An Artificial Intelligence-based system for boosting career prospects


Singapore (SSG) to build a Deep Learning based AI system that can help Singaporeans choose courses based on their profile and career ambitions. Be it the desire for improving career prospects, or the thrill of picking up new skills just for fun, the AI system has got your back.

The pilot study was initiated in June 2018 with the analysis of SSG’s SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) Programme, which offers subsidized courses to all Singapore citizens over the age of 25. Since its launch in 2016, around 285,000 Singaporeans have taken these courses, making it a rich anonymized dataset for course selection and career planning. Researchers at ALSET have worked in close collaboration with SSG, and have fused their expertise and state-of-the-art deep learning-based principles to build a course recommender system stemmed from SFC credit claims data.

By analyzing these data, we believe that recent advances in AI are well suited to the challenges of course recommendation and career guidance. The intelligent recommendation guidance will offer great help to the whole society. By analyzing context information and historical choice, our system aims to help individuals develop themselves better and trying to create a successful road map for them. Using methodologies like collaborative filtering and natural language analysis, we are optimistic that our research will support the creation of impactful technologies.



  • Animesh Prasad (Research Assistant)
  • Kishaloy Halder (Research Assistant)
  • Hu Hengchang (Graduate Student)
  • Ran Yiding (UROP Student)
  • Min-Yen Kan (Advisor and Professor)