2012

W12-3143 [bib]: Alexander Molchanov
PROMT DeepHybrid system for WMT12 shared translation task

W12-3144 [bib]: Jan Niehues; Yuqi Zhang; Mohammed Mediani; Teresa Herrmann; Eunah Cho; Alex Waibel
The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Translation Systems for the WMT 2012

W12-3145 [bib]: Majid Razmara; Baskaran Sankaran; Ann Clifton; Anoop Sarkar
Kriya - The SFU System for Translation Task at WMT-12

W12-3146 [bib]: Rudolf Rosa; David Mareček; Ondřej Dušek
DEPFIX: A System for Automatic Correction of Czech MT Outputs

W12-3147 [bib]: Christophe Servan; Patrik Lambert; Anthony Rousseau; Holger Schwenk; Loïc Barrault
LIUM’s SMT Machine Translation Systems for WMT 2012

W12-3148 [bib]: Aleš Tamchyna; Petra Galuščáková; Amir Kamran; Miloš Stanojević; Ondřej Bojar
Selecting Data for English-to-Czech Machine Translation

W12-3149 [bib]: David Vilar
DFKI's SMT System for WMT 2012

W12-3150 [bib]: Philip Williams; Philipp Koehn
GHKM Rule Extraction and Scope-3 Parsing in Moses

W12-3151 [bib]: Daniel Zeman
Data Issues of the Multilingual Translation Matrix

W12-3152 [bib]: Matt Post; Chris Callison-Burch; Miles Osborne
Constructing Parallel Corpora for Six Indian Languages via Crowdsourcing

W12-3153 [bib]: Laura Jehl; Felix Hieber; Stefan Riezler
Twitter Translation using Translation-Based Cross-Lingual Retrieval

W12-3154 [bib]: Barry Haddow; Philipp Koehn
Analysing the Effect of Out-of-Domain Data on SMT Systems

W12-3155 [bib]: Nicola Bertoldi; Mauro Cettolo; Marcello Federico; Christian Buck
Evaluating the Learning Curve of Domain Adaptive Statistical Machine Translation Systems

W12-3156 [bib]: Marine Carpuat; Michel Simard
The Trouble with SMT Consistency

W12-3157 [bib]: Joern Wuebker; Hermann Ney
Phrase Model Training for Statistical Machine Translation with Word Lattices of Preprocessing Alternatives

W12-3158 [bib]: Joern Wuebker; Mei-Yuh Hwang; Chris Quirk
Leave-One-Out Phrase Model Training for Large-Scale Deployment

W12-3159 [bib]: Tagyoung Chung; Michel Galley
Direct Error Rate Minimization for Statistical Machine Translation

W12-3160 [bib]: Vladimir Eidelman
Optimization Strategies for Online Large-Margin Learning in Machine Translation

Proceedings of the ACL-2012 Special Workshop on Rediscovering 50 Years of Discoveries

W12-32 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3200: Front Matter

W12-3201 [bib]: Dragomir Radev; Amjad Abu-Jbara
Rediscovering ACL Discoveries Through the Lens of ACL Anthology Network Citing Sentences

W12-3202 [bib]: Ashton Anderson; Dan Jurafsky; Daniel A. McFarland
Towards a Computational History of the ACL: 1980-2008

W12-3203 [bib]: Yanchuan Sim; Noah A. Smith; David A. Smith
Discovering Factions in the Computational Linguistics Community

W12-3204 [bib]: Adam Vogel; Dan Jurafsky
He Said, She Said: Gender in the ACL Anthology

W12-3205 [bib]: Bonnie Webber; Aravind Joshi
Discourse Structure and Computation: Past, Present and Future

W12-3206 [bib]: Melanie Reiplinger; Ulrich Schäfer; Magdalena Wolska
Extracting glossary sentences from scholarly articles: A comparative evaluation of pattern bootstrapping and deep analysis

W12-3207 [bib]: Vidas Daudaravicius
Applying Collocation Segmentation to the ACL Anthology Reference Corpus

W12-3208 [bib]: Parth Gupta; Paolo Rosso
Text Reuse with ACL: (Upward) Trends

W12-3209 [bib]: Praveen Bysani; Min-Yen Kan
Integrating User-Generated Content in the ACL Anthology

W12-3210 [bib]: Ulrich Schäfer; Jonathon Read; Stephan Oepen
Towards an ACL Anthology Corpus with Logical Document Structure. An Overview of the ACL 2012 Contributed Task

W12-3211 [bib]: Øyvind Raddum Berg; Stephan Oepen; Jonathon Read
Towards High-Quality Text Stream Extraction from PDF. Technical Background to the ACL 2012 Contributed Task

W12-3212 [bib]: Ulrich Schäfer; Benjamin Weitz
Combining OCR Outputs for Logical Document Structure Markup. Technical Background to the ACL 2012 Contributed Task

W12-3213 [bib]: Huy Do Hoang Nhat; Praveen Bysani
Linking Citations to their Bibliographic references

Proceedings of ACL 2012 Student Research Workshop

W12-33 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3300: Front Matter

W12-3301 [bib]: Carlos Ramisch; Vitor De Araujo; Aline Villavicencio
A Broad Evaluation of Techniques for Automatic Acquisition of Multiword Expressions

W12-3302 [bib]: Vinodkumar Prabhakaran
Detecting Power Relations from Written Dialog

W12-3303 [bib]: Chunyong Luo; Yangsheng Ji; Xinyu Dai; Jiajun Chen
Active Learning with Transfer Learning

W12-3304 [bib]: Dieu-Thu Le; Raffaella Bernardi
Query classification using topic models and support vector machine

W12-3305 [bib]: Keith Stevens
Evaluating Unsupervised Ensembles when applied to Word Sense Induction

W12-3306 [bib]: Kayo Tatsukawa
Topic Extraction based on Prior Knowledge obtained from Target Documents

W12-3307 [bib]: Martin Riedl; Chris Biemann
TopicTiling: A Text Segmentation Algorithm based on LDA

W12-3308 [bib]: Raphael Cohen; Yoav Goldberg; Michael Elhadad
Domain Adaptation of a Dependency Parser with a Class-Class Selectional Preference Model

W12-3309 [bib]: Jennifer Williams
Extracting fine-grained durations for verbs from Twitter

W12-3310 [bib]: Isin Demirsahin
Discourse Structure in Simultaneous Spoken Turkish

W12-3311 [bib]: Carlos Ramisch
A Generic Framework for Multiword Expressions Treatment: from Acquisition to Applications

W12-3312 [bib]: Liwei Chen; Yansong Feng; Yidong Chen; Lei Zou; Dongyan Zhao
Towards Automatic Construction of Knowledge Bases from Chinese Online Resources

Proceedings of the ACL 2012 Joint Workshop on Statistical Parsing and Semantic Processing of Morphologically Rich Languages

W12-34 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3400: Front Matter

W12-3401 [bib]: Enrique Henestroza Anguiano; Marie Candito
Probabilistic Lexical Generalization for French Dependency Parsing

W12-3402 [bib]: Yannick Versley
Supervised Learning of German Qualia Relations

W12-3403 [bib]: Abdelati Hawwari; Kfir Bar; Mona Diab
Building an Arabic Multiword Expressions Repository

W12-3404 [bib]: Alejandra Lorenzo; Christophe Cerisara
Unsupervised frame based Semantic Role Induction: application to French and English

W12-3405 [bib]: Yannick Versley; Verena Henrich
Using Synthetic Compounds for Word Sense Discrimination

W12-3406 [bib]: Szymon Acedański; Adam Slaski; Adam Przepiórkowski
Machine Learning of Syntactic Attachment from Morphosyntactic and Semantic Co-occurrence Statistics

W12-3407 [bib]: Iakes Goenaga; Koldobika Gojenola; Marìa Jesús Aranzabe; Arantza Dìaz de Ilarraza; Kepa Bengoetxea
Combining Rule-Based and Statistical Syntactic Analyzers

W12-3408 [bib]: Joseph Le Roux; Benoit Sagot; Djamé Seddah
Statistical Parsing of Spanish and Data Driven Lemmatization

