PrEV: Preservation Explorer and Vault for Web 2.0 User-Generated Content
Research Area: Information Retrieval Year: 2012
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: Preservation, Archive Visualization, API,NExT, PrEV
  • Anqi Cui
  • Liner Yang
  • Dejun Hou
  • Min-Yen Kan
  • Yiqun Liu
  • Min Zhang
  • Shaoping Ma
We present the Preservation Explorer and Vault (PrEV ) system, a city-centric multilingual digital library that archives and makes available Web 2.0 resources, and aims to store a comprehensive record of what urban lifestyle is like. To match the current state of the digital environment, a key architectural design choice in PrEV is to archive not only Web 1.0 web pages, but also Web 2.0 multilingual resources that include multimedia, real-time microblog content, as well as mobile application descriptions (e.g., iPhone app) in a collaborative manner. PrEV performs the preservation of such resources for posterity, and makes them available for programmatic retrieval by third party agents, and for exploration by scholars with its user interface.
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