...,when an antelope sees a predator at a safe distance, it will stot , or leap high into the air. This not only communicates to other antelopes that danger is near, but also communicates to the predator "I see you, and I am healthy enough to run away, so don't even bother chasing me."

-- Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach
QIU Long

I graduated from National University of Singapore in 2008, co-supervised by A/P. Min-Yen Kan and Professor Chua Tat-Seng . The topic of my Ph.D thesis is ``Context for Semantic Similarity Calculation in Scenario Template Creation''.
My research interests lie mainly within Natural Language Processing, including Automatic Text Summarization, Question Answering, Information Extraction, etc., and of course the related Machine Learning techniques. I have worked on Co-reference Resolution, Automatic Text Summarization, Paraphrase Recognition, Sentiment Analysis and Scenario Template Creation.
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