W12-3409 [bib]: João Silva; António Branco
Assigning Deep Lexical Types Using Structured Classifier Features for Grammatical Dependencies

W12-3410 [bib]: Nathan Green; Loganathan Ramasamy; Zdeněk Žabokrtský
Using an SVM Ensemble System for Improved Tamil Dependency Parsing

W12-3411 [bib]: DongHyun Choi; Jungyeul Park; Key-Sun Choi
Korean Treebank Transformation for Parser Training

W12-3412 [bib]: Joseph Le Roux; Benoit Favre; Alexis Nasr; Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel
Generative Constituent Parsing and Discriminative Dependency Reranking: Experiments on English and French

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Speech and Multimodal Interaction in Assistive Environments

W12-35 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3500: Front Matter

W12-3501 [bib]: Stefan Goetze; Sven Fischer; Niko Moritz; Jens-E. Appell; Frank Wallhoff
Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction for Service Robots in Home-Care Environments

W12-3502 [bib]: Kiran Pala; Ram Naresh; Sachin Joshi; Suryakanth V Ganagshetty
Integration of Multimodal Interaction as Assistance in Virtual Environments

W12-3503 [bib]: Ramin Yaghoubzadeh; Stefan Kopp
Toward a Virtual Assistant for Vulnerable Users: Designing Careful Interaction

W12-3504 [bib]: Dimitra Anastasiou; Cui Jian; Desislava Zhekova
Speech and Gesture Interaction in an Ambient Assisted Living Lab

W12-3505 [bib]: Benjamin Cauchi; Stefan Goetze; Simon Doclo
Reduction of Non-stationary Noise for a Robotic Living Assistant using Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization

W12-3506 [bib]: Janneke van de Loo; Jort F. Gemmeke; Guy De Pauw; Joris Driesen; Hugo Van hamme; Walter Daelemans
Towards a Self-Learning Assistive Vocal Interface: Vocabulary and Grammar Learning

W12-3507 [bib]: Sankar Mukherjee; Shyamal Kumar Das Mandal
A Bengali Speech Synthesizer on Android OS

Proceedings of the Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop

W12-36 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3600: Front Matter

W12-3601 [bib]: James Pustejovsky
The Role of Linguistic Models and Language Annotation in Feature Selection for Machine Learning

W12-3602 [bib]: Angelina Ivanova; Stephan Oepen; Lilja Øvrelid; Dan Flickinger
Who Did What to Whom? A Contrastive Study of Syntacto-Semantic Dependencies

W12-3603 [bib]: Jirka Hana; Jan Štěpánek
Prague Markup Language Framework

W12-3604 [bib]: Clèmentine Adam; Marianne Vergez-Couret
Exploiting naive vs expert discourse annotations: an experiment using lexical cohesion to predict Elaboration / Entity-Elaboration confusions

W12-3605 [bib]: Isin Demirsahin; Ihsan Yalcinkaya; Deniz Zeyrek
Pair Annotation: Adaption of Pair Programming to Corpus Annotation

W12-3606 [bib]: Sophie Rosset; Cyril Grouin; Karën Fort; Olivier Galibert; Juliette Kahn; Pierre Zweigenbaum
Structured Named Entities in two distinct press corpora: Contemporary Broadcast News and Old Newspapers

W12-3607 [bib]: Prudhvi Kosaraju; Bharat Ram Ambati; Samar Husain; Dipti Misra Sharma; Rajeev Sangal
Intra-Chunk Dependency Annotation : Expanding Hindi Inter-Chunk Annotated Treebank

W12-3608 [bib]: Nancy Ide; Keith Suderman
A Model for Linguistic Resource Description

W12-3609 [bib]: Bayu Distiawan; Ruli Manurung
A GrAF-compliant Indonesian Speech Recognition Web Service on the Language Grid for Transcription Crowdsourcing

W12-3610 [bib]: Karin Verspoor; Kevin Livingston
Towards Adaptation of Linguistic Annotations to Scholarly Annotation Formalisms on the Semantic Web

W12-3611 [bib]: Kim Gerdes; Sylvain Kahane; Anne Lacheret; Paola Pietandrea; Arthur Truong
Intonosyntactic Data Structures: The Rhapsodie Treebank of Spoken French

W12-3612 [bib]: Wilson McCoy; Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm; Cara Calvelli; Rui Li; Jeff B. Pelz; Pengcheng Shi; Anne Haake
Annotation Schemes to Encode Domain Knowledge in Medical Narratives

W12-3613 [bib]: Manuel Burghardt
Usability Recommendations for Annotation Tools

W12-3614 [bib]: Lars Borin; Markus Forsberg; Karin Friberg Heppin; Richard Johansson; Annika Kjellandsson
Search Result Diversification Methods to Assist Lexicographers

W12-3615 [bib]: Adam Przepiórkowski; Michał Lenart
Simultaneous error detection at two levels of syntactic annotation

W12-3616 [bib]: Yuping Zhou; Nianwen Xue
Exploring Temporal Vagueness with Mechanical Turk

W12-3617 [bib]: Sun-Hee Lee; Markus Dickinson; Ross Israel
Developing Learner Corpus Annotation for Korean Particle Errors

W12-3618 [bib]: Francesca Bonin; Fabio Cavulli; Aronne Noriller; Massimo Poesio; Egon W. Stemle
Annotating Archaeological Texts: An Example of Domain-Specific Annotation in the Humanities

W12-3619 [bib]: Anais Cadilhac; Nicholas Asher; Farah Benamara
Annotating Preferences in Chats for Strategic Games

W12-3620 [bib]: Ruket Cakici
Morpheme Segmentation in the METU-Sabancı Turkish Treebank

W12-3621 [bib]: Frèdèric Papazian; Robert Bossy; Claire Nèdellec
AlvisAE: a collaborative Web text annotation editor for knowledge acquisition

W12-3622 [bib]: Jin-Dong Kim; Yue Wang
CSAF - a community-sourcing annotation framework

W12-3623 [bib]: Riyaz Ahmad Bhat; Dr. Dipti Misra Sharma
Dependency Treebank of Urdu and its Evaluation

W12-3624 [bib]: Wolfgang Maier; Sandra Kübler; Erhard Hinrichs; Julia Kriwanek
Annotating Coordination in the Penn Treebank

W12-3625 [bib]: Sun-Hee Lee; Jae-Young Song
Annotating Particle Realization and Ellipsis in Korean

W12-3626 [bib]: David Bracewell; Marc Tomlinson; Mary Brunson; Jesse Plymale; Jiajun Bracewell; Daniel Boerger
Annotation of Adversarial and Collegial Social Actions in Discourse

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop in Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis

W12-37 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3700: Front Matter

W12-3701 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea
Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

W12-3702 [bib]: Janyce Wiebe
Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation

W12-3703 [bib]: Arturo Montejo-Ráez; Eugenio Martìnez-Cámara; M. Teresa Martìn-Valdivia; L. Alfonso Ureña-López
Random Walk Weighting over SentiWordNet for Sentiment Polarity Detection on Twitter

W12-3704 [bib]: Akshat Bakliwal; Piyush Arora; Senthil Madhappan; Nikhil Kapre; Mukesh Singh; Vasudeva Varma
Mining Sentiments from Tweets

W12-3705 [bib]: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed; Sandra Kuebler; Mona Diab
SAMAR: A System for Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Social Media

W12-3706 [bib]: Boyan Bonev; Gema Ramìrez Sánchez; Sergio Ortiz Rojas
Opinum: statistical sentiment analysis for opinion classification

W12-3707 [bib]: Amitava Das; Gambäck Björn
Sentimantics: Conceptual Spaces for Lexical Sentiment Polarity Representation with Contextuality

W12-3708 [bib]: Maya Ando; Shun Ishizaki
Analysis of Travel Review Data from Reader’s Point of View

W12-3709 [bib]: Alexandra Balahur; Marco Turchi
Multilingual Sentiment Analysis using Machine Translation?

W12-3710 [bib]: Jie Yin; Nalin Narang; Paul Thomas; Cecile Paris
Unifying Local and Global Agreement and Disagreement Classification in Online Debates

W12-3711 [bib]: Diman Ghazi; Diana Inkpen; Stan Szpakowicz
Prior versus Contextual Emotion of a Word in a Sentence

W12-3712 [bib]: Phillip Smith; Mark Lee
Cross-discourse Development of Supervised Sentiment Analysis in the Clinical Domain

W12-3713 [bib]: Kevin Reschke; Pranav Anand
POLITICAL-ADS: An annotated corpus for modeling event-level evaluativity

W12-3714 [bib]: Michal Ptaszynski; Rafal Rzepka; Kenji Araki; Yoshio Momouchi
Automatically Annotating A Five-Billion-Word Corpus of Japanese Blogs for Affect and Sentiment Analysis

W12-3715 [bib]: Gábor Berend; Veronika Vincze
How to Evaluate Opinionated Keyphrase Extraction?

W12-3716 [bib]: Josef Ruppenhofer; Ines Rehbein
Semantic frames as an anchor representation for sentiment analysis

W12-3717 [bib]: Dasha Bogdanova; Paolo Rosso; Thamar Solorio
On the Impact of Sentiment and Emotion Based Features in Detecting Online Sexual Predators

Proceedings of the Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Linguistics

W12-38 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3800: Front Matter

W12-3801 [bib]: Kathryn Womack; Wilson McCoy; Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm; Cara Calvelli; Jeff B. Pelz; Pengcheng Shi; Anne Haake
Disfluencies as Extra-Propositional Indicators of Cognitive Processing

W12-3802 [bib]: Farah Benamara; Baptiste Chardon; Yannick Mathieu; Vladimir Popescu; Nicholas Asher
How do Negation and Modality Impact on Opinions?

W12-3803 [bib]: Wilson McCoy; Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm; Cara Calvelli; Jeff B. Pelz; Pengcheng Shi; Anne Haake
Linking Uncertainty in Physicians' Narratives to Diagnostic Correctness

W12-3804 [bib]: Erik Velldal; Jonathon Read
Factuality Detection on the Cheap: Inferring Factuality for Increased Precision in Detecting Negated Events

W12-3805 [bib]: Guillermo Moncecchi; Jean-Luc Minel; Dina Wonsever
Improving Speculative Language Detection using Linguistic Knowledge

W12-3806 [bib]: Pontus Stenetorp; Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Sophia Ananiadou; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Bridging the Gap Between Scope-based and Event-based Negation/Speculation Annotations: A Bridge Not Too Far

W12-3807 [bib]: Vinodkumar Prabhakaran; Michael Bloodgood; Mona Diab; Bonnie Dorr; Lori Levin; Christine D. Piatko; Owen Rambow; Benjamin Van Durme
Statistical Modality Tagging from Rule-based Annotations and Crowdsourcing

W12-3808 [bib]: Pranav Anand; Craig Martell
Annotating the Focus of Negation in terms of Questions Under Discussion

W12-3809 [bib]: Eunsol Choi; Chenhao Tan; Lillian Lee; Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil; Jennifer Spindel
Hedge Detection as a Lens on Framing in the GMO Debates: A Position Paper

W12-3810 [bib]: Alexander Conrad; Janyce Wiebe; Rebecca Hwa
Recognizing Arguing Subjectivity and Argument Tags

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Multilingual Modeling

W12-39 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-3900: Front Matter

W12-3901 [bib]: Sokratis Sofianopoulos; Marina Vassiliou; George Tambouratzis
Implementing a Language-Independent MT Methodology

W12-3902 [bib]: Mahathi Bhagavatula; Santosh GSK; Vasudeva Varma
Language Independent Named Entity Identification using Wikipedia

W12-3903 [bib]: Loganathan Ramasamy; Zdeněk Žabokrtský; Sowmya Vajjala
The Study of Effect of Length in Morphological Segmentation of Agglutinative Languages

W12-3904 [bib]: Roger Granada; Lucelene Lopes; Carlos Ramisch; Cassia Trojahn; Renata Vieira; Aline Villavicencio
A Comparable Corpus Based on Aligned Multilingual Ontologies

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on the People's Web Meets NLP: Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources and their Applications to NLP

W12-40 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4000: Front Matter

W12-4001 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Claudiu Cristian Musat; Alireza Ghasemi; Boi Faltings
Sentiment Analysis Using a Novel Human Computation Game

W12-4002 [bib]: Mathieu Mangeot; Carlos Ramisch
A Serious Game for Building a Portuguese Lexical-Semantic Network

W12-4003 [bib]: Asanka Wasala; Reinhard Schäler; Ruvan Weerasinghe; Chris Exton
Collaboratively Building Language Resources while Localising the Web

W12-4004 [bib]: Hui Yang
Resolving Task Specification and Path Inconsistency in Taxonomy Construction

W12-4005 [bib]: Omer Farukhan Gunes; Tim Furche; Christian Schallhart; Jens Lehmann; Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
EAGER: Extending Automatically Gazetteers for Entity Recognition

W12-4006 [bib]: Elena Cabrio; Bernardo Magnini; Angelina Ivanova
Extracting Context-Rich Entailment Rules from Wikipedia Revision History

Workshop Proceedings of TextGraphs-7: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing

W12-41 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4100: Front Matter

W12-4101 [bib]: Javid Ebrahimi; Mohammad Saniee Abadeh
A New Parametric Estimation Method for Graph-based Clustering

W12-4102 [bib]: Ahmed Hassan; Amjad Abu-Jbara; Dragomir Radev
Extracting Signed Social Networks from Text

W12-4103 [bib]: Min-Chul Yang; Jung-Tae Lee; Hae-Chang Rim
Using Link Analysis to Discover Interesting Messages Spread Across Twitter

W12-4104 [bib]: Einat Minkov; William Cohen
Graph Based Similarity Measures for Synonym Extraction from Parsed Text

W12-4105 [bib]: Kiem-Hieu Nguyen; Cheol-Young Ock
Semantic Relatedness for Biomedical Word Sense Disambiguation

W12-4106 [bib]: Gabor Melli
Identifying Untyped Relation Mentions in a Corpus given an Ontology

W12-4107 [bib]: Zornitsa Kozareva
Cause-Effect Relation Learning

W12-4108 [bib]: Miao Fan; Yingnan Xiao; Qiang Zhou
Bringing the Associative Ability to Social Tag Recommendation

Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation

W12-42 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4200: Front Matter

W12-4201 [bib]: Marianna Apidianaki; Guillaume Wisniewski; Artem Sokolov; Aurèlien Max; François Yvon
WSD for n-best reranking and local language modeling in SMT

W12-4202 [bib]: Rui Wang; Petya Osenova; Kiril Simov
Linguistically-Enriched Models for Bulgarian-to-English Machine Translation

W12-4203 [bib]: Dominikus Wetzel; Francis Bond
Enriching Parallel Corpora for Statistical Machine Translation with Semantic Negation Rephrasing

W12-4204 [bib]: Ondrej Bojar; Dekai Wu
Towards a Predicate-Argument Evaluation for MT

W12-4205 [bib]: Rudolf Rosa; Ondřej Dušek; David Mareček; Martin Popel
Using Parallel Features in Parsing of Machine-Translated Sentences for Correction of Grammatical Errors

W12-4206 [bib]: Chi-kiu Lo; Dekai Wu
Unsupervised vs. supervised weight estimation for semantic MT evaluation metrics

W12-4207 [bib]: Dan Han; Katsuhito Sudoh; Xianchao Wu; Kevin Duh; Hajime Tsukada; Masaaki Nagata
Head Finalization Reordering for Chinese-to-Japanese Machine Translation

W12-4208 [bib]: Petter Haugereid; Francis Bond
Extracting Semantic Transfer Rules from Parallel Corpora with SMT Phrase Aligners

W12-4209 [bib]: Daniel Quernheim; Kevin Knight
Towards Probabilistic Acceptors and Transducers for Feature Structures

W12-4210 [bib]: Mihael Arcan; Christian Federmann; Paul Buitelaar
Using Domain-specific and Collaborative Resources for Term Translation

W12-4211 [bib]: Karunesh Kumar Arora; R. Mahesh K. Sinha
Improving Statistical Machine Translation through co-joining parts of verbal constructs in English-Hindi translation

W12-4212 [bib]: Svetla Koeva; Svetlozara Leseva; Ivelina Stoyanova; Rositsa Dekova; Angel Genov; Borislav Rizov; Tsvetana Dimitrova; Ekaterina Tarpomanova; Hristina Kukova
Application of Clause Alignment for Statistical Machine Translation

W12-4213 [bib]: Hirotoshi Taira; Katsuhito Sudoh; Masaaki Nagata
Zero Pronoun Resolution can Improve the Quality of J-E Translation

Proceedings of the Workshop on Detecting Structure in Scholarly Discourse

W12-43 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4300: Front Matter

W12-4301 [bib]: Dae Hoon Park; Catherine Blake
Identifying Comparative Claim Sentences in Full-Text Scientific Articles

W12-4302 [bib]: Àgnes Sándor; Anita de Waard
Identifying Claimed Knowledge Updates in Biomedical Research Articles

W12-4303 [bib]: Awais Athar; Simone Teufel
Detection of Implicit Citations for Sentiment Detection

W12-4304 [bib]: Tomoko Ohta; Sampo Pyysalo; Jun'ichi Tsujii; Sophia Ananiadou
Open-domain Anatomical Entity Mention Detection

W12-4305 [bib]: Maria Liakata; Paul Thompson; Anita de Waard; Raheel Nawaz; Henk Pander Maat; Sophia Ananiadou
A three-way perspective on scientific discourse annotation for knowledge extraction

W12-4306 [bib]: Anita de Waard; Henk Pander Maat
Epistemic Modality and Knowledge Attribution in Scientific Discourse: A Taxonomy of Types and Overview of Features

Proceedings of the 4th Named Entity Workshop (NEWS) 2012

W12-44 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4400: Front Matter

W12-4401 [bib]: Min Zhang; Haizhou Li; A Kumaran; Ming Liu
Whitepaper of NEWS 2012 Shared Task on Machine Transliteration

W12-4402 [bib]: Min Zhang; Haizhou Li; A Kumaran; Ming Liu
Report of NEWS 2012 Machine Transliteration Shared Task

W12-4403 [bib]: Robert Munro; Christopher D. Manning
Accurate Unsupervised Joint Named-Entity Extraction from Unaligned Parallel Text

W12-4404 [bib]: Masato Hagiwara; Satoshi Sekine
Latent Semantic Transliteration using Dirichlet Mixture

W12-4405 [bib]: Eszter Simon; Dávid Márk Nemeskey
Automatically generated NE tagged corpora for English and Hungarian

W12-4406 [bib]: Andrew Finch; Paul Dixon; Eiichiro Sumita
Rescoring a Phrase-based Machine Transliteration System with Recurrent Neural Network Language Models

W12-4407 [bib]: Chunyue Zhang; Tingting Li; Tiejun Zhao
Syllable-based Machine Transliteration with Extra Phrase Features

W12-4408 [bib]: Chun-Kai Wu; Yu-Chun Wang; Richard Tzong-Han Tsai
English-Korean Named Entity Transliteration Using Substring Alignment and Re-ranking Methods

W12-4409 [bib]: Yoh Okuno
Applying mpaligner to Machine Transliteration with Japanese-Specific Heuristics

W12-4410 [bib]: Waleed Ammar; Chris Dyer; Noah Smith
Transliteration by Sequence Labeling with Lattice Encodings and Reranking

W12-4411 [bib]: Grzegorz Kondrak; Xingkai Li; Mohammad Salameh
Transliteration Experiments on Chinese and Arabic

W12-4412 [bib]: Chan-Hung Kuo; Shih-Hung Liu; Mike Tian-Jian Jiang; Cheng-Wei Lee; Wen-Lian Hsu
Cost-benefit Analysis of Two-Stage Conditional Random Fields based English-to-Chinese Machine Transliteration

Joint Conference on EMNLP and CoNLL - Shared Task

W12-45 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4500: Front Matter

W12-4501 [bib]: Sameer Pradhan; Alessandro Moschitti; Nianwen Xue; Olga Uryupina; Yuchen Zhang
CoNLL-2012 Shared Task: Modeling Multilingual Unrestricted Coreference in OntoNotes

W12-4502 [bib]: Eraldo Fernandes; Cìcero dos Santos; Ruy Milidiú
Latent Structure Perceptron with Feature Induction for Unrestricted Coreference Resolution

W12-4503 [bib]: Anders Björkelund; Richárd Farkas
Data-driven Multilingual Coreference Resolution using Resolver Stacking

W12-4504 [bib]: Chen Chen; Vincent Ng
Combining the Best of Two Worlds: A Hybrid Approach to Multilingual Coreference Resolution

W12-4505 [bib]: Marcus Stamborg; Dennis Medved; Peter Exner; Pierre Nugues
Using Syntactic Dependencies to Solve Coreferences

W12-4506 [bib]: Hao Xiong; Qun Liu
ICT: System Description for CoNLL-2012

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A Mixed Deterministic Model for Coreference Resolution

W12-4508 [bib]: Xinxin Li; Xuan Wang; Xingwei Liao
Simple Maximum Entropy Models for Multilingual Coreference Resolution

W12-4509 [bib]: Desislava Zhekova; Sandra Kübler; Joshua Bonner; Marwa Ragheb; Yu-Yin Hsu
UBIU for Multilingual Coreference Resolution in OntoNotes

W12-4510 [bib]: Xiaotian Zhang; Chunyang Wu; Hai Zhao
Chinese Coreference Resolution via Ordered Filtering

W12-4511 [bib]: Sebastian Martschat; Jie Cai; Samuel Broscheit; Éva Mújdricza-Maydt; Michael Strube
A Multigraph Model for Coreference Resolution

W12-4512 [bib]: Ruifeng Xu; Jun Xu; Jie Liu; Chengxiang Liu; Chengtian Zou; Lin Gui; Yanzhen Zheng; Peng Qu
Incorporating Rule-based and Statistic-based Techniques for Coreference Resolution

W12-4513 [bib]: Kai-Wei Chang; Rajhans Samdani; Alla Rozovskaya; Mark Sammons; Dan Roth
Illinois-Coref: The UI System in the CoNLL-2012 Shared Task

W12-4514 [bib]: Heming Shou; Hai Zhao
System paper for CoNLL-2012 shared task: Hybrid Rule-based Algorithm for Coreference Resolution.

W12-4515 [bib]: Olga Uryupina; Alessandro Moschitti; Massimo Poesio
BART goes multilingual: The UniTN / Essex submission to the CoNLL-2012 Shared Task

W12-4516 [bib]: Baoli Li
Learning to Model Multilingual Unrestricted Coreference in OntoNotes

Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Formalisms (TAG+11)

W12-46: Entire volume

W12-4600: Front Matter

W12-4601 [bib]: Joan Chen-Main; Tonia Bleam; Aravind Joshi
Delayed Tree-Locality, Set-locality, and Clitic Climbing

W12-4602 [bib]: Dennis Ryan Storoshenko; Robert Frank
Deriving syntax-semantics mappings: node linking, type shifting and scope ambiguity

W12-4603 [bib]: Thomas Graf
Tree Adjunction as Minimalist Lowering

W12-4604 [bib]: Yulia Zinova; Laura Kallmeyer
A Frame-Based Semantics of Locative Alternation in LTAG

W12-4605 [bib]: Uwe Mönnich
A Logical Characterization of Extended TAGs

W12-4606 [bib]: Timm Lichte
Synchronous Tree Unification Grammar

W12-4607 [bib]: Mark-Jan Nederhof; Heiko Vogler
Synchronous Context-Free Tree Grammars

W12-4608 [bib]: Asad Sayeed; Vera Demberg
Incremental Neo-Davidsonian semantic construction for TAG

W12-4609 [bib]: Kata Balogh
Representing Focus in LTAG

W12-4610 [bib]: Emmanuel Schang; Denys Duchier; Brunelle Magnana Ekoukou; Yannick Parmentier; Simon Petitjean
Describing São Tomense Using a Tree-Adjoining Meta-Grammar

W12-4611 [bib]: Ryo Yoshinaka
An Attempt Towards Learning Semantics: Distributional Learning of IO Context-Free Tree Grammars

W12-4612 [bib]: Joan Chen-Main
Delayed Tree Locality and the Status of Derivation Structure

W12-4613 [bib]: Laura Kallmeyer; Marco Kuhlmann
A Formal Model for Plausible Dependencies in Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar

W12-4614 [bib]: Claire Gardent; Laura Perez-Beltrachini
Using FB-LTAG Derivation Trees to Generate Transformation-Based Grammar Exercises

W12-4615 [bib]: Wolfgang Maier; Miriam Kaeshammer; Laura Kallmeyer
PLCFRS Parsing Revisited: Restricting the Fan-Out to Two

W12-4616 [bib]: Alexander Koller; Marco Kuhlmann
Decomposing TAG Algorithms Using Simple Algebraizations

W12-4617 [bib]: Peter Ljunglöf
Practical Parsing of Parallel Multiple Context-Free Grammars

W12-4618 [bib]: Gregory M. Kobele
Idioms and extended transducers

W12-4619 [bib]: Rajesh Bhatt; Owen Rambow; Fei Xia
Creating a Tree Adjoining Grammar from a Multilayer Treebank

W12-4620 [bib]: Smaranda Muresan
Search Space Properties for Learning a Class of Constraint-based Grammars

W12-4621 [bib]: Johannes Osterholzer; Torsten Stüber
State-Split for Hypergraphs with an Application to Tree Adjoining Grammars

W12-4622 [bib]: Thomas Graf; Natasha Abner
Is Syntactic Binding Rational?

W12-4623 [bib]: Vera Demberg
Incremental Derivations in CCG

W12-4624 [bib]: Gregory M. Kobele; Jens Michaelis
On the Form-Meaning Relations Definable by CoTAGs

W12-4625 [bib]: Corentin Ribeyre; Djamé Seddah; Éric Villemonte de la Clergerie
A linguistically-motivated 2-stage Tree to Graph Transformation

W12-4626 [bib]: Michael Freedman
Scope Economy and TAG Locality

W12-4627 [bib]: Robert Frank; Dennis Ryan Storoshenko
The Shape of Elementary Trees and Scope Possibilities in STAG

Proceedings of the Workshop on Advances in Discourse Analysis and its Computational Aspects

W12-47 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4700: Front Matter

W12-4701 [bib]: Amba Kulkarni; Monali Das
Discourse Analysis of Sanskrit texts

W12-4702 [bib]: Nik Adilah Hanin Binti Zahri; Fumiyo Fukumoto; Suguru Matsuyoshi
Exploiting Discourse Relations between Sentences for Text Clustering

W12-4703 [bib]: Fatemeh Torabi Asr; Vera Demberg
Measuring the Strength of Linguistic Cues for Discourse Relations

W12-4704 [bib]: Pavlína Jínová; Jiří Mírovský; Lucie Poláková
Semi-Automatic Annotation of Intra-Sentential Discourse Relations in PDT

W12-4705 [bib]: Andreas Peldszus; David Schlangen
Incremental Construction of Robust but Deep Semantic Representations for Use in Responsive Dialogue Systems

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Advances in Text Input Methods

W12-48 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4800: Front Matter

W12-4801 [bib]: Hirokuni Maeta; Shinsuke Mori
Statistical Input Method based on a Phrase Class n-gram Model

W12-4802 [bib]: Yoh Okuno; Shinsuke Mori
An Ensemble Model of Word-based and Character-based Models for Japanese and Chinese Input Method

W12-4803 [bib]: Albert Brouillette; Devraj Sarmah; Jugal Kalita
Multi-objective Optimization for Efficient Brahmic Keyboards

W12-4804 [bib]: Long Chen; Xianchao Wu; Jingzhou He
Using Collocations and K-means Clustering to Improve the N-pos Model for Japanese IME

W12-4805 [bib]: Yuta Hayashibe; Masato Hagiwara; Satoshi Sekine
phloat : Integrated Writing Environment for ESL learners

W12-4806 [bib]: Khan Md. Anwarus Salam; Nishino Tetsuro; Setsuo Yamada
Bangla Phonetic Input Method with Foreign Words Handling

W12-4807 [bib]: Navanath Saharia; Kishori M. Konwar
LuitPad: A fully Unicode compatible Assamese writing software

W12-4808 [bib]: Achraf Chalabi; Hany Gerges
Romanized Arabic Transliteration

W12-4809 [bib]: Tirthankar Dasgupta; Manjira Sinha; Anupam Basu
Forward Transliteration of Dzongkha Text to Braille

W12-4810 [bib]: Ram Prakash H
Quillpad Multilingual Predictive Transliteration System

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Eye-tracking and Natural Language Processing

W12-49 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-4900: Front Matter

W12-4901 [bib]: Matthew Crocker
Grounding spoken interaction with real-time gaze in dynamic virtual environments

W12-4902 [bib]: Fabio Alves; José Luiz Gonçalves; Karina Szpak
Identifying instances of processing effort in translation through heat maps: an eye-tracking study using multiple input sources

W12-4903 [bib]: Stéphane Rauzy; Philippe Blache
Robustness and processing difficulty models. A pilot study for eye-tracking data on the French Treebank

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Scanpaths in reading are informative about sentence processing

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Predicting Word Fixations in Text with a CRF Model for Capturing General Reading Strategies among Readers

W12-4906 [bib]: Abhijit Mishra; Michael Carl; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
A heuristic-based approach for systematic error correction of gaze data for reading

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on South and Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing

W12-50 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5000: Front Matter

W12-5001 [bib]: K.V.S Prasad; Shafqat Mumtaz Virk
Computational evidence that Hindi and Urdu share a grammar but not the lexicon

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Semantic Relation Extraction from a Cultural Database

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Bengali Question Classification: Towards Developing QA System

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Morphological Analyzer for Kokborok

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Comparing Different Criteria for Vietnamese Word Segmentation

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A Light Weight Stemmer for Urdu Language: A Scarce Resourced Language

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Morpheme Segmentation for Kannada Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

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Manipuri Morpheme Identification

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Domain Based Classification of Punjabi Text Documents using Ontology and Hybrid Based Approach

W12-5010 [bib]: Anik Dey; Li Ying; Pascale Fung
Using English Acoustic Models for Hindi Automatic Speech Recognition

W12-5011 [bib]: Bushra Jawaid; Ondřej Bojar
Tagger Voting for Urdu

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BIS Annotation Standards With Reference to Konkani Language

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Automatic Extraction of Compound Verbs from Bangla Corpora

W12-5014 [bib]: Thi Lan Nguyen; Do Dat Tran
Influences of particles on Vietnamese tonal Co-articulation

W12-5015 [bib]: Fatima Zahra Nejme; Siham Boulaknadel; Driss Aboutajdine
Toward an amazigh language processing

W12-5016 [bib]: Thoudam Doren Singh
Bidirectional Bengali Script and Meetei Mayek Transliteration of Web Based Manipuri News Corpus

W12-5017 [bib]: Raymond Hendy Susanto; Septina Dian Larasati; Francis M. Tyers
Rule-based Machine Translation between Indonesian and Malaysian

W12-5018 [bib]: Arjun Atreya; Swapnil Chaudhari; Pushpak Bhattacharyya; Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Building Multilingual Search Index using open source framework

W12-5019 [bib]: Quoc Hung Ngo
Automatic Searching for English-Vietnamese Documents on the Internet

W12-5020 [bib]: Swapnil Chaudhari; Arjun Atreya V; Pushpak Bhattacharyya; Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Error tracking in search engine development

W12-5021 [bib]: Venkatesh Prabhu; Shilpa Desai; Hanumant Redkar; Neha Prabhugaonkar; Apurva Nagvenkar; Ramdas Karmali
An Efficient Database Design for IndoWordNet Development Using Hybrid Approach

W12-5022 [bib]: Neha Prabhugaonkar; Apurva Nagvenkar; Ramdas Karmali
IndoWordNet Application Programming Interfaces

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon

W12-51 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5100: Front Matter

W12-5101 [bib]: Alain Polguère
Like a Lexicographer Weaving Her Lexical Network

W12-5102 [bib]: Mathieu Lafourcade; Alain Joubert
Long Tail in Weighted Lexical Networks

W12-5103 [bib]: Andrew Anderson; Tao Yuan; Brian Murphy; Massimo Poesio
On discriminating fMRI representations of abstract WordNet taxonomic categories

W12-5104 [bib]: Michael Zock; Debela Tesfaye
Automatic index creation to support navigation in lexical graphs encoding part\_of relations

W12-5105 [bib]: Seshadri Sridharan; Brian Murphy
Modeling Word Meaning: Distributional Semantics and the Corpus Quality-Quantity Trade-Off

W12-5106 [bib]: Francesca Frontini; Irene de Felice; Fahad Khan; Irene Russo; Monica Monachini; Gloria Gagliardi; Alessandro Panunzi
Verb interpretation for basic action types: annotation, ontology induction and creation of prototypical scenes

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Dictionary-ontology cross-enrichment

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Automatic Construction of a MultiWord Expressions Bilingual Lexicon: A Statistical Machine Translation Evaluation Perspective

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Hand-Crafting a Lexical Network With a Knowledge-Based Graph Editor

W12-5110 [bib]: Neculai Curteanu; Mihai Alex Moruz
A Procedural DTD Project for Dictionary Entry Parsing Described with Parameterized Grammars

W12-5111 [bib]: Khan Md Anwarus Salam; Hiroshi Uchida; Tetsuro Nishino
Automatic Generation of the Universal Word Explanation from UNL Ontology

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Towards merging common and technical lexicon wordnets

W12-5113 [bib]: Shikhar Kr. Sarma; Dibyajyoti Sarmah; Biswajit Brahma; Himadri Bharali; Mayashree Mahanta; Utpal Saikia
Building Multilingual Lexical Resources using Wordnets: Structure, Design and Implementation

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A New Semantic Lexicon and Similarity Measure in Bangla

W12-5115 [bib]: Patricia Amaral; Valeria de Paiva; Cleo Condoravdi; Annie Zaenen
Where’s the meeting that was cancelled? existential implications of transitive verbs

W12-5116 [bib]: Agata Savary; Bartosz Zaborowski; Aleksandra Krawczyk-Wieczorek; Filip Makowiecki
SEJFEK - a Lexicon and a Shallow Grammar of Polish Economic Multi-Word Units

W12-5117 [bib]: Ekaterina Manicheva; Maria Petrova; Elena Kozlova; Tatiana Popova
The Compreno Semantic Model as Integral Framework for Multilingual Lexical Database

Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Asian Language Resources

W12-52 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5200: Front Matter

W12-5201 [bib]: YoungGyun Hahm; KyungTae Lim; Jungyeul Park; Yongun Yoon; Key-Sun Choi
Korean NLP2RDF Resources

W12-5202 [bib]: Huidan Liu; Minghua Nuo; Jian Wu; Yeping He
Building Large Scale Text Corpus for Tibetan Natural Language Processing by Extracting Text from Web Pages

W12-5203 [bib]: Prof. Shikhar Kr. Sarma; Himadri Bharali; Ambeswar Gogoi; Ratul Deka; Anup Kr Barman
A Structured Approach for Building Assamese Corpus: Insights, Applications and Challenges

W12-5204 [bib]: Biswajit Brahma; Anup Kr. Barman; Prof. Shikhar Kr. Sarma; Bhatima Boro
Corpus Building of Literary Lesser Rich Language-Bodo: Insights and Challenges

W12-5205 [bib]: Mojgan Seraji; Beáta Megyesi; Joakim Nivre
Dependency Parsers for Persian

W12-5206 [bib]: Zahra Sarabi; Morteza Analoui
A New DOP Model for Phrase-structure Parsing of Persian Sentences

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A Hybrid Dependency Parser for Bangla

W12-5208 [bib]: Sanjay Chatterji; Nabanita Datta; Arnab Dhar; Biswanath Barik; Sudeshna Sarkar; Anupam Basu
Repairing Bengali Verb Chunks for Improved Bengali to Hindi Machine Translation

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Domain Specific Ontology Extractor For Indian Languages

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Constrained Hidden Markov Model for Bilingual Keyword Pairs Alignment

W12-5211 [bib]: Faryal Jahangir; Waqas Anwar; Usama Ijaz Bajwa; Xuan Wang
N-gram and Gazetteer List Based Named Entity Recognition for Urdu: A Scarce Resourced Language

W12-5212 [bib]: Ritesh Kumar; Bornini Lahiri; Deepak Alok
Developing a POS tagger for Magahi: A Comparative Study

W12-5213 [bib]: Chimeddorj Odbayar; Atsushi Fujii
Enhancing Lemmatization for Mongolian and its Application to Statistical Machine Translation

W12-5214 [bib]: Sanjay Chatterji; Sudeshna Sarkar; Anupam Basu
Translations of Ambiguous Hindi Pronouns to Possible Bengali Pronouns

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology

W12-53 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5300: Front Matter

W12-5301 [bib]: Prof. (Dr.) J R Martin
A functional linguistic perspective on evaluation

W12-5302 [bib]: Phillip Smith; Mark Lee
A CCG-based Approach to Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis

W12-5303 [bib]: Basant Agarwal; Namita Mittal
Categorical Probability Proportion Difference (CPPD): A Feature Selection Method for Sentiment Classification

W12-5304 [bib]: Braja Gopal Patra; Amitava Kundu; Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Classification of Interviews - A Case Study on Cancer Patients

W12-5305 [bib]: Alena Neviarouskaya; Masaki Aono
Analyzing Sentiment Word Relations with Affect, Judgment, and Appreciation

W12-5306 [bib]: Akshat Bakliwal; Piyush Arora; Vasudeva Varma
Entity Centric Opinion Mining from Blogs

W12-5307 [bib]: Yoshimi Suzuki
Classifying Hotel Reviews into Criteria for Review Summarization

W12-5308 [bib]: Nandini Bondale; Thippur Sreenivas
Emotiphons: Emotion Markers in Conversational Speech - Comparison across Indian Languages

W12-5309 [bib]: Marimuthu K; Sobha Lalitha Devi
How Human Analyse Lexical Indicators of Sentiments- A Cognitive Analysis Using Reaction-Time

W12-5310 [bib]: M.R. Velankar; H.V. Sahasrabuddhe
A Pilot Study of Hindustani Music Sentiments

W12-5311 [bib]: Xiubo Zhang; Khurshid Ahmad
Affect Proxies and Ontological Change: A finance case study

W12-5312 [bib]: Zeljko Agic; Danijela Merkler
Rule-Based Sentiment Analysis in Narrow Domain: Detecting Sentiment in Daily Horoscopes Using Sentiscope

Proceedings of the Workshop on Information Extraction and Entity Analytics on Social Media Data

W12-55 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5500: Front Matter

W12-5501 [bib]: Nigel Dewdney
Named Entity Trends Originating from Social Media

W12-5502 [bib]: Kamel Nebhi
Ontology-Based Information Extraction from Twitter

W12-5503 [bib]: Tien Thanh Vu; Shu Chang; Quang Thuy Ha; Nigel Collier
An Experiment in Integrating Sentiment Features for Tech Stock Prediction in Twitter

W12-5504 [bib]: Apoorv Agarwal; Jasneet Sabharwal
End-to-End Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

Proceedings of the Workshop on Machine Translation and Parsing in Indian Languages

W12-56 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5600: Front Matter

W12-5601 [bib]: Nitesh Surtani; Soma Paul
Automatic Annotation of Genitives in Hindi Treebank

W12-5602 [bib]: Balaji Jagan; Geetha T V; Ranjani Parthasarathi
Semantic Parsing of Tamil Sentences

W12-5603 [bib]: Malarkodi C.S; Pattabhi RK Rao; Sobha Lalitha Devi
Tamil NER - Coping with Real Time Challenges

W12-5604 [bib]: Khan Md. Anwarus Salam; Yamada Setsuo; Nishino Tetsuro
Sublexical Translations for Low-Resource Language

W12-5605 [bib]: Shahid Mushtaq Bhat
Introducing Kashmiri Dependency Treebank

W12-5606 [bib]: Renu Balyan; Sudip Kumar Naskar; Antonio Toral; Niladri Chatterjee
A Diagnostic Evaluation Approach Targeting MT Systems for Indian Languages

W12-5607 [bib]: Subalalitha C.N.; Ranjani Parthasarathi
An Approach to Discourse Parsing using Sangati and Rhetorical Structure Theory

W12-5608 [bib]: Lakshmi S; Vijay Sundar Ram R; Sobha Lalitha Devi
Clause Boundary Identification for Malayalam Using CRF

W12-5609 [bib]: Jayan V; Sunil R; Bhadran V K
Disambiguation of pre/post positions in English - Malayalam Text Translation

W12-5610 [bib]: Akilandeswari A; Sobha Lalitha Devi
Resolution for Pronouns in Tamil Using CRF

W12-5611 [bib]: Loganathan Ramasamy; Ondřej Bojar; Zdeněk Žabokrtský
Morphological Processing for English-Tamil Statistical Machine Translation

W12-5612 [bib]: Umamaheshwar Rao Garapati; Rajyarama Koppaka; Srinivas Addanki
Dative Case in Telugu: A Parsing Perspective

W12-5613 [bib]: Arjun Das; Arabinda Shee; Utpal Garain
Evaluation of Two Bengali Dependency Parsers

W12-5614 [bib]: Daniel Zeman
CUNI: Feature Selection and Error Analysis of a Transition-Based Parser

W12-5615 [bib]: Alexander Volokh; Günter Neumann
Parsing Hindi with MDParser

W12-5616 [bib]: Sanjay Chatterji; Arnad Dhar; Sudeshna Sarkar; Anupam Basu
A Three Stage Hybrid Parser for Hindi

W12-5617 [bib]: Naman Jain; Karan Singla; Aniruddha Tammewar; Sambhav Jain
Two-stage Approach for Hindi Dependency Parsing Using MaltParser

W12-5618 [bib]: B. Venkata Seshu Kumari; Rajeswara Rao Ramisetty
Hindi Dependency Parsing using a combined model of Malt and MST

W12-5619 [bib]: Puneeth Kukkadapu; Deepak Malladi; Aswarth Dara
Ensembling Various Dependency Parsers: Adopting Turbo Parser for Indian Languages

W12-5620 [bib]: Arjun Das; Arabinda Shee; Utpal Garain
ISI-Kolkata at MTPIL-2012

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Optimise the Division of Labour in Hybrid MT

W12-57 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5700: Front Matter

W12-5701 [bib]: Vassilina Nikoulina; Agnes Sandor; Marc Dymetman
Hybrid Adaptation of Named Entity Recognition for Statistical Machine Translation

W12-5702 [bib]: Maoxi Li; MingWen Wang
Confusion Network Based System Combination for Chinese Translation Output: Word-Level or Character-Level?

W12-5703 [bib]: Kartik Asooja; Jorge Gracia; Nitish Aggarwal; Asunción Gómez Pérez
Using Cross-Lingual Explicit Semantic Analysis for Improving Ontology Translation

W12-5704 [bib]: Xiaofeng Wu; Tsuyoshi Okita; Josef van Genabith; Qun Liu
System Combination with Extra Alignment Information

W12-5705 [bib]: Tsuyoshi Okita; Antonio Toral; Josef van Genabith
Topic Modeling-based Domain Adaptation for System Combination

W12-5706 [bib]: Tsuyoshi Okita; Raphaël Rubino; Josef van Genabith
Sentence-Level Quality Estimation for MT System Combination

W12-5707 [bib]: Tsuyoshi Okita
Neural Probabilistic Language Model for System Combination

W12-5708 [bib]: Christian Federmann
System Combination Using Joint, Binarised Feature Vectors

W12-5709 [bib]: Christian Federmann; Tsuyoshi Okita; Maite Melero; Marta R. Costa-Jussa; Toni Badia; Josef van Genabith
Results from the ML4HMT-12 Shared Task on Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Optimise the Division of Labour in Hybrid Machine Translation

Proceedings of the Workshop on Speech and Language Processing Tools in Education

W12-58 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5800: Front Matter

W12-5801 [bib]: Advait Raut; Upasana Gaikwad; Ramakrishna Bairi; Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Effective Mentor Suggestion System for Online Collaboration Platform

W12-5802 [bib]: Yllias Chali; Sadid A. Hasan
Automatically Assessing Free Texts

W12-5803 [bib]: Vaishali Patil; Preeti Rao
Automatic pronunciation assessment for language learners with acoustic-phonetic features

W12-5804 [bib]: Hideki Mima
An Issue-oriented Syllabus Retrieval System using Terminology-based Syllabus Structuring and Visualization

W12-5805 [bib]: Hussein Hussein; Hansjörg Mixdorff; Rüdiger Hoffmann
Real-Time Tone Recognition in A Computer-Assisted Language Learning System for German Learners of Mandarin

W12-5806 [bib]: Aliabbas Petiwala; Kannan Moudgalya; Pushpak Bhattacharya
Textbook Construction from Lecture Transcripts

W12-5807 [bib]: Chetana Gavankar; Ashish Kulkarni; Yuan-Fang Li; Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Enriching An Academic knowledge base using Linked Open Data

W12-5808 [bib]: Ronanki Srikanth; James Salsman
Automatic Pronunciation Scoring And Mispronunciation Detection Using CMUSphinx

W12-5809 [bib]: Ananth Vyasarayamut; Satyabrata Behera; Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Content Bookmarking and Recommendation

W12-5810 [bib]: Lavanya Prahallad; Radhika Mamidi; Kishore Prahallad
A template matching approach for detecting pronunciation mismatch

W12-5811 [bib]: Manami Moku; Hidekazu Yamamoto
Automatic Easy Japanese Translation for information accessibility of foreigners

W12-5812 [bib]: Felice Dell’Orletta; Giulia Venturi; Simonetta Montemagni
Genre-oriented Readability Assessment: a Case Study

Proceedings of the Workshop on Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation

W12-59 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-5900: Front Matter

W12-5901 [bib]: Mitesh M. Khapra; Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan; Karthik Visweswariah
Whitepaper for Shared Task on Learning Reordering from Word Alignments at RSMT 2012

W12-5902 [bib]: Mitesh M. Khapra; Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan; Karthik Visweswariah
Report of the Shared Task on Learning Reordering from Word Alignments at RSMT 2012

W12-5903 [bib]: Minwei Feng; Hermann Ney
A Tagging-style Reordering Model for Phrase-based SMT

W12-5904 [bib]: Jacob Dlougach; Irina Galinskaya
Building a reordering system using tree-to-string hierarchical model

W12-5905 [bib]: Rohit Gupta; Raj Nath Patel; Ritesh Shah
Learning Improved Reordering Models for Urdu, Farsi and Italian using SMT

W12-5906 [bib]: Anoop Kunchukuttan; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Partially modelling word reordering as a sequence labelling problem

Proceedings of the Workshop on Question Answering for Complex Domains

W12-60 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-6000: Front Matter

W12-6001 [bib]: Yllias Chali; Sadid A. Hasan
Simple or Complex? Classifying Questions by Answering Complexity

W12-6002 [bib]: Somnath Banerjee; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Question Classification and Answering from Procedural Text in English

W12-6003 [bib]: Shikhar Kr. Sarma; Rita Chakraborty
Structured and Logical Representations of Assamese Text for Question-Answering System

W12-6004 [bib]: Rivindu Perera; Udayangi Perera
Towards a thematic role based target identification model for question answering

W12-6005 [bib]: Asmita Dhokrat; Hanumant Gite; C. Namrata Mahender
Assessment of Answers: Online Subjective Examination

W12-6006 [bib]: Graham Wilcock
WikiTalk: A Spoken Wikipedia-based Open-Domain Knowledge Access System

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Optimization Techniques for Human Language Technology

W12-61 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-6100: Front Matter

W12-6101 [bib]: Ana Paula Silva; Arlindo Silva; Irene Rodrigues
BioPOS: Biologically Inspired Algorithms for POS Tagging

W12-6102 [bib]: Hiroshi Echizen’ya; Kenji Araki; Eduard Hovy
Optimization for Efficient Determination of Chunk in Automatic Evaluation for Machine Translation

W12-6103 [bib]: Manikrao Dhore; Shantanu Dixit; Ruchi Dhore
Optimizing Transliteration for Hindi/Marathi to English Using only Two Weights

W12-6104 [bib]: Kuo-Ming Tang; Chien-Kang Huang; Chia-Ming Lee
Selection of Discriminative Features for Translation Texts

W12-6105 [bib]: Nagesh Bhattu Sristy; D.V.L.N Somayajulu
Semi-supervised Learning of Naive Bayes Classifier with feature constraints

W12-6106 [bib]: Marc Dymetman; Guillaume Bouchard; Simon Carter
Optimization and Sampling for NLP from a Unified Viewpoint

W12-6107 [bib]: Chia-Ming Lee; Chien-Kang Huang; Kuo-Ming Tang
Iterative Chinese Bi-gram Term Extraction Using Machine-learning Classification Approach

W12-6108 [bib]: Andon Tchechmedjiev; Jérôme Goulian; Didier Schwab; Gilles Sérasset
Parameter estimation under uncertainty with Simulated Annealing applied to an ant colony based probabilistic WSD algorithm

Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing

W12-62 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-6200: Front Matter

W12-6201 [bib]: Tommi A. Pirinen; Sam Hardwick
Effect of Language and Error Models on Efficiency of Finite-State Spell-Checking and Correction

W12-6202 [bib]: Dale Gerdemann; Mans Hulden
Practical Finite State Optimality Theory

W12-6203 [bib]: Khaled Shaalan; Mohammed Attia
Handling Unknown Words in Arabic FST Morphology

W12-6204 [bib]: Tina Bögel
Urdu - Roman Transliteration via Finite State Transducers

W12-6205 [bib]: Katina Bontcheva
Integrating Aspectually Relevant Properties of Verbs into a Morphological Analyzer for English

W12-6206 [bib]: Manex Agirrezabal; Iñaki Alegria; Bertol Arrieta; Mans Hulden
Finite-State Technology in a Verse-Making Tool

W12-6207 [bib]: Daniel Quernheim; Kevin Knight
DAGGER: A Toolkit for Automata on Directed Acyclic Graphs

W12-6208 [bib]: Josef R. Novak; Nobuaki Minematsu; Keikichi Hirose
WFST-Based Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion: Open Source tools for Alignment, Model-Building and Decoding

W12-6209 [bib]: Kenneth R. Beesley
Kleene, a Free and Open-Source Language for Finite-State Programming

W12-6210 [bib]: Senka Drobac; Miikka Silfverberg; Anssi Yli-Jyrä
Implementation of Replace Rules Using Preference Operator

W12-6211 [bib]: A. Casillas; A. Díaz de Ilarraza; K. Gojenola; M. Oronoz; Alicia Pérez
First Approaches on Spanish Medical Record Classification Using Diagnostic Term to Class Transduction

W12-6212 [bib]: Aingeru Mayor; Mans Hulden; Gorka Labaka
Developing an Open-Source FST Grammar for Verb Chain Transfer in a Spanish-Basque MT System

W12-6213 [bib]: Mans Hulden; Younes Samih
Conversion of Procedural Morphologies to Finite-State Morphologies: A Case Study of Arabic

W12-6214 [bib]: Marcos Calvo; Jon Ander Gómez; Lluís-F. Hurtado; Emilio Sanchis
A Methodology for Obtaining Concept Graphs from Word Graphs

W12-6215 [bib]: Tim Fernando
A Finite-State Temporal Ontology and Event-Intervals

W12-6216 [bib]: Jorge González
A Finite-State Approach to Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

W12-6217 [bib]: Alicia Pérez; M. Inés Torres; Francisco Casacuberta
Finite-State Acoustic and Translation Model Composition in Statistical Speech Translation: Empirical Assessment

W12-6218 [bib]: Anssi Yli-Jyrä; Jussi Piitulainen; Atro Voutilainen
Refining the Design of a Contracting Finite-State Dependency Parser

W12-6219 [bib]: Aurelien Waite; Graeme Blackwood; William Byrne
Lattice-Based Minimum Error Rate Training Using Weighted Finite-State Transducers with Tropical Polynomial Weights

Proceedings of the Second CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing

W12-63 [bib]: Entire volume

W12-6300: Front Matter

W12-6301 [bib]: Xiaoyan Zhu
QA: from Turing Test to Intelligent Information Service

W12-6302 [bib]: Guodong Zhou
Linguistic foundation for NLP

W12-6303 [bib]: Liang-Chih Yu; Wei-Cheng He; Wei-Nan Chien
A Language Modeling Approach to Identifying Code-Switched Sentences and Words

W12-6304 [bib]: Jianqiang Ma; Chunyu Kit; Dale Gerdemann
Semi-automatic Annotation of Chinese Word Structure

W12-6305 [bib]: Xiaopeng Bai; Nianwen Xue
Building a Chinese Lexical Taxonomy

W12-6306 [bib]: Xiuhong Zhang; Nianwen Xue
Extending and Scaling up the Chinese Treebank Annotation

W12-6307 [bib]: Huiming Duan; Zhifang Sui; Ye Tian; Wenjie Li
The CIPS-SIGHAN CLP 2012 ChineseWord Segmentation onMicroBlog Corpora Bakeoff

W12-6308 [bib]: Kaixu Zhang; Maosong Sun; Changle Zhou
Word Segmentation on Chinese Mirco-Blog Data with a Linear-Time Incremental Model

W12-6309 [bib]: Yan Fang; Zhongqing Wang; Shoushan Li; Zhongguo Li; Richen Xu; Leixin Cai
Soochow University Word Segmenter for SIGHAN 2012 Bakeoff

W12-6310 [bib]: Longyue Wang; Derek F. Wong; Lidia S. Chao; Junwen Xing
CRFs-Based Chinese Word Segmentation for Micro-Blog with Small-Scale Data

W12-6311 [bib]: Bei Shi; Xianpei Han; Le Sun
A Cascaded Approach for CIPS-SIGHAN Micro-Blog Word Segmentation Bakeoff 2012

W12-6312 [bib]: Ning Xi; Bin Li; Guangchao Tang; Shujian Huang; Yinggong Zhao; Hao Zhou; Xinyu Dai; Jiajun Chen
Adapting Conventional Chinese Word Segmenter for Segmenting Micro-blog Text: Combining Rule-based and Statistic-based Approaches

W12-6313 [bib]: Keli Zhong; Xue Zhou; Hangyu Li; Caixia Yuan
Cascaded Chinese Weibo Segmentation Based on CRFs

W12-6314 [bib]: Jing Zhang; Degen Huang; Xia Han; Wei Wang
Rules-based Chinese Word Segmentation on MicroBlog for CIPS-SIGHAN on CLP2012

W12-6315 [bib]: Saike He; Nan He; Songxiang Cen; Jun Lu
Semi-supervised Chinese Word Segmentation for CLP2012

W12-6316 [bib]: Liu Yijia; Zhang Meishan; Che Wanxiang; Liu Ting; Deng Yihe
Micro blogs Oriented Word Segmentation System

W12-6317 [bib]: Hao Zong; Derek F. Wong; Lidia S. Chao
Rules Design in Word Segmentation of Chinese Micro-Blog

W12-6318 [bib]: Yuxiang Jia; Hongying Zan; Ming Fan; Zhimin Wang
A Comparison of Chinese Word Segmentation on News and Microblog Corpora with a Lexicon Based Method

W12-6319 [bib]: Xiao Sun; Chengcheng Li; Chenyi Tang; Jiaqi Ye
A MMSM-based Hybrid Method for Chinese MicroBlog Word Segmentation

W12-6320 [bib]: Chaoyue Wang; Guohong Fu
Chinese Tweets Segmentation based on Morphemes

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